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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 16

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Episode 16


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Nadine pov


“Hey babe” My client called and he wrapped his hand on my waist.


I watched Jeremy eyes, it was filled with jealousy. I could still remember his jealous eyes whenever he sees me with another guy.


Who cares now? I’m no more his property. I’m now every man property .

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“Hey just shoo off, I’m taking this necklace. OK ” Jeremy girlfriend or wife rasped.


“I saw this first and am taking it ” I replied her huskily.


“Stephanie! Snap out of it. Just leave the necklace for her ” Jeremy said to her.



“Hey, you don’t tell me what to do. The last time I checked, you are my husband not my father “The so called Stephanie replied.


“Stephanie!” He half yelled .


Is this how they talk to each other?


“Babe, you can leave the neck lace for her. I can get you another one ” My client said to me prudently.


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“Yea sure! ” I snorted and we walked away from them.


I can’t believe Jeremy don’t have control over his so called wife?.


I still remember that bitch,She was the one jeremy was making out with on the day we broke up.


It might not be a long starring but the glimpse was enough to put her picture in my head.


“Do you still want the necklace ” My client asked me.


“Nah! ” I shakes my head.


“Are you ok with this or you want more? ” He asked me with his eyes fixed on the basket that was filled with shoes.


“I’m OK with this. Please can you wait for me over there. I want to make use of the rest room” I stated with a wink.


“Sure! You give my guard this. ” He said referring to the basket in my head.


One of his guards collected the basket from me.


“I will be back in a jiffy ” I excused myself.


I don’t know why I have to crossed path with Jeremy and his so called wife.


Both of them spoiled my mood. If not for them ,I would have buy the entire clothes in this boutique.


I love spending nigga’s money. Especially nigga with ruthless money.




I’m relived now, I dressed up before I came out of the toilet.


I cat walked to the sink and washed my hand. I took a glimpse of my pretty face in the mirror and I smiled.


Immediately I walked out of the toilet, a hand gripped me.


who the hell?


“Nadine we need to talk” I heard Jeremy voice . “Talk about what huh? ” I said to him brusquely


“Nadine! Who was that guy ” He asked me with curiosity and anger clearly written on his face.


I looked at him before I burst into laughter.


“Jeremy ,who the hell are you to ask me questions ” I asked him with a smirk . “Your ex and the father to your child” He answered me with boldness. “Jeremy, when did you turned into a joker. ” I taunted


“I’m even glad you said that you were my ex not my husband. And I would be glad to make a correction here. You are not Zoe’s father. ..”


“Nadine stop denying me of my daughter ” He cut me off.



“Calm down, i’m not done. Zoe’s real father is outside ” I said to him with my hand pointing outside.


“Who? ” I rasped.


“The guy you saw me with ” I answered him in an irascible voice.


“It a lie! You are lying Nadine! The DNA has proved it” he half yelled.


“Don’t be fooled sweetie. The machine might be faulty, OK. Look at me Jeremy.. ” I bought my face closer to his.


“You might the one to take my virginity but you are notmy daughter’s father. So stop dreaming ” I whispered to him.


“Nadine, I don’t want to believe this bullshit ” He growled.


“Oh! you can take me to court if you like. Please will you leave my hand” I snatched my hand from his.


“Nadine! ” He yelled


“Gosh! you are not supposed to yell at me, I think you should save that for your wife that couldn’t respect her husband in the public. ” I said with a scoff and I walked away from him.

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Jeremy,i will make sure you don’t have access to my daughter.


I’m gonna do anything To prevent you from gaining access to my daughter life.


I will do everything! Everything!! Even if I have to lie.


I know he won’t stop. The only thing I can do right now is to partner with my client.


I just hope he can work with me




Episode written by Blessing Arubuola


*Crazy Baby*



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