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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 19

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Eliza opened the door to rebecca room and smiled at her.


“Rebecca, how are you feeling now?”.




She looked at rebecca hand.


“The poison is still in your body”.


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“Yes, Nicole told me”.


She examine it.


“Is there not a solution?.


Eliza looked at her.


“There is, but its dangerous”.


“Dangerous? How? “.


“The antidote will only come from the beast itself”.


“What? “.


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“The beast blood is the cure to the poison”.


“But how can I get it from him”.


“And that is where the danger is”.


“how? “.


“You will have to become a witch, to collect the blood and cure yourself”.



“A witch? Why must I be a witch to collect the blood from him? I can collect it from him as a vampire”.


“Its not as easy as you think rebecca. The blood can only work when you are a


witch. It don’t work for vampires, and that is why you need to become a witch”.


She said and sighed. “But that will be impossible cause the Granduwella’s will not




Eliza said.


‘Is that the only way? “.


“Yes, that is the only way I can think of now”.


Rebecca closed her eyes and opened it.


“I will just lose my powers if I don’t get cured right? “.


“Yes you will lose your powers and it will kill you. The poison of the beast of tarak is the second things that can kill the red blood vampires”.


Rebecca sighed.


This is not what she wish for.


She either die or get cured by been a witch.






Rebecca pov


I only have two options left now.


“Let me get you some herbs that will help ease the pain”.


Eliza said and left.


I will either be a witch or die.


But which one of them should I choose?.


If I die then all my wish will be for nothing.


Nicole and I haven’t even gotten married yet.


We don’t have a child yet.




Reena called entering my room.


“Hi Reena”.


“How are you now? “.


She asked.


“Better as never before”.


She looks cheerful and that is great.


She looked at my hand.


“This poison in you keeps bothering me”.


She said.


“It bothers me too”.


“If this poison is dangerous like they say, then we will lose the two most powerful vampires, and am scared of that”.


“What do you mean by that? “.


“If this poison is dangerous enough to kill a vampire, then its scary. Cause if


anything happens to you, that same thing will happen to Nicole cause your souls


are connected”.


She said.


Oh my God, I almost forgot that my soul is connected to nicole’s. If I die, then he




No, no, no, this can’t be true.


“I hope Eliza finds a cure as soon as possible cause I can’t lose you two again. I lost my father and I won’t lose anyone again”. She said.




Note :


All what I could think of was what will happen to Nicole.


I can’t let anything happen him.


No, I won’t let anything happen to him.


I will become a witch and take the blood of the beast cause that is the only way I can save him.


“Rebecca are you ok? “.


She asked.


“Huh? “.


“You seem lost in thought”.


I fake a smile.


“Am okay”.




sex scene. Beware. Don’t say I did not warn you oh. If you are less than eighteen jump and pass, but above eighteen and you can handle the situation, you can go ahead and read.




Its been two days now.


Rebecca have already made up her mind to become a witch but she haven’t told anyone not even Eliza.


She is just waiting for sometime to be sure she is ready for it.


Rebecca sat on her bed.


Her hand was bandaged.



She is strong enough to do things now cause the herds Eliza have been making was really helping a lot.


Nicole opened the door and entered the room grinning.


He walked to the bed and sat down close to rebecca.


“Rebecca I will be sleeping in this room tonight, hope you are okay with it? “.


“Do you have to ask? Common, its your soulmate’s room”.


She replied.


Nicole smiled.


“This will be the perfect time to tell him”.


Rebecca thought.


“Gosh, am really happy today and I hope to remain happy throughout the rest of


today. I don’t want to hear any bad news or something heartbreaking. Even if its


just this once, I want to remain happy”.


He said.


Rebecca gave up the idea to tell him.


“I won’t spoil his mood, I won’t tell him again”.


She thought.


He looked at her.


“I don’t want to be the only one to share in this happily. I want to share it with you.


Do tell me, what will I do to make you happy now? “.


Rebecca looked deep into his eyes.


“Say you love me”.


“Huh? “.



“You have never said the I love you words since we started dating. Is it to hard to say? “.


“I haven’t said that? What kind of a fool I am”.


“A cute one”.


Rebecca said and pouted her lips.


Nicole smiled.


