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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 24

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Its been months now since the destruction of the red bloods.


Lucius have been unconscious. While Ivy, Freda, Vanessa, Jane, and Rebecca have been leaving in a hidden place for the sake of the babies. .






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Jane pov


The pains keeps getting worst.


Mom Vanessa held my hand.


“Don’t worry dear, you will be alright”.


She said.


I force a smile and close my eyes.


Freda drew Vanessa outside.


“Vanessa by the looks of things she might not make it”.


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“No she have to. She is the girl my son loves so she have to remain alive”.


“Vanessa you know its not possible. She is human. Vampire blood runs through that baby veins and that means the baby is feeding on her blood. She might not make it”.


Vanessa sighed sadly.


“I promise my son to always protect her but now I can’t”.


Freda held Vanessa shoulder.


“Let’s hope for the best”.


Jane screamed out loud.


The two women rushed in.


“Jane what is wrong? “.


“Please remove the baby, its gonna kill me. Please remove the baby”.


She said crying.


Vanessa bowed her head sorrowfully.


“Let me call ivy”.


Freda said ran out.


Jane looked at Vanessa.


“Mom am not going to make it”.


She said with tears in her eyes.


“Don’t say that, you are going to see your child and take care of of the child”.


“No no am not going to make it”.


She held Vanessa hand.


“Mom please take care of my baby. Please take my daughter to italy, let the baby see my parent. Mom please do anything possible to make my baby live a normal life. “.



“Don’t say that”.


Freda and ivy rushed in.


Ivy examine her.


“We have to remove the baby now”.


“Your siblings are not here”


Ivy sighed.


“I will need help”.


“We will help”.


Vanessa said.




Ivy said.


“Mom Vanessa hold hers hand. Mother you will help me”.


She said.


Vanessa and Freda did as they where told.


Jane used up all her strength in pushing the baby out.


“Wow, its a girl”.


Ivy said smiling.


Vanessa and Freda smiled.


Jane eyes where half closed.


Ivy laid the baby close to Jane.


Jane smiled holding her baby.


“Elma, Elma is her name”.


And with that she gave up the ghost.


Vanessa bowed her head sadly.


“Poor jane”.


Freda said.


Elma bagan to wail seeking the attention of her mother.


Vanessa carried elma on her hands.


“Elma I promise your mother to give you a normal life. I will do all I can to give you that normal life. Elma Granduwella”. Vanessa said.




Immediately she said that, A blue little star emitted from Elma.


Vanessa, Freda and ivy where shocked.


The star flew up shining so bright.


The key have be born.






Maren stood by the mirror.


“What is it my queen? “.


Gab asked.


“A baby is born in the Granduwella’s “.


“A baby? Rebecca child? “.


“No. Another child. But I can sense power in her. She has the blood of a Granduwella running in her veins and also the blood of a human”.


“An hybrid? Give me your orders my queen”.


“No. We are not killing her cause she is not a threat. She will never have a mate cause no male child within the red blood. She will not be powerful as rebecca. Our main target is Rebecca ‘s child”.


“Yes my queen”.


Gab said and bowed.




Maren said touching her stomach.


“What is it my queen”


“Don’t know , my stomach hurt”.


She said and began to walk to her room but she stopped and hold the wall close to her for support.


“Gab the baby”.


She said.


Gab rushed to her.


“The baby is coming”.


She said.


Gab carried her and took her to her bed room.






An hour later.


Gab stood close to the door worried sick, its been an hour and the maiden haven’t given him any news yet.


“What is happening? I hope she is okay.


He said.


A maiden came out smiling.


“Sir Gab, the baby have been born”.


She said.


Gab smiled.


“really? A boy? “.


“No sir, its a girl”.


The maiden said.


Gab felt a little bit disappointed.


“Can I see the queen now”.


He said.


“yes sir”.


The maiden said and bowed.


Gab entered the room.


He looked at the baby who was sleeping peacefully on her cot, she looks so cute and small.


“Cute right”.


Maren asked.


Gab smiled.


“She looks like my dead daughter”.


Gab carried the baby from her cot.


“What should we name her? “.


He asked.




“Imogene? “.


“Yes. Its my mother’s name”.


“Half beast half witch”.


Gab said.


Maren smiled.


“She will be the one to destroy the chosen one. She is one powerful being now. She


will be my successor”.


Mean said and smiled.


Immediately a pink light emitted from imogene and flew up.


The sword have been born.






Rebecca closed her eyes tight.


Miso entered her room with a bowl of soup.


“Here rebecca take this”.


She said.


Rebecca opened her eyes.


“The prophecy is coming true. The key and sword have been born”.


“Really? How did you know”.


“I can feel it”.


“That means the chosen one will be born soon. “.


“Yes I can feel it too”.


Freda ivy and Vanessa entered the room with baby Elma.


“Oh my, Jane have given birth”.


Mi so said.


Vanessa smiled.


“Her name is Elma”.


She said.


“Elma. A beautiful name”.


“Rebecca we brought her here for your blessing. As the only powerful vampire


existing, she will need your blessing”.


Vanessa said bringing Elma close to rebecca.


Rebecca placed her hand on Elma head.


“I bless you Elma. You will be the key to open the way. You will be the star in your time”.


She said with a smiled.


Elma smiled.


“Now that the key have been born, who is the sword? “.


Mi so asked.


“Don’t know yet”.


Freda said.


Rebecca breathed in and out.


“I can feel my time drawing near. I don’t have much time again”.


“What are you saying rebecca”.


Ivy asked.


“Don’t say that, we have lost enough”.


Freda said.


“I have to meet Nicole. I need to be with him. His lonely where ever he is”.


She said and forced a smile.


“Ivy, my baby time is dew. She is a girl. A very beautiful girl”.


She said and touch her stomach.



“She is precious and strong. So don’t lose her. Don’t lose Elma and don’t lose the sword when you find her. My daughter name is Carlisa “. Rebecca said and close her eyes.




Mi so called.


Ivy ran to rebecca.


“I need to remove the baby quick”.


She said and conducted Caesarian section on Rebecca.


Carlisa was removed healthy. She is so beautiful.


Rebecca had already given up the ghost.


“We have lost enough in this family”.


Vanessa said.


A bright light emitted from carlisa.


It went up to the sky and got connected to the two bright stars up there already.


I. C. E souls are united.

















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