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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 25

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Episode 25


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The question kept ringing on my mind


” Do you know whose responisble ” the officer kept asking


No i don’t suspect anyone …..But if i do I’ll let you know rigth away i said to the


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police man as we shaked hands and he left


I entered my car and started driving home …. I didn’t have solid proof against


stephanie that’s why i didn’t mention her name … I wanted so much evidesnce agaisnt her that she rots in jail , i hate her so much for what she did to my daughter


Nadine’s POV


We finally arrived home but Zoe was fast asleep , she was exhusted


I carresed her hair as i felt giulty on what i said ealier


You are bad luck to both me and my daugther ” i remembered those words i said to jeremy


He risked his life for her …. I paused for a minute as couldn’t believe what i was


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That’s jeremy I’m feeling pity for …. The man that broke me … No no i can’t ever


feel pity for him … He still needs to suffer …. And he must stay away from my daugther and i , i cant afford losing my Zoe to that bad luck of a jeremy i muttered with so much anger as i came down from the car and carried zoe in my arms


Ma’am you are back … The nanny said as she helped me with Zoe


Ma’am what happened she asked


Nothing its a long story , just make sure she takes her bath ok i said as she nodded taking zoe away


Meanwhile ….



Stephanie POV



What how come !?! Stephanie paced up and down feeling worried as she found out her plan backfired


Its all my fault , jeremy found my phone and figured out everything


How can i be so careless , what if he rats me out to the police and i get arressted , no no i can’t end up like that i kept thinking as i saw jeremy pack his car in the gaurage


Oh thank god, he didn’t rat me out and he claims he hate me what a fool i thougth as he walkled into th bed room


Oh baby … I missed you , where were you all day i asked as i placed my hands on his shoulder carressing his hair romanticly


He qiuckly pushed me away as i fell on the bed , i smiled seductivley as he stared


You bitch , if you ever lay your hands on me I’ll make sure i cut them off and kill you …


you think i don’t know what you did or that you are responsible for what happened to my daughter he said angrily



Oh please spare me !!! I yelled at him as he kept mute … You are my husband and I’m your wife so Nadine and Zoe are nothing to us , so you better forget them or else i warned


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You dare not … !! I said You dare not lay a finger on them or else I’ll make sure you suffer severely jeremy said pointing his index finger at me as he walked out leaving me alone


Jeremy !!!


Jeremy!!! I yelled his name but he left without a word


Arrgh ” that Nadine I’ll make sure she pays , jeremy is having the guts to threaten me


Nadine just dug her grave i thought as i picked my phone



Nadine’s POV


I entered my Zoe’s room with a glass of milk


She hasnt eaten anything atleast let she take this , she would feel much better i thought as i sat beside her


Mommy she muttered half asleep


Yes baby im here i said carressing her hair


Please forgive daddy , he saved me , he’s innocent she said still half asleep


I carresed her hair with no words , what do i tell her i thought as i kissed her forehead


Baby please wake up and take your milk , i made it the way you like it , i said as she sluggishly got up and drank her milk



I sang her some lullaby as soon she was done with the milk and she was fast alseep again


I left her room without making a sound as i received a phone call from an unkown number


I tried ignoring it but it just came ringing again



Hello i answered



So your happy



Who’s this i asked



Thats not important



Just know that you aren’t safe yet



Who the hell are you and whats with the threat i asked


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I’m your worst nightmare , dream about me ok the unknown person said



You motherfu.cker !!! If you are bold enough show yourself i warned



Hahahahahaha the unkonwn person laughed as he cut the call on me


Damn i don’t think I’m safe and my daughther not again , no i need to do something


anf fast ….



To be continuned

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