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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 26

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Episode 26


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I was shaking badly after which I received the strange call.


What’s happening? And who could be threatening my life this way?


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I shook my head as tears came down in a rush. I stared at Zoe on her bed and that moment,I knew I couldn’t leave her all alone in the room. I was suddenly just too terrified.


I slid into the covers with her and lay down beside her, watching her face….and all


I could see was Jeremy…


Above all that happened, I couldn’t take my mind off the scene at the place of crime.


The love that boiled between father and daughter.


Thinking about it now… It actually brought tears into my eyes.


Gosh…..I wasn’t planning to feel do emotional.


What happened?


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Am I still in love with you Jeremy?


No…I shook my head. I’m feeling this way all because of my daughter,Zoe.


I shouldn’t be feeling this way at all. I should be thinking of leaving this country entirely with my baby.


I thought about this all night.. I couldn’t sleep a wink.


Some minutes into midnight, I fell into an uneasy sleep, clutching my baby girl tightly to myself.






“Scorpion… How is it? Have you investigated what I asked you to? ” I said into the phone as quiet as I can.


I was in the compound, standing in the garden at dusk.


I couldn’t wait to get my hands on that bitch who has turned Jeremy against me.



Yes, madam. I have the full details here with me. I will send them once in the morning. ” Scorpion replied from the other side.


Without another word, I cut the line and smiled evilly to myself.


I wanna see the look on that bitch’s face by the time I lay my relentless hands on her.


Something came into my mind with the speed of life.


Am I not being an idiot for letting Jeremy move about so free and easy?


Goodness.. that guy knows my secret!


What if he decides to hand me over to the police?


If he he’s calling them right now?


No! With the speed of light, I hurried back into the house with great ease so I don’t wake him up.


He didn’t sleep in our bedroom. Last night after yelling at me, he vowed never to share the same bed with me



I got into my bedroom and pulled out a long rope from my closet with a spray,then headed to the guest room.


I got in front of the first guest room and turned the doorknob.


Luckily, it slipped open.


That meant he didn’t lock the door.


I smiled at that….now, I can do whatever I want with him.


I stopped to check my heart.


Do I even love this disgusting man a bit?




I only married this mother fu.cker for his money.


Who the hell cares!


I slipped into the room and as expected, he was sleeping.


I did not bother to put on the light cos it might wake him up.


I began pressing the spray around the room as it spreads all over.


That spray was to make him fall into a deep sleep till I’m done with him.


I felt this impulse to kill him and be done but on a second thought I kicked against it.


He will die so slowly in my hands!


After using the spray, i started moving towards his bed ever so gently.






I was alarmed when I woke up the next morning and found myself… Tied up with the bed frames.


“What’s happening here!” I shouted, trying to kick myself up but it was pointless….


I am so much tied down on this bed.


Both of my sides were tied on the two sides of the bedframe a little above my head while my legs were in the same position with my hands.


To my horror, Stephanie came into the room…. Holding a gun.


I gasped…. Unable to believe she could do this to me, her husband.


“Stephanie.. why?” I whispered so hurt in the spirit.


She bursted put laughing as she walked closer to me. “Why? Jeremy, you dare ask me why from that impotent mouth of yours? Okay I will tell you the fu.cking why!


You think I’m a fool? You think I’m not gonna take action before you turn me in to the police? Huh… Darling… I’m sorry I just got smarter than you. That’s what happened to! ” She said to me standing at the foot of the bed and glaring at me, disdainfully.


I couldn’t believe it. How did I slept off this much? How the hell didn’t I woke up when she was doing this! “Stephanie, you are getting this all wrong! I wasn’t gonna turn you in to the police.. I was giving you time to change! ” I said and she laughed out loud again and kissed the gun in her hand.


I was shaking so badly… She could shoot me anything… Any fu.cking time!


“Don’t worry dear darling husband. You can give me time to change after I’m done with your little daughter and her prostitute of a mother.” Stephanie said as my body went still.


What’s she talking about…? Who is a prostitute?



I glared hard at her, suddenly less afraid of the gun. “How dare you call her a prostitute!” I thundered.


“Yeah… Become that is what she is. I’ve investigated her profession… She’s a low life whore! Want proof? I will show you one! ”


Stephanie laughed and brought out her cellphone then raised it up for me to see a picture.


It stabbed me terribly in the heart.


No! That’s not my Nadine! She can’t be a….?


No… This is a prank. Stephanie must be pulling a prank just to make me hate her!





He still looked doubtful and I laughed again.


“Don’t worry, husband. You are gonna be forced to believe me by the time I’m done with my plan.


She’s gonna walk into this house…. on her own.


The plan is to make her believe SHE’S coming to meet a client.


I’m pretty sure she doesn’t know this is your house yet.


Just wait and see… she’s gonna come.


And when that happens… I shall kill you both then and make your precious daughter homeless! ” I said and laughed again before leaving the room.



I called Scorpion once I got inside the living room. Scorpion there is no time to waste! Have you made the call? ” I said into the receiver once he was connected.


I’m about to madam. Do I give her the address Immediately? ” He asked.



Yes, Scorpion! That’s the plan. Give her the address of my house and make her believe she’s coming to meet a client. No mistakes, Scorpion else there is no dime for you. ” I threatened before ending the call.


