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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 5

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Elias POV


That knife is my ticket to victory.


I need it.


I need to get it.


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But where is it.


I will do all I can to get it.


I will search everywhere for this knife.






Nicole sat on a chair in his office relaxing.


A VIP will be coming to the hospital and he will assist in the surgery.


A lot were in his mind.


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Reena and ivy told him about their parent recent misunderstanding which got him worried.


They always misunderstand each other.


His getting tired of talking to them.


He opened his eyes when he heard Rebecca voice.


“Hi Rebecca”.


He said smiling.


“Lost in thought. What are you thinking about? “.


She asked.


“Me thinking. Nope not me”.


He said.


“Have been calling your name for almost ten minutes”.


“You’ve been here for ten minutes? “.




She said and went to seat down close to him.



“So tell me, what where you thinking about”.


“Well its just my parent”.


“What happened? “.


“Hmm, they always misunderstand each other…….. Anyway, have you collected


the report of Mr. Brown? “.


“Not yet, Mr. Paul says he will bring it himself”.


She replied.


“Wow, I haven’t been seeing Mr. Paul for a while”.


“When you are always busy”.


“Busy? “.


“Yes, busy”.


Nicole smirked.


“Well its because of you”.


“Huh? How? Me? “.


“Yes, have been busy with you”.


“Huh? “.


Nicole stood up and stand in front of her.


“What did you mean by busy with me? “.


She asked.


“am I lying? “.


“Yes, yes of course”.



“Hmmmm, so I have not been spending time with you? Don’t worry I will be


spending a lot of time with you”.


He said.


Rebecca blushed.


“You are blushing”.


“No am not”.


“Yes you are”.


“No am not”.


She said.


Nicole smiled.


He gently touch her cheeks.


Rebecca smiled.


He bent down a little to her face level and kissed her.


He looked into her eyes again and kiss her again this time taking a lot of time.


“Nicole the………. “.


Gwen said opening the door but stopped half way.


Nicole and rebecca quickly stood up.


“Did I interrupt you guys? “.






Nicole and rebecca said at the same time, Nicole saying yes while rebecca said no.


They both look at each other.


“I mean no…… What do you want? “.


Nicole asked.


Gwen signed.


“I just came to tell you that we have a meeting right now”.


She said.


“Okay am coming”.


Gwen left.


Nicole looked at rebecca and smiled.


“I will be back”.


He said and left.






Nicole POV


I left my office and went to the meeting hall.


The meeting is all about Mr. Brown.


He is a big business tycoon.


A really big one.


He is VVIP patient.


He have a heart problem so he need an emergency surgery.


Three doctors will be attending to him.


And that is me, Richard and a surgeon.


We all stood up when the meeting was over.


Richard and Dr. John came to me.


“The operation is in thirty minutes so get ready”.


Dr. John said.


“Ok doctor”.


He left leaving me and Richard.


“This is your first surgery after the eclipse, hope you are ready for this? “.


He asked.


I smiled.


“Don’t worry am ready for this “.








Thirty minutes later. Author pov.


The three doctors with some nurse surrounded Mr. Brown who was laying unconscious.


They all wore a mask with their hair closed.


“Let’s start”.


Richard said.






Rebecca POV


Nicole is in the operation theater.


I just pray the operation is successful.


But who am I kidding, it is always successful cause they are vampires.


One of the male intern rushed in.


“There is a girl who need an urgent surgery”.


“A girl? Then tell a doctor”.


The second male intern doctor said.



“That is where the problem is, Dr. Nicole, Dr. Richard and Dr. Brown are all attending to Mr. Brown. The remaining two surgeons are out of the country. We are the only one left now. And the girl is dying”. He said.




I stood up.


“What is wrong with her? “.


I asked.


“She need an urgent heart surgery”.


He said.


“Why are there people with heart problem in the hospital today”.


The second intern asked.


“Take me to her”.


I said.


He looked at me from head to toe.




He said and left while I followed him.


He took me to the girl. After carrying some test on her, it shows that she urgently need the operation.


“I will do it”.


I said when everyone where confused on what to do.


“Huh? “.


The nurse and intern doctor asked.


“I said I will do it”.


I just pray I know what am doing.


This will be my first operation on someone.



And also my first operation after the eclipse.


Just hope its successful.


The young girl was quickly wheeled to the operation theater.


I breathed in and out.


I know I can do this.






The operation on Mr. Brown was successful and the operation on the little girl was also successful.


Rebecca couldn’t believe that her first surgery was successful.


But she is a vampire so why wouldn’t it be.






Sophia POV


I looked at the big hospital.


Am starting work today.


I know I don’t deserve to be here but I need the money.


Am so sorry for accusing them wrongfully.


I will apologize to them.


I just have to get back to work today.


I signed and entered the hospital.


“Nurse Sophia”.


The receptionist called.


I smiled at her.


“Where have you been? Wow you really look good. Am sure you went to get your


self beautiful”.


The nurse said.


This nurse only know how to get on someone nerve and she is so ugly.


I smiled at her.


“Where is the head nurse”.


“She is in her office”.


She replied.


I breathed in and walked to her office.


“Good day head nurse”.


I greeted.


“Hello nurse Sophia, you left without a word”.


“Am so sorry about that, there was an emergency at my home in new Orleans. Am really sorry”.


“Ok, no problem. Your service is needed anyway”.


She said.


Now its time for the big question.


“Ma’am, I heard about the fake news given to the press about the Granduwella’s.


Do they know who gave the fake news”.


I asked.


She looked at me.


“No they don’t know who did that, rumors travel quickly”.


She said.




Thank God.


They don’t know who the person is.













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