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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 18

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Deandro’s Pov


Celine’s surprised face was exactly what I expected, the poor girl thought Adrian was the one who sent her the message. All I had to do was just send a text and use Adrian’s name. She looks so beautiful in that red gown.


“What do you want?” She asks fiercely, her fury pleased me. I can’t let Adrian have her, I was able to defeat him and take Julia. Am going to do that again, am going to defeat Adrian.


I touch her bare shoulders and she grabs my fingers so tight, it would have hurt if it was an ugly lady holding my hand.


“Keep your hands off me” She says andd drops it, she heads out and I pull her back. Angrily she kicks my nose and points at me.


“Stay in your lane Deandro, am warning you” She leaves the hall.


I grin and touch my nose, it was bleeding already.


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A little blood is nothing compared to the fun am going to have seeing Adrian lose. I have to do more to make Celine fall in love with me. I knew I have to act fast after seeing the news about Celine and Adrian.


He won’t win, He’s a loser.


Adrian’s Pov


Kat’s word kept on playing in my head as I drove home.


“Why don’t you set something romantic for her, every woman loves that and you know what I have the best place to show that every woman loves”


“But I want it to be like a surprise, she’s a crazy person she might not come with me”


“Fine Adrian I’ll help you, I would ask her to meet me there am sure she would come” Kat said


I got home and changed my clothes mary saw me and kept on giving me awkward looks.


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“There’s love in the air, So sweet” She sang with her very awful voice, I ignored her and walked to my garage.


Celine’s Pov


I stormed in the house angrily, mary saw I was upset but I ignored her. I was really upset. What was I thinking?


Just because mary said some words to me I thought I was Cinderella who had found her prince charming. I should have known Adrian couldn’t send such a text to me with this stupid gown.


I tore the dress and threw the shoes away.


I was left in my underwear and Mary walked in.


“What happened?” She asked concerned about the fact that I was angry.



“Deandro happened Mary, Adrian wasn’t the one who sent the text. It was Deandro, he sent the text in pretext of Adrian”


Mary was confused, she made faces and tried to understand what I was talking about.


“But but I saw Adrian all dressed up going out, he wore different clothes and it looked like he was going out” Mary said, I became more confused.


What the hell is going on here, first Brooklyn and now Deandro.


“I don’t understand what is going on but I know that there must be a connection between the two, it’s either Adrian is playing with me or someone is behind all this”


“Celine how can you see Adrian is playing with you. It’s obvious he has changed…”


I fold my arms and walk to the wardrobe to get a top.


My phone rings and I walk back to the dining table to pick the call.






Hi Celine


I couldn’t figure out the owner of the voice and mary noticed I was confused.


“Who’s that” She whispered.


“I don’t know but it’s a female” I whispered back.



Who’s speaking?



Its Kat


I wonder why she is calling me.



How are you doing



Am fine, I just called to tell you that Adrian forgot his condoms his office, he said he was going to a hotel and asked us to close early and I saw some condoms in his office

I opened my mouth short of words, I didn’t know what to say.



Kat what were you doing in Adrian’s office



I dropped some documents and saw the pack of condoms beside his chair, I guess when he stood up it fell down


And why why are you you telling me this I asked, my voice cracking ready to break down and shed a tear.


I thought maybe perhaps you were the lady he was going to meet so…



Call Adrian and tell him, it’s not my business I said and cut the call.


I look at my reflection in the mirror, I looked stupid and dumb.


“Aaaaaaarggghhh” I yelled and smashed my phone at the mirror shattering it into different pieces.


“Celine” Mary gasped and ran towards me, I hug her and sob in her arms.


I was new to this, how can I have a heartbreak when am not yet in a relationship.


Exactly why I said it always ends in tears, nothing good about love.


I thought we had something special, the kisses proved it.


You don’t know how bad I want to kiss you right now”


I couldn’t forget that night when we had our first kiss.


“Celine tell me what’s wrong?” Mary asked , I cleaned my tears and removed all emotions from my face.


“It’s nothing Mary”


“Celine are you sure?”


“Erm Mary when would you go to club” I averted the question.


“Don’t start that Celine tell me what happened”


“We’ll talk about it in the club. I wanna get wasted tonight” I said and smiled, you could tell the smile was fake.


I stumbled out of the room and walked downstairs to the pool.


I stepped on the stairs and sat on it then dipped my legs in the water and kicked it several times, I wished I could swim, it would have been so nice to go for a swim right now.


I sighed and my mind wandered to years back.




Julia, mom and dad all dressed in their summer clothes ready to go to the beach. I ran out of my room tieing the lace of my scandals.


“And where do you think you are going” Mom asked.


“To swim mommy” I replied excitedly.


She laughed sarcastically and walked closer to me.


“Why??, so you can call me mommy outside and everyone would see how ugly my daughter is”


“But mommy you promised me if I acted like a maid you would take me to the beach and teach me how to swim” I said happily, she touches my chin and smiles at me.


“Honey you know mommy loves you so much, the beach is very dangerous for children below 10 years, last summer 6 children died at the page because they were below 10 years. The gods of the beach was very angry with them”


I became scared but smiled knowing the fact that my mommy loved me.


But that was how it was, I never came out of the house until I clocked 18.


Kat’s Pov


I waited patiently for Adrian’s arrival, he would be expecting Celine in this blue floral dress but he would meet his death instead.


I stood in the center of the hall, the spotlight on me.


I faced my back to the door so Adrian won’t know it isn’t Celine once he walked in.


His footsteps made me so happy and I was beginning to lose patience, I just want to get over it.


