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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 18

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(Short episode)


Orchard slowly fell to the ground.




Nicole called going on his kneels.


Freda, Reena and ivy ran to him.


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Rebecca looked angrily at the black blood.


Her eyes suddenly turned green, while Nicole eyes turned black.


Rebecca hair became very long.


Her nails became long.


Her fangs came out.



She look like the beautiful goddess of the sea, but her face expression was that of a fearless and angry lion.


Same with Nicole, his nails grew longer and his fangs where all out.


He stood up and looked at rebecca.

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Winds blew, the sky became dark.


In a blink of an eye, Nicole and rebecca got rid of all the black blood soldiers.


Amacius tried running away, while Elias tries hiding.


But rebecca removed king Amacius head out of his neck, while Nicole stabbed Elias in his heart the same way Elias stabbed orchard.


Immediately all the black bloods where killed, everything became normal.


Rebecca and Nicole transformed back.


Rebecca ran to where orchard was.


Orchard was breathing real fast.


He looked at his wife and children.


He forced a smile.


“Nicole, Reena, ivy, am proud of you three. You made me proud today. All of you


made me proud”.


He said.


“Father don’t say anything again, save your strength”.


Ivy said.


“You three should take care of your mother”.


He said as blood gushed out from his mouth.


“Freda please take care of yourself”.



“No don’t say that, you will be fine “.


Freda said.


Orchard smiled.


He slowly close his eyes and gave up the ghost.




Reena called.




Rebecca called.


Orchard bowed his head sorrowfully.


“My son”.


He said.


Maren looked at the Granduwella’s spitefully from where she hide.


Her daughter, matilda died alongside the black bloods.


“You killed my daughter and for that I will destroy you all, I will make you all pay. I will wipe out all living vampires, you all shall be a tale and that I promise”. (Join Group) More stories @ She said and disappeared .


Rebecca began to feel weak, the poison was spreading really fast.


She fell down on the floor and lose consciousness.






Rebecca pov


I slowly opened my eyes to see my self on a bed.


A life machine was close to me.


I tired sitting down but my back hurt.


“Don’t do that rebecca”.




I called happily.


He hugged me.


“You finally woke up”.


“What happened? Where am I? “.


“You are in the hospital”.


“Why? “.


“Cause you where poisoned and that really caused a damage in your body”.


“What? “.


I close my eyes to remember all what happened and then it came flashing back.


How father was killed. How the black bloods all died.


“Father? “.


“His been buried”.


“Since when”.


“ten days ago”.


“For how long have my been here? “.


“Two weeks”.


“What? Two weeks? “.



“Yes “.


“What about the poison? Have it completely been removed”.


“Nope, it can’t be removed”.


“Why? “.


“Cause it isn’t just any poison but the venom of the beast of tarak”.


“Beast of tarak? Who is that? “.


“The beast who escaped from the poison of darkness”.


“What are you talking about”.


“The beast of tarak lived on earth a millelium years ago. It was feared by all. Its


stronger than what you could imagine. But he was ruthless. He was slayed by the


human king then”.


He stood up.


“And now, am sure his back for revenge”.


“Revenge? Why? “.


“To avenge his death. He is going to kill all humans now. I wonder how he escaped the prison”.


“So what will the poison do to me”.


“It will make you weak and eventually take your powers away”.


“So what am I going to do? “.


“Eliza is still looking for a solution”.


He said and sat down again close to me.



“You scared me back then, thought I lost you”.


“No you haven’t and you wouldn’t anytime soon”.


He smiled.






Maren pov


I sat on the old king throne angrily.


Its two weeks now, two weeks.


Two weeks since I lost my daughter.


I have come to a decision to make armies.


But I will need the blood of an hybrid.


And that hybrid is Rebecca.






Rebecca POV.


Nicole narrated everything to me.


Mom Freda is now better.


They are all doing well.


I looked at the green spot on my hand which was still there.


I have always wanted a happy life but enemies keeps coming.


Will this war ever stop?.


The black blood are dead now, but this new villain is more tricky and powerful than them, so it will be hard to kill him.


But I will make sure he never kills a soul.


I just hope all this ends well.



Will it?.


I suddenly felt the urge to be human.


Am jealous of them now, they live a life without rules.


After I find my mom, I will do all I can to become human.


I will convince Nicole to become human too.


We will all go to south korea and have our family there.


We will all be going on a vacation to places like, Nigeria, south Africa, France, Cameron and lot of places.


I want a peaceful live.


I want to grow old with my family.











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