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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 4

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Two doctors entered the room where mi so was.


“Wait, who is that”.


One said pointing at her.


“Oh my”


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The other one said.


The both of them ran to her.


The first felt her pulse.


“Look, she was bitten”.


The second one said looking at her neck.


“Yes…. But what the heck bite her like this”.


The first asked.


Mi so groaned and opened her eyes.


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The second called.


“Are you okay”.


The first asked.


Mi so kept looking at them without saying anything.


“What bite you like that, the wound on your neck is so weird”.


The second said.


Mi so touch her neck.


She stood up.


“Am fine”.


“Don’t you need to get treated, seat let me treat you before the wound get infected”.


“Am fine”.


“No you are not”.


The second doctor said.


“I said am fine”.


Mi so yelled.


“Mind your business…… Excise me ”


She said and left.






Miso POV


I haven’t felt like this in ages.


I have a new master and he want me to destroy the granduwella’s.


That is what I will do.


I will destroy them to the brim.


I will work with my master forever.


I will destroy everything and everyone connected to the granduwellas.




I said as I felt pain in my neck.


I touched it and the wound is gone.




Gosh my head hurt.


“Mi so”


Rebecca said running to meet me.






Rebecca POV


I ran and stood in her front.


“Why do you look so weak. I heard you call my name but Mr Paul wouldn’t let me


go. What happened to you”.


I asked.


She looked at me with this angry look.


She then smiled.



“am fine, was just looking for some document, I fell down in the process and that was why I called you, but am better now just feelings a little bit dizzy”. She said.




“Okay, let’s go to a doctor to have you checked up”.


“I said am fine”.


She said rudely.


“I just need some rest”


She said and left.


Okay what just happened.


This isn’t mi so.


Mi so isn’t rude.


And I felt something evil.


What was that.


Maybe she need to cool down.


Maybe she is stressed that’s why she shouted at me.


“Well, let me get the blood before I forget”.


I said and left.






In the night.


I sat by the window looking at the full moon.


I can’t sleep cause am a vampire.


Nicole was in his room.


I closed my eyes and signed.


Suddenly my mind drifted away to another place.








“Emedia, Emedia my daughter”.


A woman said calling me.


“Who are you”.


I asked not seeing anyone.


“Its me your mother emedin”


She said.


“Show your self”.


Suddenly a woman appeared in my front.


She looks so beautiful with her gray hair.


I look so much like her.


She looks so pale.


“My baby”.


She said.


What if she is an imposter?.


What if she is not my mom?.


“Am your mother”.


She said as if she was reading my thought.


“My mother? “.


“Yes…. Am still in the torment world, its a woman who helped me, she is the one


who made both of us to see each other.


She said.




“Oh no, my time is up, see you soon darling”


She said and disappeared.


(Vision ends).






What the was that?.


My mom?.


Could she really be my mom?.


I need to tell Nicole.


I said and ran out of my room.






Nicole POV


“Nicole I saw her”.


Rebecca said entering my room.


“Her? Who? “.


I asked walking to her.


“I saw her, I saw my mom”.


“Your mom? “.


“Yes, she is still in the torment world, she talked to me, I look so much like her”.


She said.


I hold her hand.


“Tell me everything in details”.


I said.


She sat down and told me all she saw.


“Wow, must really be your mom”.


I said.


“Yes, she is so beautiful, her hair is grey not white as mine”.


She said.




I said.


And then an idea stroke me.


“Can you tell me how she is, I might get her sketch”.


said. “Can you”.

“not really, but I have friend who can”.


I said.


She looked at me and smiled.


I took my phone and called his number.


After exchanging pleasantries I told him why I called.


I gave the phone to Rebecca and she explained how her mom look like.


“Don’t worry he will send the email to us”.


I said when the call was disconnected.


Twenty minutes later, he sent us a email.


“Great, he have send the email”.


I said carrying my laptop.


I connected my phone to my laptop and opened my email message.


I tap on his sent message and the sketch of a woman appeared.


“Yes this is my mom, she is the woman i saw”.


She said.


Wow Rebecca looks so much like her.


I copied it to a flash and gave it to Rebecca.




She collected it.


“You will need that a lot”.


I said smiling.


She smiled at me.






Jane POV


Richard walked into the house.


“Finally his back”.


I went to the living room and hugged him.


Its not surprising to him cause I do that all the time.


“How are you senorita”.


He asked.


I love it when he call me senorita.


I smiled at him.


Gosh he is so handsome.




He called.




I asked.


“Are you okay? Why where you stirring at me like that? “.


He asked.


“Oh nothing”.


I said.


He smiled.


“Let me check the food am cooking.


I said turning but I tripped and fell, he caught me before I touch the ground.


I became lost in his eyes.


Don’t know what came over me but all I know was that I drew him close and kissed him.


He immediately redraw and raise me up.


He looked at me and left.


“Oh my God, what did I just do? What came over me? Why did I kiss him? “.


Gosh this is so frustrating.






Richard POV


What just happened? .


Why did she kiss me?






She don’t suppose to do that.


Is she in love with me?.


She can’t fall in love with me cause I will never fall in love with her.



Am a vampire.


I will go to the land of torment if I fall in love.






Freda POV.


I watched as orchard took his car key and left.


Am still angry at him.


He haven’t even apologize yet.


Such a husband.


Am still surprise cause he defended Vanessa and my daughter shouted at me cause of her.


Gosh i hate that woman.






Elias POV


I layed on my bed lost in thought.


The door opened.


“Thinking again”.


A feminine voice asked.


I stood up and smiled at her.


She walked seductively to me.


“How are you darling”.


She asked.


I smiled at her.


She is Matilda, the queen witch daughter.


We have been on a relationship for years now.


She sat close to me.


“What are you thinking about “.


She asked.


“The granduwella’s “.


I said.


“The gruduwella’s? “.


She smirked.


“Why are you bothered about them when there is actually a way to kill them




She said.


I looked at her.


“What? A way? Which way? “.


I asked anxious.


“Yes babe”.


She said and stood up.


“The legend key”.


“Huh? What is that? “.


I asked.


She looked at me and smiled.


“You are the black blood crown prince and you don’t know about the knife”.


“Which knife? “.


“The legend key. It is a knife. And that knife is not just any knife but the knife that


can kill a vampire. The only knife that can permanently kill a vampire. But history


have it that it got stolen many years ago, so know one knows where it is. If you can


find it then your problem is solved”.


She said.


“How did you know this”.


I asked.


“Don’t forget. Am the queen witch daughter”.


She replied.


“Wow, you are the best. I will make sure I get hold of that knife”.


I said smiling.















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