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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 19

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Adrian’s Pov


I caught her immediately she passed out in my arms and she was smiling. I looked at the mess she caused on my shoes, How did i end up being so soft towards this particular woman I once despised.


I carried her upstairs and to her room,I dropped her gently on the bed then turned to leave but i feel someone hold the hem of my shirt.



“You are not asleep,please don’t start your drama again” i said and she smiles sheepishly and hiccups.


“I’ll get you water” I said and leave to get water


I come back minutes later but celine was not on the bed anylonger.


I rub my forehead in annoyance thinking of where possibly the little brat could be.

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“Celine where are you” i asked hoping for an answer.


She jumps in my front booing at me.


“Oh you were scared” She says excitedly.


“No I wasn’t” I replied and point at her bed.


“Get on the bed”


“No I won’t” She says stamping her feet.


“Celine pleaseee”


“Call me Miss Cuckoo” She says. I facepalm myself and lift her up, I drop her on the bed and she tries protesting but I place my finger on her lips, she closes her eyes and falls asleep finally.

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Celine’s Pov


I placed my head comfortably on the pillow and turned the other side of the bed. I felt so weak to stand up or even open my eyes, then there’s Mary.


She separates the curtains and the sun rays beam to my closed eyes making it uncomfortable for me to continue my sleep, I turn to the other side and seconds later, I hear the curtains separating and the sun was attacking my eyes again.


“Why why just tell me why you decide to do this to me” I cried out, groaning and the sharp pain i felt in my forehead made me forget about the terrors of the sunlight.


“Oh God my head hurts” I groaned out touching my forehead.



“That’s what you get for drinking 12 bottles of alcohol, tell me who’s going to pay me for all the drinks you took” Mary says and walks in the bathroom.


I sit up and roll my eyes, I try standing up but I fall back to the bed. I swear to God this is the last time am going to get drunk.


I feel so weak and numb and the headache wasn’t helping, sincerely hangovers ain’t a joke.


Mary walks out of the bathroom looking at me mockingly, am sure she’s enjoying seeing me in agony.


“Mary please can you get me some pain killers, I am dieing”


“Sorry hon but I have to go pick my boyfriend at the airport. No one sent you to drink like you were in a drinking competition”


“That’s not fair Mary, I am literally dieing”


“Then call your Adrian, fortunately for you today is Saturday. He’s been in the gym for the past 2 hours. Only God knows why he’s spending so much hours in the gym”


She blows a kiss at me and takes her bag.


“So is Fred going to come here when you pick him from the airport”


“No, Adrian would probably kill him before getting mad at me. He’s staying in an hotel, see you later” She waves at me and leaves.


I sigh and reach for my phone, my data connection was still switched on, I look at the Update from a popular blog website, I was going to ignore it until I saw my picture.


I clicked on the link and read the headline.


“Adrian and his lover get all romantic in the club as he carries his drunk lover out of the club”


My name is Celine, Celine Greene not Adrian’s lover.


I look at the door, it looked so far and it felt like reaching the door was a long journey from the bed.


I rolled my eyes lazily and put my legs down.


“If I perish, I perish” I say and stand up. I drag my feet tiredly and look at the door.


“It’s just a few more steps” I encouraged myself, once I got to the door I reached for the door knob but someone else was behind the door. I watched impatiently as the door knob pulled down and the door finally opened.


“Adrian” I said nervously embarrassed at the fact that Adrian had to see me like this, I was such a mess.


“Miss Cuckoo” He says placing one hand on the door.


“Unh ?” I questioned, obviously unaware of what he was talking about.


” You look like shit”


“Oh thanks, I didn’t realize that until now, can you please excuse me now before I lose the remaining strength left in me” I say and try pushing him out of the way but who was I deceiving. I cant even push a feather out of the way.


Adrian tired of my drama, pulls me off the floor and carries me bridal style.


I felt so warm in his arms and I could almost hear my heart beat.


He walks down the stairs and heads to the kitchen.


