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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 12

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Celine’s Pov



My head was lieing on the wheel while it made loud horns, people had gathered around already some where taking pictures already.


My head hurts a little but that was nothing, I just want Adrian to come down here.


I stepped out of the car looking around but no sign of Adrian.


“I can’t believe this” I groan and hit his car hurting my feet.


“You stupid brat” I hear Adrian voice and look back. He did come.


“You came” I said smiling, he pushes me out of the way and looks at his car, he was upset.

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“If you want to die do it with another man’s car don’t you ever pull this stunt again. This is the second car you are ruining, and you must be so dumb to think I’ll actually come down for you” He says and asks for his car keys. I hand it to him and he grabs them from me then walks back in.


I can’t believe my plan failed, I shouldn’t have used his car.


“But you still came down to check on me”


I ask running behind him. His workers had their eyes set on me.


“Yeah you wish” he scoffs and enters the elevator. I don’t use the elevator, I was scared of heights and the elevator going up itself was scary. I turned to use the stairs and in one pill by Adrian, I was inside the elevator.


“What do you think you are doing” I asked,fear visible in my voice. The elevator doors closed and I knew I was doomed already.


“You have Acrophobia,isn’t it cute” he says in a mocking tone


“You know the fact that you are scared of something makes me so glad, I mean if you are not scared of me at least you are scared of heights”He says and smirks.

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I fold my hands in between and stay away from him, my heart beat fastened as the elevator went up but it stops all of a sudden and I loose my balance but luckily I didn’t fall, I can’t let Adrian see that again.


“What happened?” I asked.


“Well you see the elevator’s girlfriend broke up with the elevator so it became sad and committed suicide?”


“How funny” I say and look at the buttons


“Well you asked a stupid question” Adrian replies and turns on the torchlight of his phone.


“You know Celine this has never happened before but the day you entered the elevator with me is the day something bad happened”


“Your point exactly” I asked uninterested.


“My point is anywhere you go trouble most follow you knowingly or unknowingly that’s why I gave you the name Celine Destruction Greene” He puts his phone in the ear and speaks to the mechanic.


“Yes what happened to the elevator it just stopped,be fast with it” he ends call and looks at me.


“You like ruining everything” He says and walks away from me.


“I can’t wait for this challenge to be over, so you can go back to where you came from”


I half smile and walk closer to him


“I said two days,48 hours. Its not even up to two hours yet, don’t worry about me loosing worry about the money you will spend” I say and the elevators starts working, the sudden movement made me scared and I grabbed Adrian closer for support.


I hated this, I hated the fact that Adrian saw the vulnerable side of me, I hate the fact that any time I was in trouble Adrian was there.



“You dont miss any opportunity to come closer to me Miss Greene” He mocks interrupting me from my thoughts, I release him and the elevator doors opened. I step on his feet with much force, he groans in pain and lifts his feet up.


“You… I don’t even know what to call you” He complains angrily.


“Next time you do this, I’ll break your balls” I threaten and walk out. He pulls me back.


“You better be nice to me..” He snaps his fingers and smirks.


“You would soon be gone, if you are nicer to me I would make you go in peace but if you decide to fight with me, I would make you rest in Peace” He says and walks out of the elevator.


How did my life end up like this, where did I go wrong.


Adrian’s Pov


Hours later Celine pulled that stunt, Romeo had called me to tell me what happened with Jessica.


I don’t know who is behind that incident but whoever is, she is digging her grave. I would have suspected Celine but we were together.


“Yes come in” I say after hearing a knock on the door, it was Kat.


“What do you want?” I ask not sparing her a look.


“Sir the files you asked me to crosscheck there’s an error there. The blueprints are different” She says.


“Let me see” I stretch my hands forward to look at them.


“How did this happen, I made sure the blueprints were all the same. Call the technician and tell him not to work with the blueprints sent to him”


“Okay Sir” She says and walks to the door.


I notice she touches her head before passing out on the floor.



