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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 23

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Gab pov


I smiled putting my poisoned blood in the food they re all going to eat.


They will all become weak after eating this food.


My blood will kill them all.


I left the kitchen after completing my mission.


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I went up to my room and made Maren appeared.


“Any news”.


“The work is done, they will soon eat their food filled with my poison and die slowly one by one”.


He said.


“I don’t want them to die in their own. I will finish them myself”.


“You are one brilliant witch”.


“Yes I am. When all this is over we will get married and build our empire. We will


have a child together which will be rare cause she will have the blood of a beast


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and witch passing through her”.


Maren said.


Gab smiled.


“You are more intelligent than I thought”.


He said.


Maren disappeared.


Just as gab wanted.


The Granduwella’s ate the food except Rebecca, Richard and Jane.


The poison will have effect on them slowly so they won’t die immediately.






The next day


Jane sat close to Richard cleaning his hand with a wet clean cloth.


He was trying his possible best to breath well.


Jane wiped her tears.


“richard you have to drink my blood to get better”.


She said.


Richard forced a smile.


“Am not……. A blood sucking……. Mosquito or……. A…… Vampire…… So…….


Why should…. I….. Suck your……. Blood”.


He asked.



“Cause you are a vampire. My blood might help like in most of the movies have watched”.


Richard was shocked to hear that from her.


“I know every thing now Richard”.


She said.


“I know you are going to the torment land and its all because of me”.


She said crying.


“Its….. Not……. Because”he winced in pain. “Of you”.


“It is. If we haven’t met, if I had left immediately. If I didn’t allow the both of us to fall in love. All this won’t be happening “. Jane said crying.




Richard wiped her tears. “Don’t…. Say.. That”.


Jane suddenly felt the urge to puke.


She ran to the bathroom and threw up.


“Gosh I feel so nauseous “.


She said.


She came back to where richard was.


“Are….. Are….. You ok? “.


He asked.


“Yes. Just feeling nauseous “.


She replied.


Richard looked at her.


“you should get your self treated”.


“no, no need for that, its just stress”.


She said.


“You can’t conclude, go see a doctor”.


Vanessa said entering the room.


“Am fine ma’am”.


“No, I will get Eliza to test you”.


Vanessa said.




“Am not hearing a single word from you, she will check what’s wrong with you”.


Vanessa said and called Eliza.


Eliza came to the house within five minutes.


“You called for me”.


She said.


“I want you to conduct a test on jane, she have been feeling sick”.


Eliza looked at Jane and touched her stomach.


“Seems like we are expecting another baby again”.


She said.


“Really? “.


Jane asked.




Eliza looked at Vanessa.


“Vanessa can i talk to you for a moment”.




They went outside.


“Vanessa you need to hurry home, Maren is coming to kill you all”.


“Maren? She won’t be able to do that”.


“That is the issue, you all are in danger I can’t tell you everything but u need to go, am doing something important and I won’t be there during the war”. She said and disappeared..


“Maren? War? “.


Vanessa asked she rushed into the house.


“Jane stay here with Richard am coming”.. She said and left.


And just like Eliza said, Maren was standing in front of the mansion with the beast.






The whole family except Rebecca and Nicole gathered round Maren and Gab.


Gab smiled mischievously.


“Get out of here Maren or else”.


Lucius said.


“You can’t do anything. You all have been poisoned by my beast and you know what that means. You all are weak now”.


“Shut up”.


Maren pointed her hand at Lucius.


“I curse you. You won’t be able to do anything ever again. You will be alive on the inside but dead on the outside. You will suffer a great deal”. She said and immediately Lucius fell.




Freda, Vanessa called.


The red bloods where surprised cause Maren magic just worked.


“Where is Eliza? “.


Gwen asked.


“Don’t know”.


Ivy replied.


Maren laughed.


“Eliza won’t save you. Am powerful than her. You red bloods are like a piece of paper to me now. Your powers are useless now”. She said.




She raised her hands.


“Let the red bloods be destroyed, let them lose their powers forever.” She said and immediately flames came out of their bodies.


Maren smile feeling satisfied.


Reena, kelvin and Gwen disappeared.


“My lady why did they disappeared”.


Gab asked.


“I don’t know too, but its great”.


Maren said.


“But its only three who disappeared “.


“Three problems are gone now. Let’s capture the rest”.


Nicole arrived at the scene.




He called.


“hi Nicole”.


Maren said.



“Leave my family alone”.


“That is so not happening”.


