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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 17

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Celine’s Pov


Adrian words kept on playing in my head but it was all false, he’s only saying this because he lied to the old woman that I was wife, I didn’t even come close to being a woman he would look at twice, Julia was that woman.


Adrian looks back and I try to hide but ended up tripping over a chair and my feet steps on the nail.


“Celine” Adrian gasps and runs back inside. I looked at my leg and saw the nail stucked deep inside.



“Woooooo wooooo” I muttered out, my legs vibrating.


Adrian pulls me up and sits me down on the sofa.


“I have to pull it out” He says holding my leg, I was scared. It hurts badly and the thought of him pulling it out scared me.

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“No no don’t” I cried out.


The old woman looked at me and felt pity for me, the look on her face was unexplainable.


“You have to let him pull it out, if not it’s gonna do more damage” She says.


“Okay okay fine pull it out” I said and Adrian touches the nail and I remove my leg hastily.


“Celine” Adrian says and brings his face closer to mine.


“Trust me, just close your eyes” He says I nod and close my eyes.


I feel Adrian lips on mine slowly but deeply. I had that feeling, that butterfly in my stomach feeling, that tingling sensation and I didn’t even know when he pulled out the nail.


“You did good” He says holding my face,we didn’t say anything. I just couldn’t get over the fact that Adrian Vandermir kissed me again.

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“I’ll get the first aid box” She says and walks out.


I looked at my feet and frowned.


“Do you know every time you hurt yourself, you are hurting someone” He says tying a cloth around the feet.


“Wh who who else am I I hurting?” I asked.


“You are hurting God, idiot” He says and pokes my head.



“Hey” I frowned and hit him, he smiles at me and tightens the cloth around my feet, he did it to hurt me but I didn’t show him my pain.


“Strong lady, minutes ago you were crying, no no don’t” he mocks.


The old woman comes in with the box and hands it to Adrian.




I wake up the next day, the pain in my feet was different from the pain I felt yesterday.


“The car is here, you wanna go home or sleep the sleep you are supposed to sleep for three years here” Adrian says, before I could answer him he pulls me up and carries me bridal style.


“You are so light” He says, I roll my eyes annoyingly and look away.


The woman was standing at the door, she held two necklaces each had white shells as the pendant.


“I want you two to have this”


“You don’t really need…”


“My husband and I got this at beach 40 years ago, it was like a bond and it was really powerful, my husband was called to war and he dropped it. He promised me he would come back and I would put it on him but he never came back, they didnt find his body but at least he left something for me. Am old now and I have no use for this and when I saw the love between the both of you. I knew who deserved it, it might just be an old necklace but it binds your soul” She hands it to Adrian and bade us goodbye.




Kat’s Pov


The anger and frustration I felt inside knew no bounds, it was the next day and Adrian wasn’t here yet. Julia had been calling my phone for hours and it was making me so upset.


I knew she was going to be upset at the fact that Adrian wasn’t in NYC waiting for her like she had asked making her plan fail but my plan also failed.


Tired of listening to my ringtone, I decided to pick the call.






Kat what did you do, did you do as I asked. Adrian went to Brooklyn instead of waiting in NYC She yelled from the line. I got confused, if Adrian really came to Brooklyn why didn’t he come to the hotel.


Am sorry ma’am, I did exactly what you asked me to do, I don’t know why he didn’t wait


And my sister even had the guts to go with him


I could tell she hated her sister the way she mentioned the word sister was so irritable. Adrian once again has separated two sisters. I would make sure I put an end to a monster like Adrian Vandermir.


And I might be using Celine if she gets in my way.


Celine’s Pov


We were back home, well only I since Adrian just changed and went to work.


Mary was still sleeping and I thought not to disturb her.


Have heard how deadly Africans are when you wake them up while sleeping, I don’t want risks.


I limped to the kitchen and made omelettes for I and Mary, I hummed the song which played in Adrian’s car yesterday, for no reason the song was stucked in my hair and I couldn’t help but sing it even better than the original.


I stopped chopping the onions and looked at the chain the old lady gave us, I feel guilty for collecting something so precious from her based on lies.


“That’s a nice chain. Where did you get that??” Mary asked startling me.


“Oh God Mary, I thought you were asleep”


“It’s after 10, I didn’t come to this life just to sleep”


“Did you go to the club yesterday?” I asked avoiding the question.



“Don’t you dare try change the subject, the chain seems old but beautiful, and it’s not like something you could just buy in Brooklyn, speaking about Brooklyn tell me all about it”


I start narrating everything that happened, getting attacked by thugs for no reason, our car breaking down, the piggy bag ride, Adrian lying to the old woman that we were married, the words he said to the old woman about me and the chain.


I didn’t tell her about the kiss, Mary is not going to let me hear the end of it.


“Well if you ask me I’ll say it’s fate and Adrian meant what he said when he said those words, but you refuse to believe it”


“Mary that’s not the topic, I feel guilty for collecting the woman’s necklace. She thinks she gave a happily married couple not knowing she gave it to a man and a woman who forced herself to be the man’s P.A ”


“Is that what you think?” Mary muffles, chewing on the onions. That disgusted me but she always says it’s good for the eyesight


“In 60 years time when you find it difficult to read a word because you are not wearing glass. I’ll read it for you because I ate onions while you said eww” That was what she always told me but I think I prefer using glasses than eating onions.