“Now what…” I say tiredly and stand up. Celine walks in shocked to see Kat lieing on the floor.


“Adrian what did you do to her” Celine asks and pulls her up.


“Don’t just stand there help me” She yells,we help her up and get her to sit down.


She sits down and Celine runs to the toilet to get water.


Women are so dramatic.


“She’s up” Celine says excitedly.


“Congratulations” I say with much sarcasm.


“Now get out of my office, both of you” I order getting bored of the drama.


“Kat are you okay??” Celine asks.


“Am sorry sir” She apologizes and walks out.


“Must you be mean, why can’t you be nice. This is not fair” Celine says and walks out.


I really can’t wait for the two days to be over.


Kat’s Pov


Step one, get Celine’s love and care… Check.


Step two in progress.


Let’s see if you Celine Green is as crazy as people portray you to be.


“Katherine what happened to you, why did you pass out. Are you sick or what” Celine asks.


“It’s nothing” I replied avoiding Celine’s eyes.


“Don’t lie to me Kat tell me what happened” Celine urges me.


“It’s my landlord” I cried out sobbing out few sobs.


“What did your landlord do??” Celine asks.


“For the past days he refused to let me in, he gave us a silly curfew and he knows I close from work late. He’s doing it intentionally so I don’t get to make the curfew just because I refused his proposal” I said and sobbed out louder.


“Can I meet your landlord?”


Wow so easy, now I know you are really crazy Celine Greene.


“No Celine he’s gonna..”


“If your landlord meets me trust me I know what to do” Celine assures me. I try my best to hide my evil smile.


“Thank you so much Celine” I say and hug her.


“Once you close from work, we can leave” She says and reassures me again.


I smile and pick up my phone.


“I would call you once it’s time. You know what to do” I say and dip the phone back inside.


Adrian’s Pov


I walk to the garage ready to go home but first I have to drop by mother’s.


I get in my car and notice Celine entering Kat’s car. Not that it’s any of my business but I hope Kat is not dropping Celine home, last thing I want is another woman knowing where I live.


I walk to her and pull her away from the car, I didn’t wait to hear any explanation.


I grab her hand and pull her away from Kat.


“What are you doing Adrian, let go this instant” She yells at my face, I ignore her and push her inside the car putting it on child lock immediately.


I get inside and speed off leaving Kat behind.


“What the do you think you are doing, why did you have to pull me away like that” Celine yells. I was really annoyed, why does she have to be so loud.



Right now I wished she was a robot, I would shut her down immediately and give her back to the company that did her.


“SHUT UP, JUST SHUT UP..” I said not concentrating on the road.


“Adrian look at your front” Celine screams. I was able to avert the danger but she wasn’t wearing any seat belt and the quick reverse I made hurt her.


“Are you okay??” I asked looking at the bruise on her forehead, it was minor luckily.


“I can’t do this anymore, I can’t tolerate you anymore Adrian. I give up”


“Finally…” I yelled out happy with the news, finally she was leaving without stressing myself.


I don’t know what my sister did to you to make you this heartless but no matter what. No woman deserves to be treated this way”


“For the record Celine Greene, you’ve also made life unbearable for me so stop acting the victim here” I say and Celine smiles.


“The challenge is still gonna go on but I won’t make any effort in winning it because obviously I am not interested in staying with you anymore”


“Why waste your time, why not go now” I said removing the car from child lock.


“There’s a time for everything” She replies.




“Mom am here” I said and approached to hug her but she ignores me and walks closer to Celine.


“What happened to you”


“It’s nothing Ma” Celine replied and Mother passes me a suspicious look.


“Is it Adrian??”


“Mommmm” I exclaimed. She ignores me and pulls Celine to her room.


I sigh and walk to the kitchen.


“Sarah your boy is here” I yelled out announcing my presence.


Celine’s Pov


I could see how happy Mrs Vandermir was, I wonder how she was gonna feel if I told her I would soon leave Adrian.


“So how’s it, tell me. I can see both of you are getting closer” I said and I became confused.


