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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 8

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“Can mi so be cured”.


Rebecca asked Eliza worried.


“Yes she can be”.




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“But its will be between life and death”.


“What? “.


“The only way to cure her will either kill her or give her an everlasting torment”.


“what? “.


Rebecca asked.


“To be bitten by the black blood and been controlled by them is really dangerous”.


Eliza said.


“But mother was bitten by a black blood vampire”.


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Reena said.


“Your mom is different. Your mom was powerful enough to remain alive. But mi


so is weak and if the cleansing is not done then she will remain a vampire


controlled by the black blood”.








Rebecca pov


This can’t be happening.


Why does it have to be mi so.


If she is not cured then she will remain a vampire for the rest of her life and not just any vampire but a black blood and she will be controlled by them.


What am I going to do.


And if she is going to be cured then she either die or suffer torment.


Elias is so going to pay for this, I will make sure of that.


“Please can I see her”.


I asked.


They all look at me.


“No rebecca that is too dangerous”.


Nicole said.


“Don’t worry, she won’t harm me, I just want to see her”.


I said.


“Ok, but five minutes”.


Uncle Marcus said.


I smiled and went to the dungeon at the hospital basement.


I felt this sudden sadness seeing mi so.


She was bound with chains.


Is just seems like a mad lion is been bound with chain.


She still look like a monster.


She hissed like a snake when she saw me.


I walked closer to the cage.


Poor mi so.


I opened it and was about going in when someone held my hand.


I turn to see who it was….


“Where do you think you are going too”.


He asked.


“I need to speak to her”.


I said.


“You can speak to her here”.


Nicole said.


I touch his cheek.


“Don’t worry I will be fine”.


I said and went in.


I went closet to her.


She began to struggle with the chain trying to kill me.


“Mi so”.


I called gently.


“What has Elias done to you? what did that idiot do to you? “.


I asked angrily.


She hissed loudly.


My eyes became green in colour.


My fangs came out.


My nails became long.


The wig on my head fell off revealing my long white hair.


Veins where visible on my neck.


I glared at her.


She hissed again at me.


Nicole ran in and held me.




He called.


“What did he do to you? “.








Nicole pov.


What is wrong with rebecca. Why did she transform.




I called her name cause I felt the vampire in me wanting out.


“Rebecca control yourself”.


I said.


But she kept glaring angrily at mi so.


I hugged her tight.


“Control yourself”.


She then cool herself down and transform back.


She looked at me in the eyes.


“Am sorry Nicole, i never mean to transform, I was just so angry to see my friend


like this”.


She said.


I gently touch her cheek.


“Don’t worry, I understand how you feel”.






Rebecca POV


I can’t believe I got so angry like that.


I looked at mi so who was stirring angrily at me.


“Don’t worry mi so, I will do all I can to save you and that is my promise. Elias will pay for this”.


I said.

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She angrily glared at me.


Mi so must be cured.


And after she is been cured, i will make sure she goes far away from this town, I will wipe her memory so that she won’t remember vampires or me again cause its because of me this happen, its because of knowing that vampires exist this happen .


“Everything will be alright”.


I said.


I looked at her one more time and left with Nicole.


We both went back to the office.


“Cure her Eliza”.


I said.


“What? “.


Nicole asked.


“That is the only way to save my friend”.


I said.


“But i need just one thing from you and that is to save her. Please save mi so”.


I said and sadly left.








Author pov.


The Gwen, michael, ivy, Reena, and Eliza all went to the mansion.


Freda and Vanessa are sobhappy to see her.


They really miss each other.


Freda and Vanessa are still on their misunderstanding.


“I can sense angry all over this place”.


Eliza said looking at both Freda and Vanessa.


“Right Eliza you are right, as usual the both of them aren’t in talking terms”.


Reena said.


“Why should i be talking to her when she is clearly a bitch”.


Freda asked.




Ivy and Reena both called in unison.


“At least am a bitch, that is better, better than be a whore “.




Gwen called.


“Whore, well you were the one who brought me to the business, you are the best whore in san Francisco “.


Freda said.


“You…. “.


“You ladies that is enough”.


Eliza said.


“Let me get you a cup of tea Eliza”.


Freda said and left.


“Excuse me”.


Vanessa said and left too.


“Those two”.


Michael said.


“Those two? You both were here and you kept quiet”.


“Not my fault don’t want to get involve with the both of them”.




“Yeah don’t wanna get involve”.


Richard said.


“But those two use to be friends, like really close friends”.


Eliza said.


“Huh? “.


Gwen, Richard, ivy, and Reena all asked. (Join Group) More stories @ “Yeah, but suddenly they became enemies”. “Wow”.


Richard said.


“If anyone else told me this then i will cut the person neck out of his body”.


Reena said.


“What happened to the both of them”.


Eliza asked.






Rebecca POV.


The whole family have all gone to their room.


I kept stirring at the sky from my room window.


“Why did i suddenly feel thirsty “.


I got down from the chair and went to the kitchen.


I drank the water and turn to leave but stoped when i saw Eliza standing in my


front looking at me.




I called.


She smiled at me.


“A vampire, I will not be surprise if you can’t sleep”.


She said going to take a bottle of water.


“What about you, you are a witch so why can’t you sleep”.


I asked.


“Cause am kinda restless and I don’t know why”


She replied.


“So what about mi so”.


“Well she is still in the dungeon. I will start cleansing her tomorrow”.


She replied.




I said.


Something then can into my kind.




called. “Huh? “.


She asked looking at me.


“Can a dead person be brought back to life”. “Maybe”.


“Ok but can you look at people last life”.


“Well don’t know cause I haven’t done that, don’t know the spell”. She replied.


“So why asking? Is there someone you wish to come back”.. She asked.


I signed.


“Yes my mom, j don’t know her and where she came from. I just want to know


who she is”.


I replied.


Sge smiled at me.


“I will try my best”.


She said and left.


Is that it.













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