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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 18

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Episode 18



Jeremy’s POV


I paced up and down in my office thinking about Zoe.


“No, Zoe is my daughter.”


She is mine. Even tho Nadine says the opposite.


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I have to confirm again if Zoe’s is my daughter.


I took my phone and dialed the number of my private investigator.






“Hello, What’s the name of Zoe’s school?” The little girl you ran a DNA test on.





I dropped the call and a smile crept up my face.


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I took my car keys and left the company and drove straight to the Zoe’s school.




I got to the school and got down from my car.


The school is really beautiful and looks really expensive.


I bet Nadine spends a fortune here.


I got to the receptionist.


Sorry, I want to see my kid, I said to the receptionist there.


“Sorry sir, but who’s your daughter?” She inquired.


“Well, my daughter is about six years old and her name is Zoe.” I travelled out of the country for a long time and I want to surprise her, please let me, I pleaded with an innocent sad look.


Um..sir, lemme check for her class name, give me a sec, she said and started going through the big book in front of her obviously searching for the name Zoe.


She raised her head to look at me after a while.



“Sir, you’ll have to inform her class teacher Mrs Blake.” “Okay, where is she?” I asked and she directed me to an office. I got into the well furnished office and greeted the lady there. “Hi sir, how can I help you?” She asked. I want to see my daughter, I replied.


I heard you’re her class teacher.


“Um.. Sir which of my students is your daughter?” “Zoe, I replied and she starred at me confusingly.” “Zoe?” She repeated.


“Yes Zoe, or can’t you see the resembles?”


“Don’t tell me you’re blind? ”


Um sir am just confused course her fat…


See lady, I travelled out of the country and just came back. Won’t you let me see my daughter or do you want me to sue your incompetent school? I asked sounding really serious.


I had to make it look like that.


I’m so desperate for my daughter and won’t leave here without her.


Sir, her mom already told me not to let anyone apart from…


I want to see my daughter! I yelled hitting her desk and she flinched and stood up.



“Or do you think I’m capable of kidnapping my own child, huh?” I shrieked. “Of course not sir, this way, she said and opened the door for me and we left.” She took me to a class and called her out of the class.


Oh! There she is, my Angel, I beamed and squatted to her size.


She just kept starring at me.


The teacher was also there.


I looked up and glared at her angrily and no one needed to tell her that she isn’t needed.


“Hey Zoe! I called.”


“Hi mister, what are you doing in my school? ”


I came to pick you, I replied and she pulled a puzzled look on.


“Pick me?” I don’t no you and my mom already told me not to talk to you when I see you, she replied smartly and I was forced to smile.


She looks so smart and extremely beautiful.


Oh! am so lucky to be her father even tho Nadine keeps denying it.


Um..that’s because we had a little fight in the past and now everything is settled.


I actually came to take you out to wherever you want to go.


“So where do you love most?” I asked and she kept starring at me innocently making her look more beautiful.


“Come on Zoe, I pressed and she signed.”



“Well, I love amusement park a lot but I don’t get to go there always cause of mom’s always busy, she replied.”


“Okay, why don’t we go there together one day?” I asked and he eyes opened.


I could tell she is happy hearing that.


“But for now I want to take you somewhere you’ll love, I continued.” “But why not today?” She asked.


“Well, I can take you there but not today cause we have somewhere else to be, I said.”


“And where is that?” She asked.


“Well, its a surprise, I said and she smiled but her smiles later turned to frown.” “What is it dear?” I asked with concern.


I want to go with you mister but I can’t disobey my mom, she said sadly.


Oh f**k! Nadine.


I think I’ll have to lie to her then even if I don’t want to.


I really hate this.


“Zoe, listen to me dear.” Your mom and I already talked and she agreed already.


“Really?” She asked.


“Of course, she was the one that told me the name of your school dear or how did you think I got here?” I asked and she started smiling again.


Okay but I’ll have to miss the remaining lessons I have, she said.



“Go take you bag Zoe and let’s leave, I beckoned and she left and later came back.” I collected her bag and her lunch box.


“Lemme say bye to my friend, she said and ran back to the class.”


She later came back and I left with her.


Oh Nadine! I’m sorry but you can’t stop me from being with my daughter. Nadine’s POV


I looked at the time and it was almost time for Zoe’s school to close.


I want to pick her up from school today.


I drove to her school and went straight to her class but couldn’t find her. “School just ended, could it be that her nanny already took her?” I wondered. “No, I remember telling her to I’ll be the one also picking her fro the school.” “Or didn’t she hear? ”


I took my phone and wanted to call the nanny but sighted Mrs Blake coming towards me.


I dropped the phone and waited for her to get near.


She got to where I was and stopped.


“Mrs Blake where is my daughter?”I asked and she looked at me confusingly.


“Zoe?” I thought her father already told you he picked her a long time ago, she replied and my heart skipped.


Sorry? Come again?



“Um..her father came here early today and took her, she said and I starred at her in disbelief.”


“You must be joking right?” I yelled.


“Have I ever introduced anyone as her father you double eye looking old woman?” I yelled even more loudly she stood with her mouth slightly open and her hands placed on her chest looking at me.


“Was it not today I told you not to let anyone apart from her nanny and I take her, huh?”


“Or don’t you hear with you ears?” Do you now hear with your a** if so you can turn for me to speak some senses to it? I said angrily.


“Am..Am so sorry ma’am?” She apologized but I wasn’t hearing anything from her.


“You’ll hear my from, I yelled angrily and stormed out of the school.”


I no its only Jeremy that is capable of taking Zoe.


I took out my phone and dialed his number.


“Hello Jeremy? Where the hell are you?” you tiny c**k mother f**king whore, double crosser, stupid snitch!! I yelled angrily into the phone.


I heard him laugh.


“Calm down Nadine honey, am at your place, he replied and chuckled.”


I dropped the call breathing heavily and drove at a high speed to my house.


I am gonna kill that beast if anything happens to Zoe.


That cheat.




I drove into the compound and saw him and Zoe.


He was carrying Zoe.


Immediately Zoe saw me she left him and ran to hug me.


I sighed with relieve.


“How dare you Jeremy? How dare you take Zoe?” I asked forgetting the fact that Zoe was still there.


“Chill, I only took her cause she’s my daughter, he replied moving closer to me.”


“When are you gonna tell her that I am her father, huh?”


“Are you gonna keep on lying to her?”


“Telling her to stay away from her own father?” She asked angrily and Zoe gasped. Oh my!


I looked down at Zoe and she was starring at me.


Her eyes were becoming watery.


“Mom?” She called soberly.


“Is it true? Is he my father?” She asked as tears stream down her cheek.


“Tell her the truth Nadine.” Stop lying to our daughter, Jeremy added.


I bent to her level and looked into her innocent eyes.


They were demanding for answers.


“Should I tell her that Jeremy is her father?”


“Is he?” She asked again while I continued looking at her speechless.



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