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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 20

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Julia’s Pov


I looked at the romantic decoration we set up for Celine, we spent a lot of money but it was worth it. This would surely blow Celine’s mind, it works for all ladies, Deandro kept on smiling at me obviously proud of himself.


I couldn’t help but let my mind wander off to the day Adrian and I broke up.




My mother kept on yelling at me asking me to end my relationship with the Vandermirs but I couldn’t I was just so in love with this guy.


“I can’t break up with him mother, I love him” I said standing my ground, I was 18 years and I had the right to choose what I want for myself, I wasn’t 13 years old Celine.


“Fine….” She stated, the look in her face made me cringe.


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“….. I am going to cancel all your modeling plans, your career as a model would be


ruined” I gasped shocked at what my mother was saying.


“Then you’ll choose between your career or your boyfriend”She threatened and walked out of the room.


It was my mom who introduced modeling to me, I never really liked it before but now it’s my passion, how can she just use it against Adrian.


I love Adrian but my passion for modeling was bigger and I can’t risk it for anybody.



Even if I decide to break up with Adrian he won’t break up with me, I was his first love and we already lost our virginity to each other. Our pictures are used as couple goals every weekend on the school blog.


I love Adrian but I can’t risk my career just for love, I am not even sure if there’s a future for us. I know it’s going to be hard to break up with Adrian so I had to use someone to break up with him, I’ll use his enemy.


I’ll use Deandro.

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End of Flashback


I made a mistake, I chose career instead of love and look at who’s regretting. I wipe my tears so Deandro doesn’t see it.


I wonder if Celine is actually going to come, I’ll call Celine again and convince her more.


Celine’s Pov


I looked into Adrian’s eyes to search for answers.


“Am scared of losing..losing….” He stops when my phone rings again and he


moves away from me before dragging my phone and throwing it on the sofa.


“Adrian” I exclaimed and roll my eyes annoyingly at him. He just can’t keep on controlling me like I was his property or something.


I pick up my phone and walk out on him, you can’t tell how upset I was at the moment.


I walked out the gate and waited for a cab it wasn’t up to a minute before one pulled up in front of me.


I told him the address and got ready to enter inside but someone yanked me away and growled at the driver to leave.


“ADRIAN!!” I yelled and hit his chest.


“Celine stop it” He says removing my hand but I was so upset I kept on hitting me.


“Celine Stop it!!” He yells and grabs my hand.



“Why?? , why are you so worried. Tell me why you don’t want me to see Deandro, tell me what you are scared of, tell me Adrian. Adrian tell me, speak to me,tell me why you don’t want me to see Deandro. I WANT TO KNOW WHY YOU….”


“BECAUSE AM SCARED OF LOSING YOU TO HIM Celine, you’ve become my weakness Celine, I can’t go through the same troubles I went through ten years ago,I CAN’T LET DEANDRO HAVE THE WOMAN I AM IN LOVE WITH, I NEED YOU CELINE, I LOVE YOU”He yells at me. I was dazed, it sounded like a dream, it was too good to be true. My ears were probably deceiving me right now but I can’t let this get to me, this is not true.


“Celine look at me,look at me” Adrian says touching my chin. I remove his hands and move away from him.


“You are lieing” I say and move away from him, I didn’t see the car coming but fortunately Adrian was able to pull me away and my face was buried in his chest.


“Stay with me, please” He says softly, I felt so safe and warm, I couldn’t believe it, Adrian Vandermir loves Celine Greene. This is a lie, after everything Adrian has put me through he can’t possibly just love me, this is a lie.I push him away and glare at him.


“Keep your love to yourself Adrian Vandermir, don’t think you can just fool me because I Celine Greene doesnt love you” I said, if lies could kill the liar. I would have probably been dead already.


“You are lieing…” He grabs me and pulls me back inside the mansion, I kept on yelling for him to stop pulling me but he refused to stop.


He pins me to the wall and I was caged between his body and the wall.


“Say it again Celine, say you don’t love me” He says looking into my eyes, it was so difficult to maintain eye contact.


“I do not love you Adrian, I don’t” I say not looking directly at him, I was in a very tight situation.


“You can’t even look at me in the eye and you want me to believe that lie”


He releases me and walks upstairs.


“What the hell just happened” I asked myself and looked up to see if Adrian was coming down any time soon.


“Julia” I gasped and rushed out but then I waited and thought about Adrian. I need to tell him I went to see Julia.


I climbed the first step of the staircase but stopped.


“What are you doing Celine, you can’t go to Adrian now”


I head to the door and leave the mansion.




Throughout the ride I couldn’t stop thinking about the what happened earlier, I felt so uncomfortable.


The plan was to change Adrian, have done more than that.


“Madam we are here” The cab man says, I pay him some money and look at the building.


The gate was locked and I rang the door bell, an older man in uniform opens the gate and looks at me from my head to toe.


“Miss Greene??” He asks.


“Who’s asking?” I asked and he opens the gate so I could enter. Getting confused I walked inside and entered the building. Everywhere was dark.


“Julia??” I called out and the lights went on. The theme seemed romantic and I didn’t know what was going on, I saw a figure coming out and I couldn’t figure out who it was until he came closer holding a flower.


“Deandro” I sighed out.


He comes closer and kneels in front of me, a romantic music comes on.


“What’s going on?” I asked and he smiles.


“Can I have this dance” He asks stretching his hands out.


A message comes in my phone and it was from Julia.





“Y..yes” I said, this is not my first time of dancing with him anyways. He puts his palm in mine and stands up, one hand on my waist.