“Well guess what Celine, I don’t think Adrian had any interest in seeing your sister”


“We were going to see her but the car broke down”


“Okay I don’t know about the breaking down part but did you know Adrian was actually supposed to meet Julia in NYC not Brooklyn”


“What what are you talking about?” I asked losing concentration on the Omelettes.


“Julia called me yesterday and told me she was in NYC, turns out she came to meet Adrian in NYC but Adrian left NYC to meet Julia in Brooklyn, I think the guy just wants to spend some time with you but he wasn’t able to tell you because he’s proud, arrogant and you, you are not normal at all. If he had told you he was taking you out directly you would have made life difficult for the poor guy” Mary says



leaving me in total confusion. I was silent for a while lost in thoughts until the smell of burning omelettes brought me back to reality.


“Mary” I exclaimed


“Don’t blame me, I didn’t know the omelettes was on the gas already” She says and picks one ball of onions, chewing it on her way out.


I thought of what she said, I was confused and didn’t know what to do. Should I meet Adrian and ask him why he went to Brooklyn instead of waiting in NYC, if Mary is right things are going to get awkward and I don’t want that but what if there’s more to the story.


God am so confused.


Kat’s Pov


Adrian came to work early and he was smiling, have never seen Adrian smile before.


He greeted me before walking inside the office, the fact that Adrian greeted me made me realize he was really happy.


This should be a good opportunity to ask him the question I wanna ask him.


I walked inside his office without knocking expecting him to yell at me and ask me to leave his sight but his response was different.


“You can drop the files on the table Kat , I’ll check them later” .


I drop the files but didn’t leave.


“Do you want something?” He asks.


“Why didn’t you come to Brooklyn Sire, MissGreene was upset”


“I didn’t say that I was going to come although I did come but something happened”


“Okay” I replied not satisfied with the answer.


I turned to leave but Adrian stops me with a question.


“How do you know Julia?” He asks, I wasn’t expecting it but I was able to formulate a lie.



“She was my sister’s best friend but she has been like my sister after my sister was raped to death by a beast”


“Am sorry about that” He says


Oh you would be sorry” I muttered and left the office.


“Kat” He calls back.


“Sir” I replied.


“What do you think I can do for a woman who is very close to heart” I smiled at his question, this is another opportunity to plan.




I walk out of the office minutes later and call Julia, time to stir some tension between the two sisters.



Hello Julia I have information for you






I just found out that Mr Vandermir really wanted to wait for you in NYC but your sister called him and asked him not to go, she said you were going to get married soon and Adrian was only going to waste his time on you


Celine said that??



Yes ma’am, she did



That bitch Julia said bitterly


Celine’s Pov


Mary was busy helping me braid my hair and I thought of asking about her cheating boyfriend.



“What of Fred?” I asked.


“He is good, I told him about the house”


“His reaction?”


“Not what I expected but…” My phone interrupted and I picked it up to look at the caller.


“It’s Julia” I said happily and touched the green.






I said excitedly.




Lets meet She replied, she sounded upset.



I know Julia loves me even though she’s always harsh with me, she came to NYC and wouldn’t leave without seeing me. She’s just the best.




I paid the cab man and saw Julia on the other side standing beside her car and standing elegantly. Her grace and poise showed her confidence.


“Julia” I smiled and walked to her.


I was prepared for a hug but got a slap instead.


“What is your deal Celine, why can’t you just let me be happy. What do you want from me, Adrian is mine and mine alone” She says, I wipe my tears and slapped my sister back, she had no right to slap me because of a man.


“Celine!!” She screamed holding her cheek, she opens her mouth to speak but I raise my palm up halting her.


“Adrian Vandermir is not yours and even if he is you should learn to hold a grip on your man. I thought you called to see me but it’s because of your ex boyfriend. Don’t you ever raise your hand at me because of a man, I don’t care if you are my sister, I would hit you back” I said and walked away.




I couldn’t tell Mary what happened and I was able to hide my sad face from her, I avoided her questions by asking her about Fred.


A messaged was sent to my phone, an unknown number.






I showed mary the message and looked out the window, there was a car waiting there.


“Woo hoo, the girl has scored” Mary whooped happily.


“Am not going” I said and she gets confused.




“Because I feel like am betraying Julia, I know she still loves him”


“You are so stupid, so if Julia loves all the guy in the whole world and they love you, you can’t have them because your sister who is getting married loves them”


“It’s not…”


“In this life you have to be selfish sometime, and from my own view you are not even being selfish if you decide to date Adrian. It’s obvious he’s no longer interested in your sister, the fact that he didn’t go to her but spend the day with you proved so,look I like Julia but I support the truth, Adrian loves you and you love him back. Keep on being your sister’s keeper and you would lose what belongs to you. If you don’t want to have sense then you’ll die stupid” She says and walks inside.


Her words hit me like a rock, she was right. What the is wrong with me, am going to lose a good man for a sister who never showed me any single iota of love. I LOVE ADRIAN VANDERMIR, I LOVE HIM.


Am such a fool .





I walked inside the hall the driver dropped me at and the lights went off, the spot light was on me and a soft music was playing.


I heard footsteps but I didn’t look back, I smiled and waited.


He touches my shoulder and I look back to see him but I was shocked when I saw the man standing behind me.


“Deandro?” I questioned completely ou




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