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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 20

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Episode 20


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Nadine’s Pov



Two simple words were uttered yet they carried some much importance, my brain immediately started to consider the possibility that this what a huge mistake. Jeremy is two times richer than me as of now, not to mention he has alot of connection with people in very high places. I mean what if he decides to fight for full custody on the basis that I hide her away from him, it could be very plausible and extremely true. Jeremy is a selfish bastard who only thinks of himself so it’s very possible. On the other hand, he might just be a desperate father wanting to see his kid and I’ll just be a crazy baby mama putting herself before the needs of her daughter. Two possibility with very high risk. Can I really take that risk with Zoe?.


“Nadine!” I gasped in shock, I totally forgot I called him. I cleared my throat gulping.

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“Is there something wrong?” His voice came out at the other end.


“You want to be in Zoe’s life, meet me a restaurant of your choice, make it somewhere public , I’ll see you tomorrow.” I hung up immediately, exhaling.


“Please, show me a sign that this isn’t a mistake, I can’t loose Zoe.” I sobbed lightly, proceeding to check on her in the room.


She was sleeping like an angel, shifting at intervals. I gulped hard as she mumbled incoherent worrs. Moving closer, I realised she was calling out to her “Daddy”.


“Oh Zoe.” I sniffled, tears were streaming down my cheeks at this moment.


“Don’t worry, Mommy will make everything better.” I touched cheeks, covered her up properly and walked out of her room. That was all the conviction I needed, Jeremy would be in her life but I’ll do in such a way that he can’t be in mine and he can never take her away from me.





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My phone beeped lightly, a text came through from Jeremy giving me the location he wanted us to mert. Zoe was ready for school smiling and giggling.


“You’re awfully happy.” I pecked her cheeks lightly, she giggled again.



“Of course mommy, I’m going to see my Daddy sometime soon.” Her eyes twinkled with anticipation, I sighed and caressed her hair.


“Come on now, let’s get you to school.”


“Okay Mommy.” She got her bag and other things and she was ready.






I dropped Zoe off at school, gave the teacher another stern warning not to let anyone get her, even if that person was the president of the U.S. I finally texted Jeremy that I was on my way to meet him.


“Zero emotions.” I whispered to myself, on my way to the place.


The place he picked was close to a restaurant. Usually, there would be a lot of people present. I asked for a public place because I knew Jeremy would be well behaved if others were around us. I used my eyes to aid in my search but it proved futile. He was no where in sight. I picked up my phone and punched his numbers in. After a few rings, he finally picked up.


Where are you? I asked.



Keep walking to the resturant.



But there’s no one in there.



Just come in Nadine. I grunted in frustration.



For Zoe.” I reminded myself. I clicked the door of the restaurant open and and I suspected there was no one there.


“Jeremy has to be the biggest idiot to play tricks on me when it comes to Zoe.” I spun around planning to leave when he appeared from behind.


“Oh shit.” My bag slipped from my grip in shock and I glared at him.


“I asked for a public place Jeremy, where in heaven’s name is everyone.” I picked up my bag.


“Well this is a public place, you said public. You didn’t say filled with people.”


“You have gat to be kidding me, tell me you didn’t clear this place out.”


“Okay, I won’t tell you.” He grinned, directing me to a seat.


“Do you have to be so arrogant, prove to everyone that you’re rich.”


“I didn’t do it to prove anything, I did it because I want to talk to you. Alone.” He added, we sat across from each other.


“Alright then, I’ll get right down to business.” His gaze was on me making me a little uncomfortable.


“Firstly, in exchange for being in her life you promise never to try and get full custody of her from me. Ever.” I emphasized.


“You think I would do that?”


“Yes Jeremy” I responded with a roll of my eyes.


“You get to see her when you want but you have to give me a heads-up first.” He nodded with a smile.


“If you want sleep overs with Zoe, it’ll be done at my house. I bet whomever that woman is would like a strange girl staying at her place. Don’t worry, I’ll be away so don’t worry about me causing a disturbance.”


“And lastly….” I added before he could react.


“I want you to remember something Jeremy, I’m doing this for Zoe. For her to feel a father’s love, I want to make it clear to you that the two of us have no business



with each other, I’m putting up with you for Zoe’s sake alone and for nothing else.” I said every word with as much emphasis needed. I’ve said everything that needs to be said, I’ll leave now.


I haven’t told the teacher you’re allowed to pick her up yet. You can start tomorrow.” He was still seating down.


“Nadine…” He called out softly, I tried not to turn back. Every instinct inside of me told me to walk out, get into my car and drive off . Instead, I turned to his direction and he stood up.


” I screwed up badly, I know…..” He trailed off ruffling his hair.


“I made mistakes and I was punished for it. I feel this is a way of making up for it. I want a real family, not just this. It’s a lot to ask but I want the three of us to be together ,Me, You and Zoe, Nadine please.” He begged, holding my hand. I shoved them away, tears threatening to spill.


“You should’ve thought of that before you cheated and broke me!” I yelled in his


face and ran out of the restaurant. I got to my car trying to calm myself down…….




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