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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 2

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Episode 2

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Nadine’s Pov:

I opened my mouth in shock as my breath began to waver. A tear came dropping from my eye.

“Jeremy?” I called in a voice that resounded with pain and weakness.

They had already disengaged and were both staring at me, dumbfounded.

“Na…Nadine?” Jeremy also called, doubly shocked.

His eyes were almost bulging out of his sockets.

Oh God! No;

This can’t be. It can’t be happening.

This is not Jeremy.

I shook my head as more tears came running down. This can’t be true.

I turned around and ran away immediately.

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“Nadine!!” I heard him call after me.

I ran out of the house, out of the gate; my vision got blinded by my tears and as a result, I tripped and fell on the floor.

I remained on the floor and cried like a baby. How can this be true?

Jeremy was cheating on me? But why? He told me he loved me;

I had sworn to keep my v*rginity till the day I’d get married, but because of him, I broke that promise and let him have it even before we’d marry. How could he betray me like this?


More tears poured from my eyes as I wept bitterly.

“Jeremy” I whimpered his name.

How did I fall so hard for him? Was it a result of his cute face? And his charming looks? But he had really been so convincing. He was so sweet. He swore with his life that he loved me. How could he do this to me?

I struggled to stand on my feet and was about walking away when the gate behind me opened and I turned to see him running out, looking frustrated.

He paused the moment he spotted me.

More tears came rushing down as I stared at him.

“Nadine” he called tenderly and came towards me.

His pretty eyes alone made me recall all our sweet moments; how we had so much fun and how he made me feel special.

He’d carry me on his back and run around the park with me. He’d send flowers to me every weekend and treat me out for dinner on Sundays.

We were so perfect.

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What the hell happened?

I watched blearily as he drew close and stood in front of me.

“I’m sorry” he muttered and I slapped him.

“You lied to me” I said with so much regrets.

“You told me you wouldn’t be at home. I had no idea you were busy with one of your whores”.

He folded his lips and looked down at my floor for a while.

“I never wanted to hurt you” he said, not looking at him.

“But you f**king did!” I cried and pushed him.

“Is this the reason you’ve been avoiding me? Talk to me, Jeremy. Have you found someone that you also wanna lie to about loving for the rest of your life?”

“My father wants me to get married to her” he broke the bombshell and I felt my heart skip.


“He…He said its beneficiary to the company and the family and you know my father, I can’t disobey him. I have to do as he says”.

I scoffed and moved backwards.

No; this is a dream.

“You…You’re joking right?” I asked, fear echoing in my voice.

“I’m sorry, Nadine. My father has already made preparations and I’ll be leaving the country with her tomorrow” he said with his eyes on the floor.

My heart skipped as I listen to him. I felt like slumping.


“You…You were going to leave without telling me?” I asked, weakly, wishing the whole thing was a prank.

“I..I wanted to. I was still looking for the right time. I didn’t want to hurt you, Nadine. I’m so Sorry”. He said

I turned around and backed him, releasing more tears.

I sank my fingers into my hair and wept bitterly. This can’t be happening.


“Nadine” he called and tried to touch me.

“Get off me!” I screamed as I turned and slapped him in hot tears.

“You animal!!” I winced.

“You’re nothing but a double crossing bastard!! You used me! How could you??

How could you, Jeremy? How?

“I gave you my dignity, you promised you were never gonna leave me, but what did you do? What?? I’m asking you, Jeremy, what??”

I fell on my knees and cried like I’ve never had to in a long time.

This was worst than betrayal. It was worst than heartbreak.

He squatted in front of me and tried holding me. I looked into his face and saw tears streaming down .

“I hate you!!” I cried and pushed him away, almost making him fall on his back.

“I hate you, Jeremy! I hate you” I whimpered pathetically.

He wiped his face and stood up.

“I’m sorry, Nadine. I really did love you. And I hope you can forgive me” he said and walked away.

I saw him walking away and plainted. I felt a sharp pain in my chest.

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That was the moment everything became clear to me – the cycle my life had taken.

Everything became clear to me.

He didn’t even give me an opportunity to tell him the news – the reason I had come over to see him that morning.

I couldn’t tell him about it – the baby. I couldn’t tell him anything!

At that moment, I knew I just became a baby mama.




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