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Blue Maid – Episode 37

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This house is so big and awesome

But I’m surprised it’s not blue this time.

It was really beautiful.

The mansion’s living room was really awesome.

Everything was white

Adrian : make yourself at home

He pointed to the large white cushions and I sat on one and took the pillow.

So fluffy and soft

Me: I love this place. It’s beautiful

Adrian : thanks. Wanna live here?

Me: huh

Adrian : you can live here with your mother, if you want

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Me: hahaha, I’ll get lost here. And my mother will hire people to look for me

He laughed and went through a door at the side of the room.

I began to look around

His guards have gone outside.

I looked up at the beautiful designs on the ceiling

And the magnificent chandelier that hung from it.

This Prince sure has taste.

He came back moments later with two full glasses of orange juice.

He handed one to me and I smiled.

He sat adjacent me and watched me sip my juice

I looked at him strangely

Me: uhmm any problem sir

He sat back and drank from his glass

Adrian : I fell sick because of you

Me: huh?

Adrian : I thought I was never gonna see you again. I was so scared

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Me: I… I’m sorry I didn’t tell you or anyone

Adrian : but what really happened?

I sighed

Me : are you fighting with your sister?

Adrian : huh?

Me: are you in good terms with your sister?

Adrian : sister? I don’t have a sister

Me: what? But I was assigned to stop working in your chamber and start working in hers.

Adrian : Gladys?

Me: yes Princess Gladys

Adrian : what did she do

Me: it seems she was angry with you and poured out the anger on me

His eyebrows raised and he looked at me in shock

Adrian : what!

I didn’t talk

Adrian : what did she do to you?

He was visibly angry already.

I guess the both of them are having troubles with each other.

I don’t want to add to it.

Cause I’m sure he’ll be more mad if he hears that she tried to discard me.

Me: she only yelled at me. That’s all

Adrian : just yelling. Is that why you ran away

Me: uhh no, I mean yes. I don’t get yelled at, I felt bad so the only thing on my mind was to meet my mother

He rubbed his temples then looked up at me

I dropped my juice on the glass table and played with my fingers

Adrian : I’m sorry about her, she’s a bitch

I raised my eyebrows

Why should he call his sister that?

Me: if she’s a bitch, then you’re a bastard


Shouldn’t have said that

Adrian : what???

I shifted back

Me: I… I… I’m.. I’m sorry

He stood up and walked towards me

I began to move backwards with my butt on the soft chair

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

Me: whoahh. Please leave me

He pulled me up on his left shoulder and carried me away.

He was walking forward but I was going backwards.

I kept kicking my legs and hitting my hands on him.

He carried me past so many rooms and at last he stopped and dropped me.

I tried to catch my breath and I turned but as I tried to move I fell into a big narrow pool.

I screamed and he laughed then squatted

Adrian : you love water right?

Good, cause I wanna see you swim .

My hair was already wet and all over my face and into my mouth.

I kept blowing them out and tried picking them away from my face and eyes.

Oh no!

My birthmark

I quickly packed all of my hair there and looked at him.

Adrian : you can’t swim?

I shook my head nervously as I began to drown.

I opened my mouth and took in air

His face changed

Adrian : oh no Blue, sorry. I’m coming for you. I’m coming, hang on

I kept kicking and acting as if I was really drowning

I went into the water and released the air in my mouth.

It sent bubbles up to the surface and I began to laugh.

I went and sat down on the floor of the pool.

I looked at my bracelet and smiled

I looked up and saw him removing his wristwatch then he dived into the water.

I quickly laid down and acted as if I passed out

Adrian saw me and quickly swam towards me.

He grabbed me up and pulled me out.

He began to breathe heavily as he brought me out

Adrian : oh no Blue. Blue…

He sounded really worried

He dropped me on the floor.

He tried to press my chest but I opened my eyes and immediately pushed him into the water.

There was a big thud and the whole water poured on me.

I laughed and dived in

Adrian : no no no, I’m not gonna take that from you at all. Do you want to kill me? Why do you want to give me a heart attack

I laughed and he pulled me to him.

I placed my hands on his shoulders and laughed.

Adrian : don’t do that again

Me: okay

I smiled and left him.

Me: should we continue swimming or just come out?

We were still in our clothes that’s why I asked

He came out and I did the same

Adrian : we’ll swim later. Let’s go get something to eat.

Me: do you have any workers here?

