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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 8

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Episode 8


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I’m yet to get any information from the private investigator but I’m sure anytime soon.


I finished bathing and saw Stephanie lying on the bed with her thighs exposed.. i just shook the idea off and went to the closet.



Are you sleeping ?” I asks awkwardly as I continued signing the file on the table. She didn’t reply me and I glance Into the mirror to see her pressing her phone.. Why must she always be like this ?


Suddenly I felt the urge to pounce on her but I’m feeling sleepy already.


I crawled beside her on the bed and gave her a back hug .she groaned but didn’t reciprocate my touch.

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I want you !” I requested childishly as she turns to me angrily.


Did i react to your touch ?” She ask furrowing her brows.


No !” I muttered still holding her waist.


That means I’m not interested !” She said bluntly.


But I want to !!” I half yelled , she shake me off and sat on the bed.


What’s the essence of a s*x that died bring child !!” She hits me with that word..


I’m out if here !!” She hissed and dash out of the room.


Why must she hit my weak point..?


Did i choose this ??


Tears build up in my eyes as I bury my face in the pillow sorrowfully.


Real men’s don’t cry !” I muttered. But wait I’m I a real man..


Cos if truly I was ..I wouldn’t have allowed my father to put me in an unhappy marriage.



If truly I was… I wouldn’t have left the girl who gave her own dignity to me inorder to satisfy me and prove her love to me ..


Jeremy isn’t a real man..




After thinking all day about my decision of moving…


Why should I move because of him ?


I shouldn’t show that I’m interested in his showing up nor should his appearance baffle me..


” Don’t touch it !” I warned Zoe as she was trying to on the socket.


I helped her with it and turn on the TV ….then I heard my phone ringing.




Hey Nadine


I knew the voice immediately.




What’s up


I asks eagerly.




About the apartment that you enquired about , I’ve gotten a place and I’ll be there on Monday to check it she explained and I released a soft sigh.



There won’t be a need for it anymore brows.

I replied feebly , itching my



Is there something wrong ?

She asks curiously.




Umm well , I thought about it and changing of school’s and getting settled for


the new area might be difficult .you know ! I explained Hoping she would understand.



I understand..I just had to follow your request ..bye then she snorted.


That was cool !!






” Ready to sleep ?” I ask the half sleepy Zoe but she yawns as reply.


I wanted to have more fun time with her but she’s sleepy already..I don’t think I’ll be at home tommorow at all.


But I’m not sure..


I was patting her curly hair when my phone beeped, I quickly got down and picked it up.


A message from Regaz !! There’s something for me ..


I smiled happily as I went through my inbox.



Be at Mr Atlanta’s House by 7:00 am tommorow…it’s a full day job …Don’t


forget me I giggled at the last sentence.


I already got the hint there’s something coming tommorow…. A rich client..


He was the president of the Oil company but he’s truly nothing to those have rolled with.


That means Zoe would be staying with Aubrey’s all day and thankfully tommorow is her day off.


I’m so glad everything is working perfectly except for the fact that my decision of not moving still itches me ..


I’m not going to be swayed at all.



Next morning.


I woke up as early as possible so I’ll be ready by 7:00 …


There wasn’t a need for huge dressing as I just put on a red strapless gown that was just up to my thighs.


I shook my head thinking of the perfect lipstick to put on this plumpy lips of mine..


You’re staying with Sonia today !!” I squealed happily but her face says something else.


You promised amusement park today !” She whimpers , stamping her feet on the floor.


I’m so sorry darling, mom will…” I was lost of words with just the glare on her face.


Tommorow is Sunday right…we’ll have fun and go together with Sonia !” I said assurely and she nods her head.


Pinky promise !” She stretched out her pinky finger and I grin before accepting it




A lot of pinky promises that I’ve failed to do ..but that just put her at peace .


” Bye !!” I waved at them as I scurried into the car that was here to pick me.


The drive to his house wasn’t a long one , maybe because this car was damn fast .


It parked right in the house garage and I stare dazzling at the fountain water.


