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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 1

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Celine’s Pov



So I just got bailed from jail for the 5th time, I promised my sister this would be my last time but she wasn’t gonna have it, immediately we got out of the station, she got in her car and threw some dollar notes and a small bag at me.


“I don’t want to ever see you again” She yelled and drove off.


Well I don’t blame her but it’s not my fault either, how was I supposed to know that the man wearing a police uniform was a policeman, I mean.


I had no place to go.


Madam Mia had put a restraining order on me after I broke her daughter’s leg but it wasn’t my fault, I was gonna break her head not her leg. She slapped me and nobody does that to me.


I would go to my boss’s house but she fired me just because I served her customer my urine instead of apple drink, well it still isn’t my fault. The old fool slapped my ass and my boss said it was nothing, no one slaps my face or ass.

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The last option I had was Julia my sister but she’s had it already.


I was stranded, I would probably go back to the station.


I walked inside and the first person who saw me groaned in annoyance.


There was a bandage on his head and a cast on his hand.


“Celine what do you want again” He asked and I rolled my eyes dramatically.


“I have no place to stay” I said and he chuckled with fear.


“No problem” He said immediately and brought out a pen and scribbled something on the note.


“You can spend the night at this address, here’s some money for you to get buy, you can go now”


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“Oh thanks” I said and walked out of the station.




I wasn’t comfortable sleeping at the subway not because I was scared but because I felt I would put myself into more trouble, no matter where I am trouble follows me, it was something I couldn’t avoid.



I looked around and laid down, not soon after I noticed some movement, at first it seemed normal until I realized there were doing something they didn’t want anybody to know about.


Curiously I walked to a corner and hid behind a pole.


I noticed a van and the men seemed dangerous.


“We have to get this to NYC as soon as possible, Boss is getting angry” A guy said and opened one of the sacks inside the van, at first I thought it was dry leaves until white substance starts to pour out.


Is that what I think it is, I have to leave here right now.


I turned to leave but then something strucked me, anytime something hits me I end up getting in trouble but it.


I can go to New York City start a new life since nobody wants me in Brooklyn, I just have to find a way to get in that van without this fools knowing.


Adrian’s Pov


I did my buttons and watched the lady dress up,it was obvious I was angry and if the lady was close to being a smart woman she won’t make me more angry than I was.


“Adrian you are so good” She said with a fake British accent, anybody would know she was faking it.


“Your cheque is on the table” I said not showing any concern.


“You know I could give you another go for free this time around” She suggested and made a go to touch me but I was quick to stop her, if there was anything I hated it was having to the same girl twice and this one was already getting attached. I hate attachments, let’s just and forget we existed.


“Your payment is on the table” I said and walked out.


I walked passed the receptionist but turned back.


“Make sure you clean the room thoroughly and sanitize it if needed, I’ll be back by evening” I said and she nodded.



I know exactly what was going through her mind, what kind of manwhore is this.


Don’t blame me though, women and even gays would do anything just to have a night with me including this receptionist who doesn’t waste time in flaunting her boobs anytime I was around but I don’t just around, the lady I fu.cked is the daughter to a drug mafia although she lied about her father but Adrian always does his research.


I drove to my company Vandermir’s Corp, I was angry at the fact that the Chinese investors I had a business deal with canceled their deal. And it’s worth billions, I know there must be a reason behind it and am gonna find out why.


I got to my office after receiving greetings from my workers, my anger went down immediately I saw my mother sitting on the chair opposite mine.


Fuck I should have just stayed in the hotel, I know exactly why she’s here.


“Mother you are here” I said smiling and hiding my fear, Mother should be proud of herself. I don’t fear anyone except her, she has a way of making a Lion squeal,when I was younger I called her a witch,my closest friend Romeo understood why I called her that.


“Adrian you promised me you were going to come visit during the weekend, it’s been three weekends now, do you care to explain young man”


During this weekends, I was busy filling my desires with different women each day.


“I was busy mom, work got me….”


“Fucking another woman, you think I don’t know the man I gave birth to” She said and rummaged her hand bag.


“I have a new proposal for you, you would like her” She said still searching her bag.


Exactly why I didn’t want to see her. She hands me a picture of a woman, yes she was beautiful but she wasn’t Adrian beautiful. She looked short and that was a turn off for me


My type of woman must be tall 5’9, 5’10 feet, classy, extremely gorgeous, fits in parties, social friendly, not too big boobs and a moderate ass.



This one wasn’t the type I would want to spend the rest of my life with that is even if I want to spend the rest of my life with one woman when billions are dieing for a night with me.


But if am ready for commitment my woman must be perfect.


Celine’s Pov


I bought out a magazine from my bag, my sister was on the cover.


Yes she was a model and perfect at whatever she does, and really intelligent unlike me.


Julia had been the perfect one while I was just there. She’s really gorgeous and tall while I looked like I was from the trash and I was short, during our family gatherings everyone would talk about how beautiful and well kept Julia was while I was scolded for being a silly girl. There was a time my parents had asked me to dress like a maid for their guest, yes they were ashamed of me.


I didn’t receive a lot of love from my parents when they were alive, I was the negative one. I guess that’s why I was treated like I was a mistake.


I wasn’t used to receiving love, the word I love you hasn’t been said to me before not even from my own parents although they know how to sing it to Julia.


Although am really happy they treated me the way did, they taught me to be strong and hide my pain.


The van stopped and I was brought back to reality.


