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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 14

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Celine’s Pov


I was shocked, it happened so fast. Adrian’s lips was on mine and all I could do was close my eyes, his tongue explored my mouth in ways have never felt before.

For an odd reason I wanted more, I was weak and vulnerable.


He gently holds my waist and I grab his collar for support, I was kissing ADRIAN VANDERMIR back, it seemed like a dream.


But it wasn’t, I felt heated underneath and I wasn’t a kid, I knew what that meant.


I had to stop this madness soon, with one push Adrian was off me.


He staggers and sits on the chair resting his head on his table.


“Adrian” I called out tapping his back but he didn’t respond.

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He had slept off already.


“Fool” I mutter and pull him up, danm was he heavy.


I put his hand above my shoulder dragging him out of the bar and to his room.


“I don’t know how someone can be so heavy, everything about you is so tiring Adrian Vandermir”


I release him to land on the bed and the next thing I knew was Adrian pulling my dress back.



“Just two minutes Celine, please” He slurs out, I sigh and roll my eyes.


Have come this far already, two minutes won’t hurt.


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Adrian’s Pov


I woke up with a nasty headache, my plan was not to get drunk but to get Celine drunk.


But that little brat was too free, she didn’t hide anything from me, she made me drunk.


I try sitting down but a body prevented me from doing so, I look down to see Celine head lieing comfortably on my chest.


“Awwww so cute” I said with much sarcasm, I push her off the bed and she wakes up shocked.


“How did you end up here, I can’t believe this. To think you were different, so your plan had succeeded. What’s next you’ll claim I got you pregnant” I yelled at her.

She stands up blowing her hair off her face.


Her dark under eyes and rough hair made her beautiful in an odd way.


“Adrian Vandermir, you literally begged me to stay with you. I don’t know how I fell asleep but now am beginning to regret it”


“Oh please spare me that, I can never beg a woman for anything”


“Oh so you don’t remember anything Mr Vandermir??” She asked and I nodded negatively.


“You really don’t remember anything??” She asked again twitching her lips.


“Are you stupid or you just like acting dumb. Can’t you see I don’t remember anything”


She face palms herself and turns to leave.


“Where are you going??” I asked.


“Out of your stupid room” She replies rudely.



“Make coffee for me and get me some aspirin”


“Excuse me, am not your maid okay” She says.


“Pleaseee” I plead out desperately.


“Sure.. Am not a beast unlike someone I know” She says with much sarcasm.


She walks out of my room and I sat up on my bed.


That witch Celine, she must have cast a spell on me to get me drunk.


I stand up slowly and walk to the mirror, Gosh I look like a mess, my hair was roughly scattered but I always look good.


I head to the bathroom when I heard Celine’s scream.


My heart jumped and I was ready to find out what happened but then I remembered the challenge, not happening Miss Greene. You are going home today.


Celine’s Pov


I opened my mouth surprised at what happened, my knee was badly grazed due to the fall. Water had spilled on the floor mistakenly and I had slipped, my back was really aching from the fall.


I stand up slowly and get water from the tap again.


This is all Adrian’s fault, am sure he would have been very happy to see me fall. How could he say he didn’t remember anything, am sure he did remember


something. He just loves seeing me frustrated.


How dare he.


I still remember it and it bothers me, why do I get to be the only one bothered


about it.




“I know am going to win this challenge Celine but why does winning feel like losing” He says and pulls me up.


“You don’t know how bad I want to kiss you right now”




I shake my head rapidly, I also didn’t remember anything, I didn’t remember anything.





Adrian’s Pov


Celine walked in my room with a tray of coffee and a tablet of aspirin, I noticed she was limping. What happened now, did she get hurt again.


“Here’s your coffee, I hope you don’t drown from it” She says.


“Coffee can’t drown me. Stupid”


“I wish it did” She says and turns to leave.


“What happened to your leg”


“Nothing” She replied hastily.


“So what happened last night?” I asked and I could see how nervous she became immediately.


“I I I don’t remember” She replies and heads out.


I chuckle and take a sip from the cup, I frown my face and spit it out.


“She can’t even make coffee, she’s gonna make a bad wife” I say and realized I said what I shouldn’t have.


She won’t even be a wife.


That girl irritates me.


Celine’s Pov


I comb my hair slowly looking at the mirror. I couldn’t help but think about what happened yesterday, it was bothering me in ways I didn’t understand.


“Celine get over it, it’s just a kiss. Adrian is not as worked up as you”


“Oh it’s just a kiss” My image in mirror shot back at me.


Oh am going mad, how sweet.



“It’s just a kiss yet you kissed him back”


“It was a mistake”


“Then why are you blushing so hard”


“Just shut up okay” I said and walked away from the mirror.


I pick up my phone from the table and see several missed calls from Mary.


I totally forgot about the challenge, it’s obvious am going to lose.


No chance of me winning, it’s obvious Adrian doesn’t give a danm.


I open the door and Adrian was standing behind it ready to knock.


“You??” I said questioningly.


I look at his hands, he was holding the first aid box.


He pulls me back inside and sits me down on the bed.


He goes down on his knees.


“What’s this??” I asked and he pulls up my skirt up lightly.


“What are you doing?” I asked and he uses the cotton wool to clean my Knee.


I winced silently.


“I wonder how you always end up getting hurt in every little situation. You are so careless” He says and uses his mouth to blow air on the bruise.


I was upset at his words but for no reason my heart softened.


“Am going to be late for work” I said to break the silence.


“Am the boss stupid and you are doing nothing really, you can stay home today to pack your stuff and leave my danm house” He says and puts a plaster on it.


“Why does winning feel like losing” I said all of a sudden to trigger his memory a little.


