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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 20

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Rebecca pov


“So when will the ritual commence”.


I asked.


“if you want it right now then let’s start, it won’t take long”.


Eliza replied.


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Finally I will be able to know who my mother is.


“So what am I going to do? “.


“Just sit and watch”.


I sat down close to her.


She put the book in front of a bowl of water.


She began to dance weirdly round the fire.


She danced for thirty minutes before she finally stopped.


She looked at me.


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I stood up and went to her.


“Look at the water”.


I did as I was told.


“Look deeper”.


She said and I obeyed.


The water suddenly turned black.


My mom appeared in the water, she was dressed in black.








Princess eledin knelt down before her father.


Elias was still a young lad standing close to her.


“Father you called for me”.


“Yes princess. I have a task for you”.


“Speak father”.


King Amacius stood up from the throne.


“Your brother, Elias is still young and tender so he can’t do anything for now”.


He looked at eledin.


“And that leaves the task to you”.


“What do you want me to do? Tell me and I will do that immediately “.


She said.


King Amacius smiled.


“I want you to go to earth and kill the Granduwella’s. I want you to pretend to be among them, but in the process bring their most priceless secret”. He said.




Emedin smiled.


“That is not a problem father, i will do all I can to destroy those red bloods”.


She said and left.


Rebecca slowly opened her eyes.


“My….. My……. My……. Mom…….. Is a……. Black blood vampire? “.


She asked.


“That…….. That means……. Am…… Am…… A black……. Blood vampire”.


Eliza looked at her shocked.


“What are you saying rebecca? “.


“My…….. My……. Mom…… A black blood”.


She replied.


“Oh no”.


Eliza said.


Definitely its not a goodnews.


“How can it be possible? “. Rebecca asked . “I can’t be a black blood vampire. Am not a black blood vampire”.


“This is shocking. I mean how is this possible”.


Eliza asked.


“Gosh this is unbelievable “.


Rebecca said.


She quickly held Eliza hand.


“Eliza, please don’t tell anyone about thks yet. I don’t want them to know now till


am ready. Please don’t tell them”.


She said.


“Don’t worry, I won’t, I know what they will do to you if I do”.


She said.


“I need to get this poison out of my body first before I think about my mom”.


Rebecca said.


“But there is no other way”.


“And that is why am using the only way”.


“What? “.


“Am going to become a witch”.


“What? That is so not right”.


“I know but what other choice do I have”.


“You need to discuss this with Nicoke or any of the Granduwella’s “.


Eliza said.


“No, I won’t tell them. None of them most know about this “.


“But Rebecca……. “.


“Promise me you won’t tell anyone about this”.



Eliza looked at rebecca for some minutes before she sighed.


“If that is what you want, no problem. But if anything occur, don’t say I did not


warn you”.


Eliza said.


“Nothing will happen”.


Rebecca said.


“Ok if you say so, I will make you a witch. But first you need to disconnect your soul from Nicole”.


“What? Will it make us lose our powers”.


“No, your power will still be there but your souls won’t be connected again”.


“No problem. Connecting our souls will bring lot of harm to him and I don’t want


any harm near Nicole “.


Rebecca said.


“Ok, we will start this night”.


Eliza said.


Rebecca smiled and left the room.






Richard pov


I carried a file going through it.


Its important so I need to study it well.


Suddenly my chest ache.


I breathed in and out and the pain reduce.


I continued going through the file but the pain came like a gun shot at me.


I knelt down putting my hand on my chest groaning.


Suddenly, me hand became invisible.


Where did my hand go?.


I sat down on the floor.


This means one thing.


I am slowly disappearing to the torment world.






Author pov




Rebecca laid on a bed in the hospital basement.


She lied to Nicole that she had something important to do so she left the house.


“I will have to disconnect your soul from Nicole”.


“Will it hurt? “.


“No it won’t “.


Eliza replied.


“Now close your eyes”.


Rebecca did as she was told.


Eliza carried a bowl of mixed medicine.


“Take, drink”.


She said giving it to rebecca.


Rebecca opened her eyes and collected it.


“What is this”.


“Human blood mix with python venom”.


“What? Python venom? Won’t it kill me? “.


“It won’t. Don’t worry, its a slow and gradual process and it might take mouths”.


“What the Why telling me this now?”.


“Thought I told you this before”


“No you did not “.


Rebecca lay back on the bed.


“Just do it”.


“Drink it first”.


Rebecca sat up and drank the medicine.


“Gross, it taste bad”.


“Yes, I know”.


Eliza brought her spell book and began to recite it.


Rebecca began to feel something leaving her, after sometime it stop.


“I felt something Eliza”.


“Yes, you are now disconnected”.


“But he won’t find out right”.


“Not until you tell him “.




“You haven’t become a witch yet. It do take months “.


“No problem, am patience”.


Rebecca said.












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