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Blue Maid – Episode 18

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I felt lonely so I decided to go and get fresh air outside. I was really feeling pain in my arm. I wonder what kind of first aid Audrey applied.

I went down the stairs and suddenly saw Sir Derek slowly climbing the stairs

He mustn’t see my arm.

I quickly hid it behind me. I bowed and started walking slowly.

He stopped and stared at me.

I felt uneasy, I didn’t want him to know about my arm.

I would have healed it but Audrey had seen it already.

I continued to walk until I was two steps ahead

We had a little conversation and I was glad that he was finally going.

I almost heaved a sigh of relief when I felt a killing pain in my arm. The exact spot were the bottle injured me.

I began to cry and he felt pity for me.

He took me to his room and treated the wound.

I truly like Derek, he’s really cool and cute.

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And when he finished he looked up at me and smiled.

I smiled back

Me: thank you sir

Derek: can you not call me sir?

Me: huh

Derek :can you just call me Derek. No sir


Belinda then Derek?


Why this treatment from them?

Or is it because I’m different

Is it because I’m a mermaid

Or it’s probably because I have good magic not the dark magic.

I guess good magic brings goodluck.

Me : okay sir I’ll try

He frowned

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Me: oh no I’m sorry. Okay Derek not okay sir

He smiled

Derek : that’s better

Just then someone knocked

Derek walked to his door and opened it. It was Audrey. I hastily stood up and arranged my uniform.

Audrey saw me and wore a confused face but I guess she managed to concentrate

Audrey : uhmm, sir dinner’s…..ready. You can come down now

Derek : okay. I’ll be there in a jiffy.

Then he closed the door but I still saw Audrey throwing me a look of WHAT ARE YOU DOING THERE? before the door finally closed and Derek faced me

Me : sir, sorry Derek. I better go now. Thanks for your help

I began to move and he leaned against the wall next to the door, his hands in his pocket and looking at me.

I feel so uneasy when he stares at me that way

I feel like he is going to see my mermaid self.

I gently opened the door and walked out then closed it.

I sighed

Now I’ve got explaining to do to Audrey.

I got to our hallway and knocked on her door.

No response

I tried opening it but it was locked.

Then I went to my room.


Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Or what I saw was real?

Blue was sitting on Derek’s bed in his room and he acted cool.

He didn’t even care that I saw Blue in his room

Or maybe he thought I didn’t see her.

I have to see Blue

Anyway I’m happy he didn’t notice one of his wines was missing. But I’ll have to tell him that first.

I was actually heading to the kitchen, I was going to get our dinner.

I got there and saw the chief maid and her daughter.

No other servants were allowed to eat the food cooked by the mansion’s chef. Only few special servants were permitted.

I guess it’s just me, Blue and the chief maid. Then of course her daughter.

The faces I actually saw were angry ones

Chief maid: what do you think you’re doing here?

I knew exactly where she was heading. I looked to her left, an ugly looking daughter.

Me: to get our food

Chief maid: you think you can eat my food after assaulting my daughter. No way, if you think you’re special because of who you work for I’ll remind you right now that I make the rules. And I say that from now henceforth, you’ll have to get your own food by yourself.

You’re just a few days here and you’re already causing trouble

Just leave my kitchen and go and get your food. You’re lucky I didn’t report to Lady Abbie.

I was shocked

I looked to her daughter, she had a smirk on her face.

Oh seriously, they are gonna deny us our food.

That was against our contract.

I was about to tell them the real fact and the rights we have when someone else spoke up

Derek : Carol dish out the food and set a table for them at the kitchen balcony. Let them have their dinner there

Carol, that should be the ugly fat girl.

I folded my arms and smiled

Carol: but sir

Derek : no buts, do as I say. And Ms Loretta, Blue and Audrey will not take orders from you again. They’re fully under my control. Do you understand?

Ms Loretta : yes

Derek : good and you Carol, why are you just standing there? You’re not doing what I asked you to do. Get your butt moving and do what I say!

Geez, he was harsh.

Carol jerked and began to set a table in the kitchen balcony.

Her mother began to dish out the food.

Derek turned to me and I released my hands and bowed my head.

Not like I enjoy doing that, it’s tiring

Derek : do you like the food she’s dishing

I moved over to her, checked the food and shaked my head in the negative

Me : no sir, that’s blue’s worst food. She pukes when she eats it.

Derek : change the food to whichever one she prefers.

Ms Loretta nodded and I began to tell her which one to add and not to add.

I could see their faces

So grumpy

From the way she stared at me and at the food, it felt like she could poison me.

Derek : Carol go and call Blue down here

Blue : I’m here Derek

Carol’s eyes widened, I smiled

Derek : how’s your arm

Blue : less painful

Me : Blue, we’re having our dinner over there, sir Derek’s orders

Blue : but…

Derek : no buts… Go and eat

Blue nodded and I held her hand.

The glare Carol was throwing at us was deadly

I couldn’t help but smile.

It’s payback


I noticed Derek was in a happy mood during dinner.

It’s probably because he spent his whole day with that bitch, Alice.

I keep asking myself what he saw in her

After dinner, he headed outside to the pool side.

I saw Audrey following him with a tray and some towels.

Was this dude going to swim now?

Not bad though, it’s summer.

I went to my room and showered then came down with a crop top and shorts with my white fuzzy slippers. My phone was in my right hand, I was expecting a call.

I saw Blue along the passage to the kitchen.

Me: hey Blue

Blue : ohh Belinda ,HI

Me: I’m going to the pool side. Let’s go together

Blue : okay. Is there anything you would need?

Me : yes, bring me a bottle of water.

She nodded and turned, that’s when I saw her arm

Me : Blue why are you injured?

Blue : it was an accident. It’s nothing

She smiled and went to get the bottle of water.

We went to the pool side and Derek was shirtless, sitting beside the pool. He was operating his phone while Audrey was opening his wine bottle.

Me: Derek

He looked up at me

Derek : what’s up Bel

Me : what exactly were you really doing today with….

Derek : don’t bring that topic here

He cut me shut, I think I know the reason.

Blue and Audrey

Oh that’s reminds me

Me: Audrey, you can do makeup right, I need you to help me out with Halloween makeup on Saturday. Not just me but my friends

Audrey’s face lit up

Audrey : really, that’s a pleasure

Derek : whoahh whoahh whoahh, my maid isn’t doing some fetish makeup for you. No she’s not, this is my week and my maid is not going to work for you

Me : what? Derek you cant say that. I’m not taking her away and besides Saturday is the last day of your week. On Sunday she’ll be my maid

Derek : and that Sunday you can turn her into your makeup stylist. Audrey, do not go anywhere or do anything for Belinda until this week is over

I looked at Audrey, she wanted to speak but the words didn’t come out.

I was visibly upset.

Derek is too full of himself.

And he always means what he says.

I stood up and walked out.

Blue looked at me and at Derek. She went to Audrey and offered to help her fold Derek’s towels.

He smiled at her


He’s making use of my maid, no way!

I yelled

Me : Blue! Put those damn towels down and follow me now. I don’t want to see you near Derek till this week is over….

Derek frowned

Who cares…..

Audrey stopped and looked at Blue…..

Blue dropped the towels and hastily walked up to me…..

In your face brother

To Be Continued




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