I smiled to myself again. Oh Stephanie… aren’t you so smart! I laughed again.






I was still contemplating that early morning to call in sick for Zoe at school or dress her up for school instead when the call came through.


I looked at my phone’s screen. It was an unknown number.


The last thing on my mind right now is to get involved with a client but I found myself picking up the call.



Who’s this? ” I asked carefully, hoping it wasn’t another threat Cal.



Hello, beautiful. Am I speaking with Nadine? ” A cool voice said from other line.


This must be a client. I stared down at Zoe who was still sleeping soundly on her bed and walked out of the room.


Yes. Who am I speaking with please? ‘ I asked.



Well, I’m just back into the city from a long trip to Hong Kong and need some massaging from a beautiful expert and you were recommended. Actually I’m senator Collins. Can I meet you.. this morning? ” The voice said coolly over the phone.


I opened my mouth to object…. To say no… I’m not gonna make it but I found myself , nodding. Okay…. Send me your address and I will be there. ” I said and

cut the call after saying a short goodbye.


I stared into space. Am I being a good mother to my daughter or am I selfish?


I couldn’t turn down a client’s offer… Even in this critical time!


I decided I would take Zoe along and leave her in the car while I quickly attend to my client.


That’s just the best thing to do. I can’t afford to go without my daughter and find her missing again.


Just then my phone buzzed and there it was… The address.




“Mummy, where are we going to?” Zoe asked in her little voice as we headed straight for my car.


I smiled at her. “Mommy is just gonna get something done and take you out okay?” I said and smoothed my palm on her pretty long hair.


She looked exited and hugged me. I hugged her back, trying to fight the tears that threatened to fall out.


I put her in the passenger’s seat before going round to take the driver’s seat.


I started the car engine and drove into the road.




I finally located the address and parked my car at the parking lot of the compound.


It was a nice house though and I hoped to get something good from this senator Collins of a guy.


I turned to face Zoe who was busy with the candies I got for her on our way. “Stay here and eat your candies okay? I will be back in a jiffy.” I smiled at her as she nodded, then headed straight to the main building.



I was feeling a little uneasy leaving Zoe in the car but I promised myself I wouldn’t take long at all.


I checked out my impressive outfit again pressed the doorbell and when there was no response, I called the number from this morning.



I’m outside your door.”.I said romantically.



Oh, you are so fast my dear. Come inside. It’s opened. Come straight up and make use of the first day by your left ” He said from the other line.


I pushed the door opened and went in. The house was big and beautiful. I started making up the stairs, following the directions.


I finally got in front of a brown heavy door and pushed it open then stepped in, ready for business.


I froze up immediately I got in.


No…..what it’s happening here!?





My heart fell when Nadine came in. Fast hurting tears rushed down my face.


Stephanie wasn’t lying at all. Staring at Nadine’s confused expression,I couldn’t held but regret badly over the decision I took five years ago.


“It’s true? You are a…?”


“How dare you play a truck on me! What am I doing in your house!” She yelled at me.


” Look at me! I’m tied up!” I yelled back.


” Tied up?” She mumbled, looking at me.


“Why do you have to be here? Does it have to be true? Now,we are in trouble!” I


yelled again in




Nadine’s eyes because anxious…..scared as she turned to run out of the room but


looking up I saw StephaniIe already at the door….. holding her gun.


Nadine gasped sharply and ran to my side. “Please..don’t kill me….don’t kill us!


What do you want?” She cried.


I couldn’t help but smile…. she wouldn’t let Stephanie kill me?


“Keep your bloody mouth shut and go on your knees!” Stephanie barked at her.


Stephanie.. please…don’t do this. You have a good heart…” I tried saying.


Keep the hell shut or I’m gonna blow up her fu.cking head!” She shouted at me. I bowed my head…so full of regret as I heard Nadine mumbling…my baby! Stephanie sat on a chair, facing us,a wicked grin on her face.


“Let’s strike a deal.” She said smiling.


Nadine was restless… so restless as she kept baby!


I gasped silently, becoming as restless too. Where is my little princess? Where did she keep her? And with who?





I yawned again feeling sleeping already in the car.


It’s been almost two hours and mom is yet to be out.


She had told me she wouldn’t take long! And I’m damn so hungry.


I couldn’t wait any longer in the car,so I opened the car door and jumped down from the car.


I looked around. Whose compound is this? I started walking towards where mom took and slowly entered the house.


The door was open.


I was gonna call out mom’s name when I heard a cry.


I gasped, shaking immediately. That’s my mummy’s voice!


I wanted to scream out her name but I was scared now!


What’s happening? Slowly,I made for the stairs with my little feet.


I tried hard not to make a sound. I got up and heard mom crying from a room with a slightly opened door.


I heard dad’s voice too… begging.


And a woman shouting at them.


My heart stared beating so fast as I made to peep in.


When I did,I covered my hands with my mouth.


My daddy is tied up!.mom is kneeling beside him! And the woman is holding a gun!


Oh no… mummy and daddy are in trouble!!


What do I do….how do I save them!


I’m just a child! Suddenly,I remembered mummy has a telephone in her car….can I


do this?






Can little Zoe save her parents??

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