“Stay here” He says and puts me to sit on the counter, then walks to the fridge.


“What are you doing” I asked


He looks at me but doesn’t reply instead he continues shuffling the fridge.


He brings out two gingers and places them on the table. I watch him instinctively as he brings out the cheese grater and puts the gingers inside.


“10 years ago when Julia and I broke up, I couldn’t bear the pain. That was when I had my first bottle of alcohol, I drank 6 bottles and it didn’t end well. It didn’t go down well for me but luckily Sarah had the best hangover recipe”


I felt uncomfortable that he was talking about his heartbreak, I wonder if he would ever fall in love again.


He brings the grated ginger and pours it in a bowl.



“It worked like magic, for 3 months I got drunk and every hang over I had, Sarah would give me her medicine”


He adds 2 cup of water and walks to the cupboard which was above me.


He reaches for it while I embrace myself in his cologne.


“There it is” He says and grabs a jar of maple syrup.


He adds one tablespoon and stirs it.


“Is that all” I asked and he nods negatively.


He opens the fridge again and takes out three lemon, he juices them and puts a table spoon in the mixture.


“All done” He says and hands me a cup of his “hangover recipe”.


The smell wasn’t pleasurable to the nose one bit.


“Am not drinking that, I would rather take pain relievers” I said nodding my head.


“It doesn’t smell good, I wonder how it’s gonna taste”


“Trust me, you are not going to regret it. Just hold your nose and take it one gulp”


“Are you sure its gonna work” I asked squeezing my face and still having my doubt.


“Trust me Celine”


I take it one gulp and almost threw up but Adrian’s palm on my mouth stopped me.


I become settled seconds later and Adrian takes his palm off my mouth.


“How does it taste” He asked.


“Awful” I replied looking at the empty bowl.


“Are you sure it’s gonna work” I asked and he smirks.


“Not sure, I just saw it on a website and decided to try it out”



“Whaaaattttt!!” I exclaimed.


“But you told me, Julia… Sarah… Recipe” I was out of words.


“Yeah Sarah did give me something to help my hangover but it definitely didn’t smell or look like this” He says and starts grinning.


“So I drank this bullshit just for nothing” I yelled out.


“It’s not for nothing, I mean you are yelling now minutes ago you could barely talk”


I was really upset and irritated, why did he have to do this.


“If you are wondering why I did this, you threw up on my shoes yesterday night. This is my little way of saying thank you”


He whistles his way out of the kitchen while I just waited there feeling disgusted.


Mary’s Pov


I pulled the brakes once I got out of the airport, I looked at the parking space and made sure I didn’t park in a way that was going to give me a parking ticket or fine. I looked at the glass and saw my boyfriend ahead, he was talking to a white lady and he handed her his phone. She presses it for few seconds before handing it back

to her.


She hugs him and walks away, I walk out of the car and look at him suspiciously, he didn’t see me coming because he was busy with his phone.


“Hey” I greeted tapping him, he becomes nervous when he sees me.


“Hey hey you you are here, when when did you get here” He stammers hiding the screen of his phone.


“Been here for a while but you were too busy talking to that lady, who is she??” I asked. He tries to deny seeing any girl but I give him the *don’t lie to me * look.


“Oh you mean that girl, that’s Trisha”


“Trisha? ” I questioned, I the confusion evident in my voice.


I fold my arms waiting for more details, he noticed I wasn’t convinced.


“Trisha, my mom brother’s ex girlfriend”


“You didn’t tell me Johnny had a girlfriend who was named Trisha or even white ”


“That’s because he never liked talking about her ”


“Hmm okay ” I said not convinced that but tired. I don’t know if Fred is cheating on me but I trust him so much and really love you him, I can’t wait to for the day he’s going to propose.


He hugs me and tells me how to much he loves and misses me clearing my doubt a little.


“Let’s go ” I said releasing myself from the hug.


“I heard my baby girl is a living with Adrian Vandermir, I can’t wait ” He says excitedly.


