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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 5

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Episode 5


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Nadine’s Pov:


I walked into my apartment sluggishly as I head upstairs to Zoe’s room.


She was fast asleep. I covered her properly with the duvet and pecked her forehead before seating down beside her.


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My sweet little baby. She looks so much like him and fragile too. I stared at her remembering that night.


The night that my dreams were shattered. Tears spilled from my eyes as I as I thought of how he cheated on me.


“I really did love you, I hope you can forgive me” he had said


Does one just fall out of love?


How can one forgive something like that? I cleaned my tears and brushed the hair from Zoe’s face.


She has been asking me about her father


“Mommy?” She had said one evening when I picked her from school “Yes darling”


“Where’s my daddy? Friends laughs at me that I don’t have a father” I was so hurt then, that I felt like crying. I put on a fake smile and told her to go get her assignments.


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I mean how do you tell your six years old daughter that daddy’s gone? That he doesn’t even know about you?


She doesn’t deserve to call someone like Jeremy her father


I made myself a promise that I’ll make sure she doesn’t lack anything or end up where I am today.



I’ll be the strongest mom she’ll ever know and will be there whenever she needs love, no matter my busy schedule, I’ll always try to make time for her.


I got up and went to my room, took a long hot shower and went to bed.


The next day…..


I was going through the kitchen that morning and realized that my pantry is now empty.


I dressed Zoe up and dropped her in school before going to the grocery store.


“Hi Aubrey” I greeted the store manager, she’s also has a daughter who’s, Zoe’s mate. They usually do sleep overs.


“Hey Nadine, haven’t seen you for some days. How’s my angel?”


She’s fine, how’s Sonia?”


Good, she’s in school” I smiled and went to the shelves after that, making sure I picked stuffs that Zoe loves.


I paid for the things and pushed the cart to my car. I put the stuff in the trunk and was about returning the cart when I saw a car passing by.


The tinted glass were rolled down so I could see the person in it My eyes widened as I realize I’m actually seeing him, Jeremy.


Jeremy’s pov



I went to the bedroom and found Stephanie already in bed, lying on her side. I walked towards her”Baby I’m sorry for how I reacted this evening, I was alittle bit harsh on you”


She glanced at me ” It’s okay”


” So we’re good?”


“Yeah” I tried kissing her but she pushed me away ” Jeremy… I’m really tired today”


I sighed, got up and went to my side. My mind drifted to Nadine.



How can I find her in this town? And will she be happy to see me? After staying awake for a long time, I finally fell into a restless sleep.


Next day…..


I woke up to an empty bed, that’s new. Stephanie is a type of woman that sleeps till ten in the morning before getting up, so you can imagine how surprised I am right now.


I got up and went to the use the bathroom.


After using the bathroom, I went downstairs and perceived a nice aroma. My tummy grumbled, I realized that I didn’t eat last night.


I saw Stephanie in the dinning room eating breakfast. “Morning husband” she greeted taking a huge bite from a chicken.


I swallowed and looked around but couldn’t see any other dish on the table. “What of my breakfast?” I asked her

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“Why? Do I look like your cook? I made dinner for you last night go and eat that one. It’s on the counter”


I blinked, stunned. ” Are we still on that today? Thought we’ve settled that yesterday”


She shrugged but didn’t reply. With anger, I left her there and went to the bedroom to dress up. She started behaving this way after we got married.


At times, it’ll look like we’re in good terms but then something happens and we starts fighting.


I went out and asked my driver to take me to a restaurant. I rolled down my glass to get some air and was enjoying the view when I saw her, Nadine. “Stop the car, now!” I shouted at the driver.


I got down from the car and went towards the direction where she was but couldn’t find her. I frowned.


Am I seeing things? I’m sure I saw someone that looks like her… it’s Nadine,


I’ll be able to recognize her anywhere, no matter the age difference.


Immediately, I started searching around, hoping I’d find her. Even though it’s just


once, I’ll be grateful…..






To be continued

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