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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 6

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(Short episode)




Mi so POV


I looked at the empty room.


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I took a day off yesterday, and now, am back.


I knelt down cause lord Elias want to talk to me.


He appeared in front of me.


“My lord”.


I said bowing to him.


He smiled.


“Your mission starts now. I have an important mission for you”.


He said.


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I smiled.


My first mission.


“I want you to search for the legend key. Its a very important knife that can kill the Granduwella’s. Make sure you search every corner of earth for it”. He said.




“Ok my lord, I will make sure I get that knife for you”.


“Good cause you are the only one I can trust, so don’t disappoint me”.


He said and disappeared.


“Don’t worry my lord, I will get that knife for you”.






One week later.


Its been a week now and I haven’t found the knife yet.


Where could it be? .


I looked at rebecca who was busy writing something in her report book.


The other interns where busy too.


Dr. Nicole is also in his office busy.


I need to find that knife cause lord Elias is always asking for it. But how will i get it?.


“Mi so, can you please get year 2003 file from the vice president office”.


Dr. Nicole said from his office.


Gosh, I just hate him.


I stood up and left for the vice president, Dr. Marcus office.


He is not in his office his busy with the Dr. Lucius.


“Now where does he keep his files”.


I said.


I looked round the office and saw his file cabinet.


I went closer to it and began to search for the file but something caught my attention.


It was an old box.


I brought it out.


And tried opening it but a force drew me back.


That force is really powerful.


But what could be inside this box.


Or is it……. The legend key?.


No it can’t be.


But that force?.


I tried opening it but the force pushed me back again.


How will I open it?.

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“what are you doing? “.


I heard a voice asked.


“Yes? “.


I turned.


“What are you doing? “.


She asked.


I quickly hide the box behind me but it fell down, I quickly pushed the box under the table.


“You where suppose to bring the file but you weren’t looking for it”.


She said.


“Yes, I was just stirring at something”.


I said.


I smiled at her and left but she stopped me by holding my hand.


What does she want?.


“What? “.


I asked.


She looked at me shocked.


“You…………………. Are a vampire”.


She said.


Ok busted.






“What? Why will you say that? “.


Mi so asked.


Rebecca touched her neck.


“You are a vampire”.


Mi so can’t hide the truth again, Rebecca already know.


She began to laugh.


“Yes am a vampire”.


Mi so said.


“A black blood vampire”.


She said.


“Oh no”.


Rebecca said in shock.


“Are you shock you pathetic loser. You are too easy to manipulate”.


She said.


Rebecca angrily slap her.


Mi so became angry and hissed loudly bringing out her long fangs.


Rebecca brought hers out too.. She can’t believe it, she have just been betrayed.


Her friend betrayed her.


Her friend is a vampire.


She hissed and charged towards mi so, but a hand pulled her back.


“What are you trying to do? “.


Nicole asked holding her hand.


“Let go of me, I need to teach this betrayer a lesson”.


She said.


Marcus, Richard, Gwen and orchard all rushed in.


“What’s going in here”.


Marcus asked.


“I heard a loud hiss “.


Richard said.


“She…… Is a vampire”.


Rebecca angrily said pointing at mi so.


The five of them turned to see mi so stirring at them . Her fangs where visible.


“What? “.


Nicole asked.


His intern is a vampire.


A vampire is working under him.


“She is a black blood”.


Rebecca said.


“What? “.


Gwen asked.


“A black blood have been with us? For how long? “.


Orchard asked.


“She is a black blood. Take her to the dungeon”.


Lucius said entering the office.


Gwen and Richard bowed to Lucius.


“Ok grandfather”.


They said and left dragging mi so along with them.


The dungeon was at the basement of the hospital.


Is a place no one have ever been too.






Rebecca POV


How can this be?.


My friend betrayed me.


Have been a friend to a black blood.


How could she do this to me?.


I was sent to bring another file from Dr. Marcus office and that was how I saw her stirring at something in his office.


But what is that thing? And where was it?.


When I held her hand, I immediately knew that she was a vampire.


Gosh this is so frustrating.























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