“What do you mean closer, my plan was to change your son not get close to him”


“But you can’t tell me you haven’t developed feelings yet”


“With who.. Adrian” I laugh shortly.


“I don’t even think I can like him” I said and she smiles not believing me.


“That’s the truth Ma, in fact I came here to tell you I can’t do this anymore”


“Why??” She asks her countenance changing.


“No offense ma but your son is so stubborn and likes to be in control”


“But Celine I really need you to do this for me, I have little time left”


“What do you mean Mrs Vandermir” I said getting worried.


“It’s nothing” She says but I didn’t believe her, something was wrong.




The ride home was silent, I kept on thinking about what Mrs Vandermir said and also Kat. All thanks to Adrian I couldn’t help her.


I have to win this challenge.


“Hey we are home” Adrian yelled at my face.


“Who knew mad people think” He says and shakes his head.


I got out of the car and walked inside the building, I headed straight to the kitchen to get something to drink.


I got a glass of milk and walked out, Adrian seemed really busy with his laptop.


I spill some milk on the floor intentionally and pretend to slip and fall down.


I waited for Adrian to come help me up but I got a response instead.


“If you break your back in the process of trying to win a challenge you are still gonna lose, don’t blame me” He says.


I stand up upset, He’s really a tough one.


“Who who told you am am doing all this for a challenge. Am not crazy” He laughs out, he stops and laughs again.


“Who doesn’t know you in NYC, Crazy in Nyc” he says . I stand up and walk away upset.


I’ll win this challenge Adrian even though I have to cheat while doing it.


I walk inside my room and start screaming for help.


“ADRIAN ADRIAN PLEASEEE HELP ME, ADRIAN!!” I yelled out, my lungs ached in the process.


No sign of Adrian.


Scream louder.




A text was sent to my phone, it was from Adrian.


*CAN YOU PLEASE BREAK YOUR LEG IN THE PROCESS” I sighed and placed my hand below my face.


Adrian is mad.




“Wake up, wake up”


I heard voices and felt someone poking my face, I wake up to see Adrian poking me with a stick.


“What are you doing, please let me sleep”


“You have less than 27 hours to pack out, do you need my help in packing”


“Get out” I said and moaned softly.


“The only one getting out is you” He says and walks out.




Kat didn’t come to work today, I feel really sorry for her.


Adrian had to be a dick.


“Kat didn’t come today??” Adrian asks. He seemed upset.


“All thanks to you” I replied.


“You women are all useless, why is it when she’s needed she decides not to come.


Her paycheck is gonna pay” He says.


I roll my eyes and he looks at me in an odd manner.


“We need to go to the hotel, an important Client is waiting. You’ll have to take the documents along”


“Why ?” I asked.


“Because you are my P.A”


“It’s not like you pay me anyway”I


“Hey you eat my food without paying so don’t argue with me” He says.





While Adrian was busy talking with his Client, I stood at the edge of the swimming pool.


I really wished I could swim, I would really love to experience that.


I turned to leave the pool but someone ran past me hitting me and next thing I knew I was in the water.


Adrian’s Pov


My eyes drifted away to the pool, I stopped talking immediately and saw what was happening.


“Shit” I say and run to the pool, without thinking twice I jumped inside and carried Celine out.


“Are you okay” I asked walking out. She tries catching her breath before talking.


“Adrian Adrian you lost the challenge” She says.


“You saved me, you came to my aid Thank you”






I stood in front of the media with Celine standing beside me.


“Cmon start talking” She urges me and pokes me.


“Women are beautiful beings, they are one of the most precious creatures of God.No women should be treated like trash, I believe women should be treated like gems because they are, they are…” I stopped and looked at Celine, there was no way I am going to say this.


Because they are important to every man’s life??


I don’t need a woman in my life.


“Continue Adrian. You are not done yet and don’t forget you are still gonna donate 20 million dollars”


“Fuck you” I said really upset. Celine Greene, I wish I could choke the daylights of you.



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