He walked closer to me and before he could reach me I turned back and faced the gun at him.


“You??” He questioned surprised.


“Surprise?” I asked looking at me disgustingly. God gave an heartless man such a good face.


“What’s going on” he tries moving closer but I shoot the floor intentionally missing his feet.


“The next bullet won’t waste” I threatened.


“What’s going on??” He asks.


“Am guessing you don’t know what’s going on Adrian but have waited for so long for this moment to come that I don’t have the patience to explain what’s going on, but I’ll give you a hint. KAREN, 6 YEARS AGO, RAPE CASE” I yelled at him and showed him my sister’s picture. He was confused, he looked at the picture like he had not seen my sister before.


“Kat I think there’s a misunderstanding here. Drop the gun and let’s talk” He says and walks closer to me, I point the gun at him my hands were vibrating.


“Am warning you Adrian don’t come near me”


“BUT WHAT THE HELL DO YOU WANT FROM ME?” He asked getting angry. He’s so foolish to be getting upset at the person who’s holding the gun.


“This is for my sister”


I click the gun ready to shoot him but he kicks the gun from my unsuspecting hands.


I run to grab the gun but he grabs me back and pulls me out of the hall.


Adrian’s Pov


I didn’t know what to do to her, I feel so insulted that an ordinary woman threatens my life.


“She was my sister’s best friend but she has been like my sister after my sister was raped to death by a beast”


I remembered those words, she was referring to me as the beast.


“Wait you think I raped your sister?” I almost laughed but I couldn’t, the situation was more serious than that.


“I don’t think so, I know you did. You monster” She yelled at my face.


“If that picture was your sister then I won’t even think of having sex with her, don’t waste your time too much Kat. I have nothing to do with your sister, am sorry for your loss but you got the wrong guy”


“If you pull this stunt again, you’ll meet your sister and it’s not an ordinary threat” I said and pushed her away.


I got in my car and drove home, I just wasted my time thinking I was going to meet Celine.


This is all fu.cked up.




Nobody is home and Celine’s number is not going through, I never thought there would be a time Celine won’t be home and it would bother me so much.


A picture message was sent to me from an unknown number.


I clicked it and the picture I saw angered me in ways even I couldn’t imagine. He captioned the image “my new wallpaper”


It was Celine and Deandro, Celine smiling and Deandro behind her.


I sigh tiredly and put my phone back inside my pocket.


A lot of thoughts was running through my mind, but I had to put that aside and look for Celine.


Celine’s Pov


I was tired, tired of dancing with different guys.


I was obviously wasted and luckily Mary wasn’t around, she would have stopped me from having so many drinks and I didnt that now.


I was ready to get drunk and forget everything, I am Celine Greene and I won’t let anything bad happen to me.


“Hi pretty” A young man walked towards me. He obviously liked what he saw.


“Wanna dance” He asked and grabbed me closer.


“Sure” I replied and we move our body to the rhythm.


He starts touching me and I get uncomfortable.


“Stop it” I groaned but he refused to listen.


“I know you like it, don’t play hard to get”


This dufus is going to make me waste one of Mary’s bottles.


“Please stop it” I pleaded for the last time but men would always be men.


I raise my half empty bottle ready to hit his head with it but someone beat me it.


“You…” I said and staggered back, the attention was on us.


“Let’s go” He says and tries pulling me out, I move back and point the bottle at him. My legs were not stable on the floor.


“Let us go Celine, you’re drunk”


‘Am drunkkkkk, do i look drunk to you…..”I stop thinking of what rubbish to say


next and continue.


“…..wait I know you, you are that guy. That guy who won’t let me be. What do you


want from me, you can’t fool me this time around Mr Vandermir. I am now …. Hey


put me down” I scream out when Adrian lifts me up the feet. My legs dangle in the air trying to come down but nothing worked but still I yelled louder.


“Keep quiet* Adrian yanks at me and spanks my butt like I was kid.



“Oh no you didn’t….. Put me down right now Mr Vandermir or I’ll make you regret


you were ever born” my threats were very empty and Adrian didn’t even care.


He just forced me inside his car and helped me do my seatbelt.


I watched as he entered the car and start driving, I kept on staring at him and he noticed it.


“If you keep on staring at me like that your eyes would peel” He says and I frowned at him.


“Eyes do not peel Mr Vandermir, you said am drunk but you are the one talking rubbish” I said and belched softly.


“Excuse you” He says and I bring my face close to his face.


“What what are you doing Celine, am driving”


“Let’s die together” I said smiling.


“Are you crazy, sit down properly don’t hurt yourself” He says in a commanding tone, I start crying.


“I hate it when you talk like that, am not a baby you know” I sniffed and cleaned my tears.


“But you are my baby” He says and I smile at him.


“Am your baby?, you’re my daddy, who’s my mommy….. Wait is Julia my


mommy??” I said and squealed excitedly..


“You’re such a goner” He says and chuckles.


“But why are you fighting with mommy, she loves you very much” I said and faced him waiting for an answer.


He puts his palm on my face and turns it to the other side.


I start crying again and Adrian was getting frustrated at my mood swings, I wonder why he’s angry.



“What now” He asks.


“My head is big”I say and he sighs annoyingly.


“No it’s not” He assures me.


“You’re perfect just the way you are” He says and stops the car.


He walks out of his car and opens the door then helps me out, suddenly I felt nauseated and I couldn’t stop it, I threw up on Adrian’s shoes.


“Fuckkkkk” He groaned obviously upset and irritated, I looked up to him and smirked before passing out.




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