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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 21

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Two months later.


The process is done but the witch power did not show in rebecca.


Its been two month since the ritual started but still nothing happened.


But instead, the poison is getting worst.


Eliza looked at rebecca confused.


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The ritual is having a negative effect on her, the poison is spreading really fast. It suppose to stop until she takes the antidote but it keeps spreading.


Rebecca looked at her weakly.


“What……. What…… Is wrong? “.


Sge asked.


“Rebecca, making you a witch was a terrible idea. Its making it worst and you are not turning to a witch. That is surprising”. Eliza replied.




She place her hand on rebecca head and trace it to her stomach. She stopped.


“Wait I can feel something”.


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She said.



“Wha…….. What? “.


“I can feel something”.


Eliza said again.


“Feel what Eliza? “.


Lucius asked entering the room alongside, Nicole, Freda, Vanessa , Marcus, Gwen and Ivy.


Nicole ran to rebecca and held her hand.


“What is wrong with her? What have you done to her? “.


He asked.


Rebecca looked at Eliza.


“Don’t say anything”.


She said but not loud.


“She’s….. She’s been weak, So….. So I decided to check what was wrong with her”.


“Rebecca have been weak? “.


Freda asked walking to where rebecca lay.


“So what is wrong with her? What did you find out? “.


Gwen asked.


“I notice something in her, but I can’t figure out what”.


“Then go, figure it out”.


Lucius said.


Eliza bowed and went back to Rebecca.


Rebecca smiled at her.


Nicole held Rebecca’s hand, while Eliza place her hand on rebecca stomach and close her eyes.



“I can feel some thing moving, like a beating heart. I can feel someone forming in your womb”.


She opened her eyes.


“You are pregnant Rebecca”.


She said.


“Huh? “.


Rebecca asked.


Nicole looked at Eliza shocked.


“You are carrying a baby”.


Eliza said.


For the first time in nicole’s life, he have never felt happy hearing a news like this.


The joy in him knew no bound.


Even the Granduwella’s where all happy.


“We will hear a cry of a baby soon”.


Gwen said smiling.


Rebecca too was happy.


It was a moment of joy.


“You are no longer the last child anymore. A baby is coming soon”.


Ivy said to Nicole.


“Gosh am so happy”.


“Congrats son”.


Marcus said.


Freda couldn’t hide her joy. She hugged rebecca tight.


“Thank you”.


She said.






“If I was human, I would be crying now”.


She said.


Rebecca smiled.


Eliza looked at rebecca sadly.


She now know the reason why rebecca wasn’t turning to a witch. Its because of the baby and that is dangerous.


“Eliza why aren’t you happy”.


“Am happy. But there is a problem”.


All attention where focused on her.


“What is it? Tell me”.


Nicole said.


“The poison will greatly affect the child”.


“What do you mean by that”.


Nicole asked.


“Rebecca can’t be cured as long as that baby is in her. If the baby take in the antidote and the poison, it will turn the child to something else”.


“The child won’t be a vampire? “.


“Don’t know, but the child will be something else apart from been a vampire”.


“The antidote? What is it? “.


“The blood of the beast”.



“Is there any other way”.




“There must be a way”.


Gwen said.


“Yes, scientifically, there should be a way”.


Ivy said.


“cant say that for now”.


Eliza said.


“Don’t worry rebecca, we will find the cure and save your baby”.


Ivy said.


“But first before taking a drastic decision, we need to invite a seer over to tell us


the fate of the baby”.


Lucius said.


“Good idea father”.


Marcus said.


“I will call one now”.


Vanessa said and left.






In an hour, the seer came to the mansion.


“Welcome great seer”.


The seer bowed.


“Its been long Lucius”.


“Yes old friend”.


“So who am I reading the future for? “.


“For my unborn great grandchild “.


“your great grand child? Which of your grandchildren? “.


“Nicole. Its Nicole child”.


“Nicole? The most powerful vampire? Have he gotten his mate? “.