Adrian : yes, they come only when I’m around. They’ll be here soon, that’s if they’re not even here yet

I nodded

Adrian : you’re cold and wet. Come on, follow me

He took my hand and led me to one of the guest rooms.

He showed me the bathroom and told me to take a warm bath.

Then he left.

I saw the towel rack and then undressed.

I wonder what I’m going to wear

I took my bath and got out of the bathroom with the towel.

Just then, the door rang and I covered myself well with the towel

Me: come in

A maid walked in

Maid : hello ma’am, Prince Adrian sent me here to attend to you

Me: ohhh

She was with two shopping bags

She places them on the bed and brought out the contents.

The first was cloths

The other cosmetics

Me: did you just buy these

Maid : no ma’am, the Prince ordered it personally

She handed me the cream and showed me the other things then excused me

The clothes consisted of two nighties, a red gown, two shorts and three shirts, blue white and red.

Shoes were also there

And in the other bag was face cream, lotion, hair band, hair cream and some other accessories

I smiled

I dressed up, wearing the blue shirt and shorts that almost reached my knees.

I was hungry

It was just about time I had my lunch

I gently walked down the stairs to the living room

I saw Adrian pushing somebody out and he locked the door.

He turned and saw me.

His face was squeezed up but he tried to brighten when he saw me

Me: are you okay

He was wearing shorts too, blue shorts and a white shirt.

It was a body hug that showed all his abs and muscles.

Adrian : nothing sweetie.

I love it when he calls me sweet names

He has been calling me love names since he saw me today

And I feel so glad when he does that.

I get this sweet feeling

Me: you’re sure?

He moved in to me and hugged me with his hands around my waist

I felt electricity round me

My hands rested on his huge arms and he bent down and kissed my cheek.

He lingered and my legs shook

I couldn’t stand properly.

I guess he noticed this because he chuckled and swept me off my feet.

I laughed and held him as he walked to the dinning area.

He dropped me on a chair and went to sit on the one facing me.

The table was already set and a maid came to serve us.

I looked at him

He still looked tensed

Something is bothering him


I looked back to see Blue coming down the stairs and looking at me with a confused face

Oh no

Did she see Gladys and hear our conversation?

I became nervous and my heart began to skip beats.

Blue : are you okay?

Me: nothing sweetie

I saw her blush a little.

She likes it when I call her love names

Blue : you’re sure?

I smiled and pulled her by the waist and she kept her hands on my arms.

I moved down to her face and for a second there, I wanted to kiss her

But I quickly diverted and kissed her cheek

I wanted our first kiss to be official

After I tell her that I love her


I figured it out

That I do love her

I carried her to the dinning area and kept her down on the chair.

I was still worried

Did she see Gladys?

I doubt that

Maybe she didn’t cause she’ll be broken now

She thinks Gladys is my sister

Actually Gladys tracked me here and wanted to know why I was here.

She came in and began to give orders to my workers to keep her things in my room that she was my fiancee.

I got out and she ran and hugged me.

She even pecked my lips

I pushed her away

Me: what are you doing here bitch

Gladys : is that what you’re calling your wife?

Me: you’re not my wife

Gladys: I’ll be soon

Me: no you won’t. Leave here now

Gladys : why, are you with some whore here

I raised my hand to slap her but I didn’t

Me: get out of here now

Gladys : sweetheart, our engagement party is supposed to be today

I smirked

Me: in your dreams

She frowned

Me: can’t you just see that this isn’t working? Go back to Birmingham. You’ll never be my queen. Never

Gladys : I’ll be back for you. And I’ll prove to you that no one can have you except me

I wanted to tell her that I know she was the reason Blue ran away but I didn’t because I wanted to keep her in the dark.

She might know what Blue means to me and try to hurt her

Me: get out

I pushed her and opened the door. I handed her over to my guard and banged the door.

That’s when I looked back and saw Blue.

Blue : you’re not telling me something?

My heart pounded

Me: what? I’m not hiding anything

Oh my goodness

What if she now knows?

Blue : you’re looking tensed

I smiled

Me: I told you I wasn’t really fine before I came here. And I’m experiencing fatigue

She sighed and dropped her cutlery then looked at me

Blue : what should I do now?

Me: go upstairs and take the ointment I bought for you to my room. I’m coming for a massage

She smiled and stood up

Blue : okayy

I smiled as I watched her running up the stairs.

My phone was in the living room and it rang

I stood up to get it and immediately the door opened and Gladys walked in.

This witch….

Oh no

Blue is gonna be back soon

Gladys is going to see her

To Be Continued

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