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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 2

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An unknown land.


A land filled with darkness.


A land of pains.


A land that people hate to go to.


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The land of torment.



A woman sat quietly thinking of her life.


She is a beautiful woman, her hair color is Grey, she has Grey eyes too.


She looks so pale, it was as if she was a living dead.


She looks weak and sad.


“Hey you come here immediately”.


A man with a husky voice said.


She stood up and went to him.

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“My feet is dirty, lick it with your tongue”.


A tear dropped from her eyes.


She is not suppose to cry as a vampire, but she have lost her power.


She slowly knelt down.


“Quick, lick the dirt out”.


The man said.


She brought out her tongue and did as the man said.


She wish this will end soon.






Emedin POV


Was is a mistake falling in love?.


Was is a mistake falling in love with a human?.


I miss my Davis.


I miss my emedia.


I miss my little baby.


I wish I can see her again.


“That is enough”.


The torment lord said.


I stood up and left.


If there is anyway to see my baby then am ready to do anything to see her.


I love my darling.


“You want to see your daughter? “.


An old woman asked looking at me.


Have never seen her here before.


I nodded.




She smiled.


“There is a way”.


She said.






Rebecca POV


Am gonna resume work at the hospital today.


I took my bath and went out of the room given to me.


“Hi Rebecca”.


Reena said.




I said smiling.


“Off to work already? “.


She asked.




“Have breakfast first before you go”.


I smiled and went to the dinning room.


Richard, Nicole, grandpa, and aunt Vanessa were seated already having their breakfast.


“Come and join us Rebecca”.


Richard said smiling.


I walk up to the table and sat down close to Nicole.


I had my breakfast before I left.


Actually Nicole drove me to the hospital.


But he left cause he got something important to do.


I walked to the intern office.




Mi so called coming to hug me.


“Where have you been? “.


She asked.


“Been out of the country”.


I lied.


“Really? Where? “.


She asked.




“Africa? Wow”.


The third female intern said.


Ok her name haven’t been mention since I came to this hospital.


Well her name is Anna.


“hmm…… Nigeria”.


I said the first word that popped out of my head.


“Nigeria? “.


Anna asked.




“Where are the pictures you took, I will like to see them”.


Anna said.






Where the heck will i get a picture I took in Nigeria when I did not even go there.


What will I do?.


“Where is it? “.


Anna asked.


“Well,….. Well……. It…… Its…… In my laptop at home, its not in my phone”.


I said.


“Ohhhh. make sure you bring it tomorrow”.


Anna said.


Mi so kept on smiling.


Anna went back to her seat.


“Why are you smiling at me “.


I asked Mi so.


“Well, nothing”.


She said.


“Nothing? Stop lying”.


I said sensing it.


“Ok fine, its just that I really miss you”.


She said.


I smiled.


What a sweet friend.


“So where have you been? And don’t lie to me like you did to Anna”.


She said.


“Well, I took some days off to check out some things about me you know”.


Rebecca said.


“So what did you find out? “.


“Nothing yet”.


“Hmm. Hope you find out soon”.


Mi so said.






Later on.


I sat in Nicole office, close to him.


He was operating his computer.


“So Rebecca, which place where you born?”.


He asked.


We were doing some research on my origin.


“Hmm, don’t really know”.


I replied.


“Ok… So how old are you? “.


He asked.


“136 I guess”.


I said.


He type something on the computer.


“This is so gonna be hard. Without knowing your mom name or where you where


born. Its really hard”.


He said.


“Gosh.. “.


I signed frustratedly.


He held my hand.


“Don’t worry sweetie. We will sort everything out. We will know who your mom is”.


He said.


I smiled and hugged him.






Freda POV


Vanessa, Vanessa.


I so much hate that woman.


And orchard, he supported her yesterday.



That witch is trying to take my husband away from me.


I will so deal with her.


She will regret ever knowing this family.


I mean, gosh, she irritates me.


I brought out my phone and smiled.


I wrote something in her blog and posted it.


After this, she won’t go near my husband.


And orchard, he will not defend any woman in his life again after am done with








Vanessa POV


my phone rang.


I happily picked it cause it was my friend who called.


“Hello Mary”.


I said.


“Vanessa what’s this am seeing in your blog”.


“Huh? “.


“What the heck is that”.


“What do you mean? What did you see in my blog”.


“Freda posted a lot of thing about you in your blog and its getting a lot of views


and negative comments”.


She said.



“What the heck? “.


I disconnected the call and opened my blog.


Oh my God.




She really posted a lot of negative things.


Like am a gold digger


Am trying to seduce her husband.


And lots more.


What the heck is this?.


Have this gotten to this extent.


What did I ever do to her.


Why do she want to destroy me.


I stood up and went to her room.


“What is the meaning of this Freda”.


“Didn’t your parent teach you to knock before entering someone else room”.


She asked.


“Freda what is the meaning of this”


I asked angrily.


She cracked and stood up.


“Isn’t that what you are.. A gold digger”.


She asked.


“Have this really gotten to this extent… And why labelling me a gold digger”.


“Because that is what you are. And yes it have gotten to this extent. Now if you can excuse me, I want to take a nap. So get out of my room”. She said.




“Freda, you will regret doing this to me”.


I said and left.


She will surely regret this.


Cause am gonna make sure she is humiliated all her life.


That is a promise.






Orchard POV


Freda really disappointed me today.


I mean how could she.


After warning her, she still went ahead embarrassing Vanessa.


What will I do to that woman.


I parked my car and gave the key to the driver.


“Park the car well”.


I said and rush in.


I need to give Freda a piece of my mind.




I called when i get to her room.


“What is it”.


She asked with a smile coming to meet me.


“Why did you do that”.


I asked.


“Why did I do what? “.


She asked.


“Freda what’s your problem? What did Vanessa do to you?”.


“Defending her again”.


She said with no spirit of guilt.


“What did she ever do to you? “.


I asked.


“Am your wife so support me instead”


She yelled.


“Don’t you dare yell at me”.


I yelled back.


“I hope this will be the end”.


I said and left.






Freda POV




He still defended her again.


That Vanessa.


Don’t judge me wrong.


My problem with Vanessa started way before I got married to orchard, its something have not tell anyone yet, even Vanessa don’t know why am angry with her.


She have made matter worst.


Orchard have made matter worst.


I really hate you Vanessa.

















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