“Dont raise your hope too much, we are going to a hotel”


“Why ?” He whines dissapointed.


“Am only staying there because Celine won a challenge, I if she had lost the challenge it would have been another issue”


He groans and I opens the car door.


“I’ll drive” He says, I throw the keys at him and he enter the car.


I look at the side mirror and notice a familiar figure.


“Isn’t that Julia” I asked nobody in particular.


“What’s that ” Fred asks, I look at him but don’t say anything, I I look back but Julia wasn’t there anymore, probably my imagination.


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Julia’s Pov


I was very upset at Deandro, how could he have forced me inside his car like that making me bump my hard.


“I was going to enter your car anyways so why did you have to pull me inside like that ” He smiles and points at the car in the front.


“That’s Mary’s car, she could have seen you and that would ruin everything Julia” I look at him and bat my lashes, I can’t believe I dated this guy.


“What we want is simple Julia, you want Adrian and I want your sister. All we need is a fool proof plan ”


I smile and face him.


“If I know you very well Deandro, I know you can’t ever love anyone especially my sister so tell me what exactly do you want”


He smiles and places his hands on your my exposed shoulders, I look down at his hand and look up to him frowning at him.


“Oops sorry Julia, you know there was a time when my touch meant something to you ” He removes his hand.


“Let’s not talk about the past Deandro, especially the I regret ”


“Didn’t sound that way when you were screaming my name and…. ”


“DEANDRO!!” I exclaimed and clenched my fist, I breathe in deeply hoping not to lose my temper.


“I have a plan to get you and my sister together but it would cost you”


“Trust me Julia, I your sister worths more”


“I don’t know what you are planning but as long as you can take Celine from Adrian and make him come to me, I have no worries. Now this is my plan ” I tell him everything and he smiles praising me



Adrian’s Pov


I couldn’t concentrate on my work because Celine was busy making noise with her terrible voice. She had a perfect voice but she was literally screeching just to punish me for giving her something so irritating earlier in the morning but look at the good side the hangover is gone.


I would have smashed my laptop on the table but the work on it was more important than the anger I felt.


I stood up and walked to Celine who was standing on the wooden table using a remote as a microphone.


“Hey cuckoo” I say and kick the table so hard she almost fell but I was quick to catch.


I look at her face which had half of it covered by her hair, I swear there was something in her hazel eyes that made me get a lost in them, I for a while I was tranced until Celine phone decides to ring and spoil the moment.


“My phone my phone is ringing ” I put her down and she picks up her phone.


“Julia? You want to see me? You don’t have to apologize for anything, I don’t think I… DEANDRO!! …


I raised my brows when she said Deandro but still kept my calm


” Fine where? ”


I fold my arms and watch Celine end the call and heading out but I pull her back preventing her from going anywhere, my grip on her was obviously strong.


“Adrian what are you doing?” She asks confused at the sudden change.


“You are not going anywhere” I say and she smiles confused.


“Look Adrian I have to see my sister, Deandro is with her and he promised to leave her if he sees me”


“I don’t want you to go” I said not releasing her.


“Why?” She asks.



“Because you are going to meet the two people I despise the most, your sister and Deandro”


“But Deandro is holding…”


“I can promise you this is all a lie but if you don’t believe me I would send some of my men to the address to get Julia”


“But my sister Adrian, I have to be sure she is okay. I have to see her”




Celine’s Pov


Adrian yelling at me made me scared and I began to wonder what was it with Deandro that he despised him so much.


“Why Adrian,why don’t you want to see me with Deandro” I asked softly hoping to calm him down.


“I would just go there and…..”


“I DON’T WANT TO SEE YOU WITH DEANDRO BECAUSE AM SCARED, AM FUCKING SCARED CELINE!!” He yells shaking me vigorously, for the first time I saw Adrian’s weakness.


“Why are you scared??” I asked putting my palm on his face hoping to get more information.


“Am scared of losing, of losing……”





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