All I could think of was Adrian


“BECAUSE AM SCARED OF LOSING YOU TO HIM Celine, you’ve become my weakness Celine, I can’t go through the same troubles I went through ten years ago,I CAN’T LET DEANDRO HAVE THE WOMAN I AM IN LOVE WITH, I NEED YOU CELINE, I LOVE YOU”


His words kept on playing in my head and I felt like I had betrayed him already, here I was dancing with Deandro.


“You can’t even stop thinking about me and yet you claim you don’t love me” I hear his voice. I look at Deandro and for a while it felt like it was Adrian or maybe I wished it was Adrian.


I smiled when I thought about our first kiss, how can I forget that day in the bar. Then the day we were supposed to meet Julia but instead ended up in an old


woman’s house, the necklace was still on my neck and I wasn’t removing it any time soon.


“I love you too ” I said to Andrian and put my arms around his neck.


Deandro’s Pov


I couldn’t believe my ears, did Celine just say she loves me too.


I mean what was going on, the ambiance was romantic and all but it didn’t feel like Celine was talking to me.


I held her chin and got ready to kiss her while she closed her eyes her neck stretched forward.


The music stopped and Celine opened her eyes obviously coming back to her senses.


“DEANDRO!!” She yells and slaps me.


“How dare you” She growls, the fire that sparked in her eyes was really scary.



Her hand on my face stinged so hard, she did slap hard for a lady but it was worth it.


“Don’t you ever come near me again, IN YOUR LIFE” She yells and glares dagger at me.


Oh so beautiful.


“Where’s Julia tell me where’s Julia” She screams but I only smile at her aggravating her anger more.


She walks away from me and starts destroying the whole decorations, I couldn’t help but admire her craziness.


I am not disappointed.


Julia runs to her sister to calm her down.


“Am here Celine, I wasn’t in any kind of trouble. Deandro just did all this because he loves you. You can see what extent he’ll go through just to prove his love for you”.


I was expecting Celine to calm down but instead she got more upset and slapped her sister. I guess she was more angry when she slapped Julia because it sent her to the floor and she was bleeding.


“You have no right Julia, no right. Adrian told me you were lieing and I didn’t believe him, he confessed his feelings to me but what did I do, I left him and came to you. I love him but I came to you”


Julia stands up and faces her sister.


“What is love, you don’t know what love is, you can’t love Adrian” Julia yells.


“Love was what I felt for you,mom and dad but you guys gave me the opposite of it in return. For 23 years, for good 23 years have been a slave of love to you, I did everything you wanted and didn’t stop loving you but you’ve crossed the line today. Stay away from me Julia or the next time you pulled this stunt, I’ll forget you are my sister” she threatens and leaves.


Celine’s Pov


I was hurt, scared and broken but I knew If I saw Adrian everything would be okay.



“Stop stop” I told the driver when he was about to pass Adrian’s mansion.


I paid his money and ran inside the mansion.


I ran to Adrian’s room but he wasn’t there, Adrian where are you??


I looked at the window and saw Adrian in the pool, I smiled and ran back downstairs.


“Adrian” I yelled happily looking at the pool but something was odd. His body was floating on the pool and his face was turned upside down.


“Adrian” I gasped and tried reaching for him but I couldn’t.


“Celine you are so useless, you can’t swim” I told myself and thought of what to do.


“Simon” I said and ran to his post but he wasn’t there.


“What to do Celine, what to do” I cried out stamping my legs on the floor countless times. I ran back to Adrian and sat on the edge of the pool, I pull out my hands but I couldn’t reach him. A crazy thought came to my head but it.


I jumped inside the pool and tried to swim but who was I kidding, I couldn’t swim.


“Adrian” I screamed breathing hard and raising my hands up.


He removes the ear pod from his ear and I scream out louder.


“Oh shit” He exclaims and swims towards me. He lifts me up and I hug him instantly. I withdraw from the hug and hit his bare chest.


“What kind of stupid swimming style is that, I thought you drowned” I sobbed out.


He chuckles and holds my chin.


“But I didn’t, what do you want” He asks, his demeanor changing from happy to cold and blank.


“Adrian I I, I don’t…”



“You know you are funny Celine, you said you didn’t love me but you risked your life for me”


“I lied Adrian, I love you. I really do”


“Too late Celine”


He carries me out of the water and drops me at the edge of the pool.


“Adrian” I gasped. He jumps back inside the water.


“Whatever I said then was a slip of tongue, just like you didn’t love me then I also didn’t love you”


“Adrian!!” I yelled.


“Loving you…” He laughs and continues.


“….I don’t even come close to liking you”


“Oh really you don’t love me?”


“Nope never did never will”


I groaned angrily and left the pool and walked to my room to change my dress.


How dare he say he doesn’t love me, I’ll make him eat his words.


I pull off my trousers and unbutton my shirt.


I was left in my underwear, I got that off and wrapped a towel around my body. I got in the bathroom and stood under the shower, my head kept on ringing on

what Adrian said earlier.


Do I look like a joke to him first it was:


“BECAUSE AM SCARED OF LOSING YOU TO HIM Celine, you’ve become my weakness Celine, I can’t go through the same troubles I went through ten years ago,I CAN’T LET DEANDRO HAVE THE WOMAN I AM IN LOVE WITH, I NEED YOU CELINE, I LOVE YOU” and now its:


“….I don’t even come close to liking you”



He’s lieing and I know he is, I get out of the bathroom and put on new clothes. A bumper and a crop top.


I walked downstairs and Adrian was already there busy with his laptop.


He looks up but looks away immediately, totally ignoring me, the guts of this man.


I walk to him and move his laptop away.


“What what are you doing” He asks.


“You are not the only one who knows how to play this game” I said in a seducing tone and put my hands on the sofa caging him in between my hands and the sofa.


“Look at me and tell me you don’t love me”


“I don’t…” I stopped him and placed my lips on his lips shutting him up.


What a man can do a woman can do better.





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