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Blue Maid – Episode 10

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Blue: yes Cindy. I’m in the C dorm too.

Cindy: I know right. We’re going to be doing everything together. We could attend classes together, eat together, play and we could even be given jobs in the same place. Awesome!

Blue smiled as she walked closer to her and looked around her bed

Cindy: where is your luggage?

Blue : uhhh, it’s not here right now

Cindy: ( talking really fast) what? Where is it? It has to be here right? Cause we are not allowed to live this place except with permission and you must have a genuine reason. And I don’t think the officers will believe you if you tell them that you didn’t come with your luggage. Who does that?

Blue: whoah! Is this how you talk fast?

Cindy: yes. When I’m nervous or scared or frightened or paranoid or super excited

Blue: wow. Well my mother is with my luggage

Cindy: your mom? I hope you also know that outsiders are only permitted here once in a week and that’s every Saturday.

Blue: she’s also in the service school. The cooks section

Cindy: oh that’s a relief. Now since you don’t have anything doing now, let’s go take a look at my room, it’s next door

Before Blue could say Jack, she was already being pulled along by Cindy.

Her legs were just moving non uniformly.

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Their got next door and entered the room, it was just the same size as Blue’s. With equal number of bunk beds

Cindy pointed to one at the left side of the room

Cindy : that’s mine

They went there and Blue sat down, her legs needed rest

Cindy kept showing her her things and telling her stories.

Blue began to like her, she reminded her so much about Rainbow. Both of them of course, were fun to be with. And somehow, Cindy looked a little bit irresponsible and silly especially with the way she talked.

Blue: Cindy, I’m hungry. What do you humans eat?

Oh no! That was a mistake

She stared at Cindy in shock. But fortunately, the girl was just talking about something that she couldn’t hear what Blue said properly

Cindy : silly you. I’m not yet a woman. I’m just 19. But I do have some candy bars that we young ladies could eat. I always have candy with me cuz it rhymes with my name…. Cindy….. Candy…… Candy….. Cindy……. Hahaha

She looked into her bag then dipped her hand into it and brought out two bars of candy

Cindy: chocolate or vanilla?

Blue: huh?

Cindy : we’ll just break the two bars into two, so the both of us could have both chocolate and vanilla.

She did so and handed them over to Blue. She began to eat hers immediately and Blue tried to eat it too

Blue: wow, delicious. It’s even better than water Lilly seeds

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Cindy: what’s water lily seeds.

Blue: uhmm, a plant that grows in water

Cindy : your house might have been close to a river or lake right?

Blue: yes

Cindy: come on, let’s go to your room. I’m tired of staying here

They went to her room and as they were coming in, Blue noticed that the weird girl was still staying in the same position she was after she helped Blue. And she was looking sad

Cindy: OH look Blue. It’s that weird girl. She’s in this room. Ignore her if she tries to create a scene with you again. And if she picks up a fight, bite her skin off.

Blue : haha. I wouldn’t do that

They got to her bed and Cindy laid down while Blue sat beside her

Blue: (in thoughts) wow, they lie down just the way we do. I think the only difference between us and humans is that we have a tail and live underwater but they have legs and live ashore. Interesting

Cindy:……and that’s how my mom and dad separated. But I miss england. Have you ever been there before?

Blue : I’m sorry. What were you saying again?

Cindy was about repeating what she said when a female officer walked in with a megaphone

FO : Miss Blue Connor. Your attention is needed

Blue: oh that’s me ma’am

FO : good follow me

Blue began to follow her

Cindy: wait for me

Before they left, the weird girl turned and looked at them. Her eyes met with Blue but she immediately looked away

They got outside of the dorm and Blue heard her name. It was her mother

Blue: mother

Ma’am Nina : how are you doing Blue? How was your interview?

Blue: it was fine mother

Cindy: hello Blue’s mom

Ma’am Nina : hello young miss. I see you’ve made friends with my daughter

Cindy: yes ma’am. Blue is my friend, you know I met her back at the hall when a weird girl created a…..

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Blue: uhhh, mother my luggage

She deliberately cut Cindy short

Ma’am Nina : ohh, there it is.

She pointed to a luggage leaning against the wall.

They went over and Blue carried it.

Ma’am Nina : I got some extra things for you Blue. So don’t be surprised if you see anything new. (Whispering in Blue’s ears?) Your instincts will tell you how to use them

Blue: thanks mother

Ma’am Nina : I’ll keep coming to see you when I’m free. Don’t worry, we’re together. Cindy take care of Blue for me. I’ll see you girls later.

Cindy : good bye Blue’s mom

Blue: good bye mother.

She left and they both walked back into the dorm with Cindy helping Blue to pull her luggage behind.

Cindy : I like your mother. She’s so caring and loving like my grandma

Blue: will you tell me about your grandma

Cindy : oh yes. I would have done that even though you didn’t ask.

Blue smiled. She knew that Cindy’s hobby was talking already

They went to her bed which was the lower one and began look at her things. Clothes, undies, toothbrush, hair brush, hair band, some snacks and some of her things from the ocean.

She made them invisible by looking at them without Cindy’s notice. She knew that if she should see them, she will begin to ask so many questions. And Blue wasn’t ready to answer.

Just then, a figure came in front of them. They looked up and it was the weird girl with gloomy and sad eyes

Girl: uhmm, HI. I’m Audrey

To Be Continued

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