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Crazy Baby Mama – Episode 12

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Episode 12


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I received a resounding slap that snapped me outta my world of fantasy.


“Wtf!” I yelled and opened my eyes only to find Stephanie glaring hard at me.


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are you stupid? How dare you bring this thing you called a lip closer to me ?” She roared .


is that enough reason for you to slap me?” I got infuriated and crawled outta bed.


I left the room and went to one of the guest room. All I could think of was the dream.


Could it be that Nadine was pregnant with my child and I never knew about It? Don’t jump into conclusion yet Jeremy let the test results comes first.


But if I find out that she’s mine I’ll do everything possible to get them back.


I lost Her once I won’t lose her again.


It took few more minutes before I could get some sleep.


The next morning I woke up little more early and did my morning routine before getting all dressed up for work.


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Stephanie was still sleeping, not that am bothered tho that’s her usual routine.


I shook my head sadly and walked out with my briefcase.


Will just stop by big ben to have breakfast.






Immediately Jeremy left for work, I got out of bed and headed towards the bathroom.


I mixed a warm bath and slide into the bathtub. I closed my eyes enjoying the warmness of the water against my skin when my phone buzzing sound interrupted my thought.


Who in the gods name is that?


I got out ta the jacuzzi and wore the sulk bathrobe before walking outta the bathroom.


The buzzing sound had not stop yet , I guess the caller really meant business.


I picked up the phone and glanced at the screen.


It was a call from an unknown number. I knew instantly who it was. Picked it and placed it on my ear.



i thought you weren’t gonna answer me.” I heard his husky voice.



what do you want Nathan?” I groan.



you know what I want plus I’ve news for you. Meet me at my penthouse , you know how it goes.” He smirked.


do I look like I’m interested in your so called new ?” I barked at him.



okay then how about I tell your husband everything.” He threatened an I calmed down.


okay fine I’ll be there in five.”i said in between clenched teeth.



dont keep me waiting senorita.” He said and hang up.



What have i gotten my self in? Nathan will keep blackmailing me if I don’t do something about him.


I smiled evilly when an idea popped up. I tossed my phone aside and went towards my closet.


I picked out a body hug gown that cling to my curves perfectly.


A clutch and silver stiletto to go with it.




I parked my car infront of his penthouse and catwalked towards the entrance.


“Darling.” He cooed and hugged me forcefully.


why am I here Nathan?” I frown deeply.


relax sweetie let’s have some fun first.” He pulled me to the living room and made me seat on his thigh.


what info where you talking about?” I asked nicely.


that your husband is tailing his ex husband for some reason i don’t know about. Forget about it sweetie and let’s get down to business shall we?” He says and bit my ear lobe playfully trailing kisses around my neck area .

More Stories @ (TOPSTER STORIES)

I stylishly pulled out the knife in my purse and stabbed him repeatedly till he stopped moving.


that’s for trying to blackmail me bastard!” I spat at him and cleaned the blood on his short and cleaned my hands before walking away.


Now I can finally rest. My secret is safe .

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