Lucius said and pointed at rebecca.


Rebecca sat down on a couch while the seer looked at her.


He laughed.


“Something great. Someone great. The chosen one. The first werewolf after they where extinct. The first witch among the red bloods, the most powerful vampire living.” He pointed at rebecca. “The child you are carrying will correct your wrongs. She will build back the destroyed buildings. She will make the three supernatural unite again alongside her two hybrid partners. The key and the sword. They will make a strong force. And they are I. C. E like their names”. He said.


“I don’t understand “.


Rebecca said.


“The child you are carrying needs to be protected cause evil will like to take her away. She will be in the center of both good and evil until she is eighteen. Her full powers is going to show when she is eighteen”.


“That will be more than a hundred years”.


“No, your child is going to grow like a normal human being. (Join Group)


More stories @ She is not like a vampire who


lives for ages. She is the product of your wish. She will be a normal human until


she is eighteen”.


He said.


Rebecca felt happy within her.


At least her daughter will experience what a normal life is for eighteen years.


“And when she is eighteen, make sure she is united with the key and sword”.


“But who is the sword and key”.


Lucius asked.


“The key shall come from one of you but the sword will come from an unexpected place”.


He replied.


“But what will be my wrongs? “.


“In a few days time, you will know”.


He replied.






Maren pov


I smiled at myself.


Am indeed wise.


The beast of tarak will be the perfect teammate to destroy the red blood.


I will join hands with him.


And have summoned him already.


His on his way here.


“Your eminence, the beast is here”.


One of my witches said.


“Let him in”.


I said.


She left and in a few minutes, the palace began to shake.


The huge beast walked into my palace with blood dripping from his mouth.


His horns where large like that of a buffalo. His eyes where red, his nails long, his legs where like the leg of a horse, but huge ones. His chest to his waist where like a gorilla. His face was that of a lion.


“You just killed my witch, didn’t you? “.


She asked.


“Shut up and tell me why you called me here”.


He said with his voice which shook the palace.


I walked to him.


“I will prefer talking to you in your human form”.


“Don’t play with me witch”.


He roared.


I raised up my hand and he knelt down holding his head groaning in pain.


I brought my hand down and he fell on the floor.


“Now, your human form”.


I said and he change to human.


He looked at me and stood up.


“What did you do to me”.


“I just punished you a bit for disobeying me”.


“How is that possible, I can never be punished”.


“It is possible cause you are looking at the most powerful witch”.


“What do you want from me? “.


“An alliance”.



He looked at me.


“For what? “.


“To destroy the Granduwella’s “.


He laughed.


“I don’t need your alliance or what so ever. I can kill them my self”


Maren laughed.


“You fool”.


She turned.


“If they can wipe out the whole black blood vampires”. She turned back to look at him. “Why can’t they do the same to you? “.


“The black bloods are weak”.


“you think so”. She walked back to see on her thrown. “You where killed by a human king remember. And two vampires among them are the most powerful vampires”.


“The human king killed me cause I was nice and lenient. But now am a terror”.


“You are an idiot. The red bloods are powerful”.


“Really, then why are they not able to catch me? I poisoned one of them and they did not see me”.


I stood up.


“you did? Which of them”.


“A brunette girl”.




I thought.



“You can only poison her but its just a matter of time before she finds you and kills you. The poison won’t do any harm on her”. I said.




He frowned.


“My poison is powerful”.


“We are talking about the most powerful vampire here”.


“So it won’t harm her? “.


This beast is beginning to frustrate me.


“Yes fool”.


He sighed.


“Then why did you want to kill them when you know killing you is just a piece of shit”.


“They killed my daughter. And they must pay for it. And we joining hands will


ruin them”.


I said.


He looked at me for a while.


“I don’t trust witches but I really want to kill them so that I will be able to kill all


humans. What’s your plan”.


He asked.


I smiled.


Now that is what I want to hear.













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