I hid behind one of the sac and watched the van open.


“Bring down the goods” The same guy said.


Was I in NYC already.


I coughed out and covered my mouth immediately.


“Who’s there, come out now”


I took a deep breath and jumped out of my hiding place.


“I said take me to Paris, I want to see Cinderella” I said with annoyance.


“Who’s she” He asked and I frowned.


“You don’t know me, I am the Queen of England, Queen of England” I yelled jumping around.


“How did you get in the van” He asked again and I knocked him.


“Bow before the Queen” I said and he got mad.


“I would shoot you down now” He threatened but another guy stopped him.


“I think she’s mentally ill” he suggested.


“Or she’s a spy” He said getting distracted.


“Spy??, am spider girl” I said and chuckled, immediately he faced the other guy I grabbed his gun and pointed it at him.


“I like this toy” I said faking ignorance.


“Hey drop the gun, it’s not a toy” He said, I jumped out of the van and looked around.


Yes I am in NYC , now time to run Celine


Adrian’s Pov


Few hours after my mother left, Romeo walked in. Romeo is the closest person to me after my mother, we’ve known each other for 28 years and I’ll be 29 this year. During our high school years, he was more of a player while I was the virgin boy until an incident happened and every thing in skirt made me go frenzy. Although he’s married now, the irony.


“Your mother called and she was not happy” He said sitting down. I take a deep breath and play with the pen.


“Look let’s just forget about that”


“I don’t blame her though, dude it’s been 12 years since that incident happened, you don’t wanna torture other girls because one broke….”


“I sent something to your phone to help me check on, have you done that” I asked interrupting him and changing the topic.



He smirked knowing what I did, I didn’t want to talk about my high school love life and betrayal.


“Well I did , turns out your Chinese business partners were given a better deal that made them call yours off”


“I knew that, and who’s behind that?”


“Who else??”


“Judah Deandre” I said with a growl and broke the pen.


That bastard has always been jealous of my achievement and would do anything to see me break down, I don’t know how he got to know about the Chinese investors.


“We have a mole” I said and watched Romeo nod.


Whoever was involved won’t go scotfree.


Celine’s Pov


Okay I must admit I should have thought this well before coming to New York but all the same I came here for a new beginning.


So next step find food, Gosh am starving.


I walked around in search of a restaurant, luckily there was one down the street.




“One burger please ” I said to the blonde haired dummy, am sorry I just don’t like anybody.


“That’s 30 dollars” She said handing me the bag.


“30 dollars for one burger??, what a rip off, I can’t buy this” I stated. She smiled but I knew it was a fake smile.


“Excuse me”



“I said I can’t buy this for 30 dollars, I’ll give you 5” I said and dropped five dollar notes on the counter and took a bite from the burger.


“Excuse me ma’am, you haven’t paid completely” She said but I ignored her and walked out.


“Security grab that crazy woman” She yelled and I took to my heels.




“So you bought a burger for 30 dollars and paid 5 dollars” the cop said folding his sleeves.


I rolled my eyes disappointed at myself, I can’t believe I got arrested for such a petty thing.


“The burger wasn’t even worth it” I said angrily.


“Young woman you will pay for that burger whether you like it or not” He said with a very serious demeanor.


I looked away upset.


Julia’s Pov


I feel bad for Celine, I know she’s not gonna back home even though this is our parent’s house.


She has a way of attracting trouble to herself and nobody really likes her until you get to know her very well. I know my younger sister very well and she’s a very kind hearted person and a very beautiful woman although she believes she’s the ugliest person in the whole of universe, unlike me she doesn’t need surgery and make up to be beautiful, she’s a natural.


The sound of my ring tone broke my thoughts.


“Hello” I said to the phone


“Hello Julia, I need your help” I rolled my eyes and shake my head.


“Which police station” I asked and got a shocking response.


Celine’s Pov


I woke up after hearing a voice yell my name.


“Julia” I squealed in joy and stood up to meet her.


“Your sister already paid your debt, you are free to go” The cop says and unlock the gates.


“Really Celine NYC what has come over you aren’t you even scared” Julia asked “Am in NYC, NYC should be scared of me” I said with confidence. “You really are crazy” She said and pulled me out.


“We are going back home now”


I released my hand from hers .


“No am not going anywhere with you” I said and walked away.


“Celine enter that car now and let’s leave” She said pointing at a black car.


So she bought a new car.


“Am not going anywhere” I said angrily.


“Celine you have no choice” She said and I notice a big wood lieing on the floor.


I smile and look at her.


“Watch me” I said and she becomes scared.


“Celine don’t do anything crazy” She says.


Adrian’s POV


I noticed Romeo was busy looking down the window and something had caught his attention.


“You seem busy” I said and he nodded.


“This two chics just came out of the station and the taller one is hot, danm”



“Dude you are married” I said.


“Adrian where did you park your car?” He asked and I frowned at his question but then I remembered I was so upset I didn’t park the car in driveway but outside the company opposite the police station.


“Dude this chick is bashing your car” He said but it didn’t come out well.


“What do you mean” I said and walked to the window.


Celine’s Pov


I held the wood victoriously proud of what I did to my sister’s car, I put all my anger that have been bottling inside for years in destroying the car.


“Your car is gone, now you can’t take me back home” I said.


“Celine are you crazy that’s not my car” She said and I looked at her shocked.


“You say what now” I dropped the wood immediately.


Whose car is this, I was confused. Next thing I knew was my sister pulling me away.





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