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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 24

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Episode 24


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I was crying when i saw a piece of paper lying on the ground. Jeremy must have left it when he left in a hurry. I picked it up.


“Abandoned warehouse, near De Lucas hotel ” i muttered while reading it.

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I know this place, it’s a creepy place and mostly a hideout for criminals. Would it be that Zoe was kidnapped and the kidnappers called and Jeremy refused to tell me.


“Geez! No wonder he said “I’m gonna find my daughter ” if that’s true, i would definitely kill Jeremy ” I yelled furiously.


Without a second thought I immediately called the police and informed them.


I picked up my car keys and went to the driveway. I entered the car and started driving.


“I just hope Zoe is fine ” i cried bitterly while holding the steering wheel.


“Jeremy is so dead “I yelled to no one in particular.


I arrived at the place hearing gunshots. The police were already there. I kept praying that my baby is fine.


I exited the car but i was stopped by some officers.

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“Ma’am, this is a crime scene, you aren’t allowed to go in there ” He said politely.


“I was the one that called, my daughter is in there ” I said while wiping my tears .


“please let me go ” I wept.



The gunshots stopped all of a sudden. I then pushed the officer and ran into the warehouse.


There were dead bodies all over, i saw Jeremy hugging Zoe. She saw me and got out of his grip and rushed to hug me.


“Mommy!!” She yelled with her tiny little voice.


“I’m sorry Zoe, mommy would never leave you again, i promise ” I sniffed and hugged her tightly.


“Mommy, where are you crying? I’m fine ” She said and wiped my tears.


“It’s tears of joy sweetie ” I said and hugged her again.


Jeremy reached our place holding his arm, looks like its broken. His eyes were facing the ground. I stood up and gave him a dirty slap.


“How dare you lie to me? You wanna take away my only source of happiness ” I shouted at him.


“Nadine, please listen to me.. I interrupted him with a slap again.


“Stay away from us, we are living peacefully until you showed up. You are nothing but bad luck. What if something happened to her? I yelled at him.


“But mummy… ”


“Shut up young lady ” I interrupted Zoe.


” Don’t you ever show your filthy face near us ” I yelled.


I took Zoe’s hand but to my surprise, she jerked her hand from mine and rushed to Jeremy.


“Come back here ” I shouted at her.



“Mommy, this isn’t you. My mom doesn’t shout at me ” She cried.


“Had it been I didn’t see that piece of paper and called the police, what do you think would have happened. This man is nothing but bad luck to us ” I said calmly.


“Mom, it wasn’t his fault, he was trying to save me “She argued.


“Are you now satisfied that you turned my daughter against me? ” I yelled at him but he ignored me.


He then squatted to Zoe’s height and cupped her cheeks.


“Zoe, stop being rude to mommy, that’s a bad attitude “He said to her calmly.


“But daddy… ” He interrupted her immediately.


“Sshh, no matter what don’t argue with mommy, she’s always right. Okay? ” She then nodded.


“OK, now you should apologize to mommy ” He muttered.


“I’m sorry mommy ” She said while bowing her head down.


“Good girl, i promise to buy your favorite ice cream ” He kissed her forehead.


“Yay! Thanks daddy ” She squealed happily and hugged him.


I’m now feeling guilty. This is the cutest thing ever. He’s being a good father but him near us means more danger to Zoe’s life and i can’t risk that. I was even threatened because of him.


“Now go with mommy “He smiled and i rolled my eyes.


Zoe rushed to me. I took her hand and walked away without sparing him a glance.


The paramedics entered the building.


“Ma’am ” an officer stopped me.


“Yes officer ” I replied.


“Just be rest assured, we would investigate this Matter and get back to you. Whoever is behind this would face the law” The officer assured me and smiled at Zoe.


Thank you officer, i would be available for any questions ” I added. We got into the car and drove out of the place.




More Stories @ (TOPSTER STORIES)

Thank God the police came in time, if not I would have lost my daughter. I blame myself for everything. I can’t believe Stephanie would stoop so low. She will regret ever trying to hurt my family. I’m sorry Nadine.


“Sir, I’m here to ask you some questions ” an officer said jerking me out of my thoughts.


“Yes, go on officer ” I replied politely.


“Do you suspect anyone behind the kidnapping ” The officer asked the million dollar question.



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