“Are you reciting a poem??” He asked and I scoffed.



“How don’t you remember anything from yesterday??” I asked getting more frustrated.


“Why?, is there anything special I should remember” He asked.


“No no” I replied sadly.


Adrian stands up and walks out of my room, I stand up and put on my shoes.


I picked up my phone and called Mary.



So you decided to call now



Am sorry Mary, Adrian happened



Yeah so how’s it, how’s the challenge going Am coming back home


Oops Celine am sorry about that



Yeah it’s for the better, we kissed last night. Not in my life have I ever thought that would happen


You did what Celine? I knew she was smiling.



Dont even start Mary, am so confused he doesn’t even remember



Okay tell me the whole thing that happened


I tell her everything and I could tell she was enjoying the story.



Celine and Adrian kissing in the bar, K_I_S_S_I_N_G She sang on the phone.


Stop it Mary, it’s not funny



Hmmm mm mm, so what next



Honestly I don’t know, Mrs Vandermir really expected much from me, I don’t know what to say to her


Am sure when you reach that bridge you’ll cross it. I can’t wait for you to come, am gonna make the best African dish for you


Stop it Mary, stop making losing look so delicious She chuckles and gets distracted on the line.


I’ll call you back Celine





I replied and end the call.


Adrian’s Pov


I got to work with mixed fallings, for no reason I felt bad about what was going to happen today.


I entered my office and Kat was at the door waiting for my arrival.


“Yes what do you want?” I asked and she gave me a photo,I did not bother to look at it.


“What is this?” I asked.


“Please sir look at it ” She says. I snatched it from her and view the photo. It was Julia’s, looking at the picture triggered unwanted memories.


“Where did you get this and what should I do with it”


“Moonlight hotel 5pm , Brooklyn, if you want to see her”


“And how did you get to know of this?” I asked.


“I just know” She says and walks to her office.



I wonder how Kat got to know of Julia and I wonder why she wants to see me after so many years, I hate her but I want to see her, I want to see what she has become after so many years. I guess karma caught up with her.


Julia’s Pov


I kept on staring at my wardrobe thinking of which cloth to wear for the evening, I’ll be going to New York City today to meet Adrian after so many years.


Next week is my wedding and I have a plan that would change things for me.


I pray Adrian comes and makes things easier for me, the remaining is minor.


All I want from Adrian now is a child and it’s my ovulation period.


10 years ago I was pregnant for Adrian but I made a mistake that I shouldn’t have all thanks to my parents.




Mom and I walked inside the hospital, she was really upset at me and I could tell I had ruined everything.


We entered the doctor’s office and she explained everything to him.


“I don’t understand why she decided to be stupid, we don’t show her sister the same love we show her but still her sister knows her boundaries. She got pregnant for my enemy, she’s just 18 and she wants to destroy all the plans I havs for her”


“Mom I…”


“Keep quiet young woman, we are aborting this bastard right now”


I didn’t want to, I was ready to love this child the same way I loved Adrian.




I got home after the abortion feeling weak and tired, Mother signalled father assuring him the deed had be done.


I got inside my room crying like a baby, my parents were my own enemy.


13 years old Celine walked inside my room and I transferred my aggression to her.


Why did she have to be so lucky, my parents never showed her any love but yet she turned out so happy.



Nobody had to tell her to wake up early in the morning just for exercise, she had to eat whatever she liked unlike me who eats only food recommend by the dietician, I had to be perfect just because my mother wanted a model. She focused on only me but never paid any attention to Celine.




” Sir anthony called ma’am” My assistant said. I sigh and ask her to leave.


Celine’s Pov


I dragged my suitcase in one hand and head out of Adrian’s building. I take one last look at it before heading out of his building.


“Celine??” Simon called and smiled at me, I smiled back.


“You don’t know how special you are Celine. You are the only young lady who has entered Mr Vandermir’s house. I don’t know why you are leaving but I have a feeling you’ll be coming back soon”


I smiled and hugged the old man, I got out of his mansion and waited for a cab.


A car pulls up in front of me, it was Deandro’s.


What does he want now


“Hi, where are you off to” He asks.


“None of your business” I replied. He chuckles and stands in front of me.


“Cmon Celine don’t be like that, I just want to help” He says and opens the car door.


“Fine” I groaned and entered. I kept on looking back at Adrian’s house, I felt bad. I still have 5 hours more before the challenge is over but it’s obvious am going to

lose so why waste my time.


I got home and thanked Deandro for the ride.


“I was hoping if you would love to have dinner with me. Miss Celine?” He asked.


“I don’t think so, am…”



“Of course she would come” Mary says and takes my bag inside.


“Perfect” Deandro says and drives off.


“Mary??” I called and she hugs me then pulls me inside.


“If you can’t have Adrian, at least have Deandro” She says and I chuckle at her sense of humor.


We talked about a lot of things and Mary was really a gossiper.


The doorbell was my saving grace, it was what helped me to stop talking.


“Are you expecting anyone” I asked, she nods the negative.


I open the door to see Adrian looking worried.


“You??” I questioned, he pulls me and calls out for Mary.


“What’s going on” I asked and he looks at me


“Someone just texted me and told me they were gonna blow up Mary’s house, I had to rush over immediately” He said and I chuckled.


“That’s crazy” I replied not believing him, but he was danm serious.


“You are not joking” I said and Mary and I ran meters away from the house before hearing a loud blast.


Adrian buries my face in his chest and we both fall down together.


“Celine are you okay, are you okay. Hey look at me, look at me Celine” He says.


Mary was saved and unhurt.


I looked at the house and what was left of it, who would do this and why??.







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