“I love you”.


He said with sincerity.


Rebecca couldn’t hide the joy she felt in her heart.


She pulled him for a deep kiss.


She pulled away and smiled at him.


Nicole kissed her again and this time he kissed her like he have never done before.


Rebecca remove her lips from his.


“Let’s make love”.


She said with so much passion in her eyes.


Nicole looked at her.


“Are you sure? “.


He asked.


“Yes, I want it now”.


That was the words his been wanting to hear.


Rebecca pov


His hands slowly went from the back of my smooth flawless lap up to my ass and he gently squeezed it



I pulled him closer and kissed him again like never before as we both fell on the bed


I was on top of him with my two legs between his and his hand wrapped firmly around my waist


He rolled over on the bed which made me under him while he was the one on top now still kissing passionately and our kiss was sort of rough anyway


He made me wrap my legs around his waist and I could feel his hardness rubbing against my v****a


He slowly unbuttoned my shirt during the kiss tossing them aside and revealing my round perky medium sized b**bs


His hand grabbed my left boobs as he squeezed it gently in his hand which made me moan a little


He slowly parted my panties with his finger as he slid it into it and that made me moan even louder,another finger was added to the one in it already as he used his thumb to rubb my cl*t,I was going to have my first orgasm as he slid his finger in and out of my VG still rubbing my sweet spot with his thumb


‘Shittttt’ I moaned between my words as Nicole continued his finger magic


With his finger still in me busy making me feel waves of pleasure


He slowly went for my boobs. I felt so much pleasure when his mouth sucked on my left and then the right biting it gently


He stopped sucking on me and slid his finger out of me and grabbed the edge of my panties as he slid it down.


He kissed me from my cleavage down to my abdomen and he looked at me one more time before he placed a soft kiss on my VG



I moaned and before I knew what was going my mind went wild as he used his mouth to play magic on my VG


I could not control my sounds anymore


This feels so darn good


He moved his head back to my mouth and kissed me making me taste my orgasm in his mouth


He kissed my neck and I helped pulled down his Jean as I grabbed his d**k in my hand


It was so damn big my hand could not go around it


I wonder if it can fit


He whispered in my ear ‘I am about to have you as mine permanently..tell me now if you don’t want this to happen ‘


“go ahead, I will love to be yours forever”.


He smirked and made me wrap my legs around his waist positioning his c*ck at my entrance


I closed my eye and inhaled deeply as he slowly jams an inch into me


I squeezed my eyes in pain ‘I promise it will be over soon ‘


He said as he kissed my neck


He went further into me and I gasped in pain but Nicole Quickly caught my lips in his kissing me with so much passion trying to distract me from the pain


And it worked



Nicole finally pulled his length into me and at first it hurt but it was only a matter of time before pain turned into extreme pleasure


I scream his name as he thrust deeper into me faster as my body adjust to his length.


Thank goodness everybody where out.


After some times he finally released into me


We both lied on the bed tiredly.


Nicole looked at me and smiled.


“I love you rebecca”.


“I love you too Nicole”.








Richard pov


I stood at the kitchen door looking at Jane as she was cooking.


I can’t hid my feelings anymore.


I know I will be sent to the land of torment, but I will die if I don’t tell her how I feel.


I hugged her from behind and she shifted a little.


I know she is very surprise at my action.


She turned and looked at me.


“Richard? “.


“I love you jane”.


I said.



The men who where trying to kill her have been dealt with by me but still yet I refuse to let her go cause am in love with her.


I can’t hide it again.


I love her.


She looked at me surprise.


“What? “.


“I love you Jane very much. Sorry for trying to push you away”.


I said.


She pulled me and kissed me.


“I love you Richard”.


She said when she pulled out from the kiss.


I hugged her tight.






Rebecca pov


I opened my eyes to see a sleeping Nicole close to me.


I smiled remembering how my first night was.


I stood up from the bed, wore my cloth and went to meet Eliza.




I called.


“Good morning sweetie”.


I gave her my mom diary which I was holding.


“That is my mom diary”.


“Wow you found it”.



“Yes”. “Eliza have you find another solution to the poison”.


I asked.


She looked at me sadly.


“Not yet.”.


She said.


Gosh this don’t sound good.

















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