Why did he insisted on meeting at his house when we can easily get wild in a hotel !” I murmured as we walked through the hallways.


He was trying to save his reputation.



Hey baby !” The balded man with a milky skin said flirtly, holding up a glass of wine.


I sashayed sexily to his side , moving my hips from one side to the other.


I placed my bag on the table and sat on his thighs.


Oohhh” he groaned when I’ve just started.. I’ll make him beg on his knees.


Ride on me sweetheart !” He ordered and I shook my head while crossing my fingers on his lips .


I’ve got all day with you so why rush ?” I replied dejectedly. Pushing him backwards.


I’m all yours then .!” He smirked.


I took of my heels and traced my fingers sexily across his beards as he closed his eyes tightly..


He brought his hand down my waist and began to mould my a*s , I didn’t wanted to be quick as I held my moaning in.


I got down and he pushed me on the king sized bed ..I jerked myself over him and now I’m on top.


Just when I was about to bend to kiss him the door sprawled open..


What the heck ?!” He muttered under his breath and the next thing I knew was someone pulling my hair.


Leave me alone !!” I yelled angrily pushing her with all my might.


Oh my Gooddd!” She groaned painfully when her back hit the wall.


Who’s she ?” I ask irritatedly , straightening my rough hair !.


I’m his wife !!” She said abruptly but the stupid man kept quiet.



Get out !!!” He roared and I wait to see whom that word was meant for .


You ! You !” That was all his wife said before scurrying out of the room. I didn’t even wait for anything as I bulcked my heels and picked my bag.


I stretched my hand out for my pay but he looks at me disgustedly.


Your pay or what ? When I didn’t even get to see those perky bo*obs !” He scoffed and I smiled as he didn’t Know whom he was involved with.


If I don’t get my pay within closing and opening my eyes , you’ll regret ever asking for me !” I threatened as I dip my hand into my bag.


Ready to call someone higher in position than he was .. I’ll show him what’s it to be Crazy !!


Here !!” He said plainly and hand me a envelope. I checked it and smiled, I moved closer to him.


Let’s not meet again !” I warned patting his hair and I scurried out of the scene. Foolish man ..


My sweetheart wish has Finally been fulfilled.. I took a taxi headed to Aubrey’s house ..

Mommy !!” She squealed and run towards me ..


Why are you back now ?” Aubrey asks curiously.


Something happened !” I replied feebly .


We’ll be going to Amusement park !” I squealed happily as the kids jump around.



I’m glad I could fulfil my wish..






We were walking to the game shop after riding the roller coaster, we were jumping all the way to the shop.


The happiness on my darling’s face could light up the whole paradise especially being with her best friend.


” I want that !” She pointed to a young girl around her age licking ice cream.


I rolled my eyes angrily at her as I disliked what she did just now .and I’ve been warning her of it.


Only Sonia would get an ice cream , cos I’ve told you several times to stop being greedy or wanting what others have !!” I grin evilly.


I’m so sorry Mommy , I won’t do it again !” She promised with tears almost streaming down as Sonia face wasn’t happy too.


Okay I’ both stay here !” I warned them and went to the nearest ice cream shop.






Stephanie insisted on following her to the grocery store and as I didn’t want to be the source of our misunderstanding today ..I accepted.


But something I would never do is to follow her into a grocery store at an amusement park , where there’s thousands of people walking around.


The car was getting too stuffy and I got down to have some fresh air .


I just have a glance at two young girl’s playing with a question box puzzle..


The girl with the long and curly hair ran after the box that has rolled to the road.


I smiled at how quick she grabbed it .. she’s sharp !


Just as she was about turning away, those silly motorcycle riders was running over


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Fear gripped me as I quickly ran over to her to save her and thank God I was quick, else it would have been something else.


I bent to help her stand up and I heard my name..


Jeremy !” It was Stephanie and I turned to answer her .


What were you doing ?” She asks raringly as I turned to show her what I was doing.


But the small girl has vanished into thin air like a smoke hair..


I looked around but couldn’t see a trace of her ..




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