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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 22

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Episode 22


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The ice cream I bought fell from my hand when I saw no signs of Zoe


I was dumbfounded when I didn’t find Zoe … first I thought she was tricking me


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I called out her name but she was no where to be found …..


I became a mad man on a spot ….I couldn’t think straight …. Nadine is gonna kill


me if I don’t find Zoe


Nadine tried to keep Zoe from me and now that I finally have her she’s no where to be found


I drove to the police station to report the case of a missing child …I gave her picture to the search team to look for her …


The news spread like wild fire and soon everyone was on the look for my only daughter .


I couldn’t go home ,I sat in my car thinking of what to do …


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Stephanie’s calls kept disturbing me but I ignored it completely ….My last hope of


being a father is missing …


Ever since Nadine allowed me to play my part in Zoe’s life I became a better man


….I was no longer depressed …..


“Zoe is my life “I screamed out of frustration ….


I went to Nadine’s house …..


I knocked in fear thinking she would be home but I was told by the Nanny that she travelled …


The news was broadcasted and most Television station and social media had Zoe’s picture


I have to find my daughter …..






I wasn’t willing to let Jeremy have Zoe but I wanted the best for my princess …..


I came out of the bathroom in the hotel where I lodged …..


I opened my phone to check my Whatsapp messages ….


Just then a call came in …..A private number!!


I picked the call and a voice came from the caller



Hello I said the moment the conversation started …



Stay away from Jeremy the voice warned sternly



What ….I don’t understand what you are saying



You would understand soon the caller said and the call ended …..


“Jeremy”I screamed in anger ….


“That fool is making someone threaten me ” I said loudly to my self …..


“I hope my Zoe is fine ” I said hopefully …


I decided to switch on the TV to see the news tonight ….


I checked the headline …..


“Six year old girl missing”


“Six years I hope it is not what I am thinking “…..


The worst happened when I opened Facebook …..


Zoe’s picture was the speak of the day ….she was tagged missing ….


“No no no “I shouted …..


“My princess “I shouted again ….


My heart skipped a beat and again so hard


I called Jeremy immediately …..



Jeremy where is Zoe I asked the moment he answered my call



Nadine calm down he said over the phone



You mother fu.cker ….you are asking me to calm down



Nadine Zoe will be found



At first you left me years ago ….I lost everything now my only hope my


princess ….the only family I have is missing I shouted this time …



I ended the call ….. “Zoe Zoe ” I called out her name admist tears ….. I slumped …..








Jeremy thinks he can fool me ….I can’t believe the impotent idiot has a daughter ….


Nadine or whatever she is called will regret for stepping my toes ….I picked my


phone to call scorpion I hope he completes my job …



Scorpion do you have the girl



Yes I do she is right here with me



Keep her safe till tomorrow



Okay I will



Don’t forget to send me the address


The call ended ….


Jeremy must be going crazy right now …my plans worked perfectly ….





The unknown men carried me into a car and they drove off to an unknown




They finally opened my eyes when I realised we were in an old building that


looked horrible and dirty ….


I couldn’t hold it back ….I started crying ..


“Mum mummy where are you??” I screamed with all my power….

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One of them who looked huge and ugly came and he plastered my phone ….I


couldn’t talk so I kept calm…..


I prayed silently In my heart to God to rescue me ….



Back to Jeremy


I decided to go home and take a shower….. Nadine wouldn’t be okay right now …I


can’t even locate her hotel ….


I entered the house and as usual Stephanie was waiting for me …


“Where have you been Jeremy”she asked the moment I climbed the stairs …..


I didn’t reply her ….I went upstairs and I had shower …..


I went back downstairs and I drank a little bit of whiskey …..


I went back to the room …I wanted to dress and leave the house when a message buzzed from Stephanie’s phone ….I opened it and I saw the greatest shock of my life







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