She said and threw five spear at him.


he removed the spears but felt weak.


“The spears contained the blood of the beast and it was stab in your heart. That


means you are as good as dead”.


Maren said.


Nicole slowly fell to the floor.


“Gab, take away this vampires but leave the women. They should mourn their




Maren said.


Gab immediately captured marcus, kelvin and michael and disappeared with them along with Maren.




Rebecca called arriving at the scene.






Rebecca knelt close to Nicole body.




She called.


Tears fell from her eyes.


“Rebecca…… You…… You are crying”.


Nicole said weakly.


This is the first time Rebecca cried.


“Please Nicole just hold on, we will get through this”.


She said.


“I won’t make it, please take care of yourself and our child”.


“No Nicole, you will make it. Just hang in there”.


“Rebecca, if our baby is a boy, name him Mason, if its a girl name her Carlisa. I


just love those names”.


He said and smiled.


“ok, I will give them the names but you need to see them”.


“I love you rebecca”.


“I love you Nicole”.


He touched her cheeks and slowly close his eyes. His hand fell to the ground.




Rebecca called.


She placed her hand on his chest but he wasn’t breathing.


She screamed and fainted.






Rebecca pov


I slowly opened her.


“She’s awake”.


Ivy said.


Everything that happened came rushing in my memory.


“Nicole, Nicole”.


I called as tears fell from her eyes.


Mom Freda eyes were teary.


My Nicole is gone.


Ivy, aunt and mom where crying.


“Mom you are crying”.


I asked cause i was curious.


“Our powers are all gone, we are no longer vampires again”.


Ivy said.


“What? “.


“Reena, Gwen and kelvin disappeared. Marcus, Ashton and michael where captured. Grandfather is sick cause of the curse”.


“What? This is all my fault. I trusted that beast even when I was warned. I destroyed this family. I should have listened. So this is the mistake I will make. This was the mistake my future self was talking about”. I said crying.




“Don’t give up hope rebecca, there is still a solution”.


Eliza said entering the room smiling.


“What? “.


“The seer’s prophecy. He said your child is going to bring back the destroyed buildings. I went to meet the seer and he explained everything to me. Your child is powerful than you can ever imagine. She is the chosen one”.


“chosen ones are only for werewolves”.


“No, chosen ones are the product of both werewolves and vampires. But this child is more than that”.


“What? “.


I asked.


“She is not only a vampire but a werewolf and a witch. The first werewolf after they where extinct one million years ago and the first witch from the red blood vampires”.


“My baby? “.



“Yes, she is a girl. And the destroyed buildings are the red bloods. She will bring them back. You all will be united again because of her and the key and sword”.


“Key and sword? “.


“The key is the baby in Jane’s womb. The sword haven’t been found yet”.


I smiled.


“you mean my Nicole will be back to me again”.


“Yes. But until when she is eighteen before she can bring him back”.


“Eighteen? “.


Ivy said.


“Yes, that is when her full powers will show itself. But from now to seventeen years, her powers will still be developing. So it will be easy to turn her evil that is why she is not to use her powers before eighteen”. Eliza said.




“Eighteen years is long”.


Freda said.


“Patience Freda, patience”.


“Eighteen years? ”


I asked and smiled at least there is hope now.






Jane pov


The baby in my womb is not ordinary.


Eliza said the baby is a vampire like richard and also a human.


The baby is an hybrid.



And because of that it needs blood to survive so it is feeding on my blood and that is really killing me.


Well I don’t regret having a child for Richard even though its a vampire. Even though it will kill me, as long as I have the kid, then am happy.


The baby can feed on my blood for all it want, I want it to come out healthy. I lose blood every day, my blood group is not rare so its easy to find a donor.


Richard keeps getting weak and that really breaks my heart.






Vanessa, Freda, Ivy, Jane and Rebecca stood by Richard on his last hours.


Sadness was written all over their faces.


Jane kept crying blaming herself.


“Firstly, Aaron left. Then orchard died. Nicole died. Reena, Gwen and kelvin disappeared. Marcus, michael andashton disappeared and now Richard is leaving. Is this how the red blood will slowly leave earth”. Vanessa asked.




Freda place her hand on her shoulder in a comforting manner.


Richard breathed in and out three time before he finally gave up the ghost.


Seeing this, Jane fainted.


Vanessa held her head in pain.


Her son is gone.


His body slowly turned to dust and disappeared into thin air.


Jane was quickly taken to her room where ivy will attend to her.












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