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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 17

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(Short episode)


Nicole pov


I pushed Elias hard on the floor.


He tried standing up but I gave him a blow.


“You think you can defect me? “.


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He laughed.


“Don’t be surprise when I do”.


He said.


I gave him a lunch on his face.


I haven’t transform yet.


He groan in pain.


“You made a mistake by coming here”.


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I said giving him a blow again.




Eliza created a huge fire with her staff, and threw it to Maren but Maren was quick enough to push it away.


“You still got skills been the oldest witch alive”.


“Yes of course I got rare skills, you should learn from me sweetie”.


“In your dreams”.


Maren blasted Eliza with a fire in a spherical shape, but Eliza was quick enough to


threw it away.






King Amacius pov


King amacius looked at Lucius and smirked.


“Don’t you think you have lost some weight…….. Brother”.


Amacius asked.


“I warn you never to call that, am not your brother”.


“Wow, but you are, my father is your father, my mother is your mother. We are brothers so why are you denying the fact”. Amacius asked smirking.




“I can’t be a brother to a betrayer and a devil”.


Lucius said.



“I wonder why mom always take your side in everything, she hated me but love you and dad don’t care about me, am going to kill you today so you will join them where ever they are. You will have to tell them how successful I am”. King amacius said.


Lucius push him to the wall.


“They cared about you, they love you but you killed them. ”


Lucius said and gave him a blow which threw him to the wall again.


Amacius groan in pain.


The mansion


Orchard sneak into the house looking for both Freda and Vanessa.


“Where could they be? “.


He asked.


He went to their room, but they weren’t there.


“The basement”


He said going there.


He opened the door and met the both of them.


“Freda, Vanessa”.


He called.


Freda slowly stood up and hugged him.


“You came”.


Vanessa said smiling.


“Now Freda let’s get out of here, let me talk you to a safe place”.


“And leave my family behind, and leave my family to fight alone. No that is not possible”.



“Don’t be stubborn, let’s go”.


He said.


“Yes Freda, you are not strong right now to fight”.


“Am strong and am going to fight. I will stay close to my children”.


She said.


“Ok fine, but first you need strength”.


Orchard said.


“A vampire can only get strength from blood. But don’t know if it will work, cause we don’t know what exactly is wrong with her”. Vanessa said.




Orchard sighed.


He brought his hand close to Freda mouth.


“Take, drink as much as you want”.


“No way, you need strength, drinking your blood will make you weak”.


“Don’t worry, just drink it so that we can leave this place”.


He said.


Freda sighed sucked his blood.


“How are you feeling”.


Orchard asked.


“Am a little bit better. At least I can feel my strength” she replied. “Orchard let’s go


to the hospital”.


She said and left.


“She is just so stubborn”.


Orchard said and joined her.



The war.


The war in the hospital was really terrifying cause a lot of blood where spilled.


The Granduwella’s should never be underestimated cause of their strength.


Almost all the black bloods soldiers have been killed.






Elias pov


Nicole kept on hiting me.


Seriously he is strong.


I looked to my right and the bag containing the butterflies was by my side.


I slowly carried it and looked at him.


He was walking towards me.


I opened the bag and took out a butterfly, well I was wearing a glove.


I threw it at him.


And in just a minute he fell on the floor asleep.


Great, this is all I need.


I looked at the others and they where really engaged in the fight.


I sneak into the hospital.


Author pov


Nicole woke up more earlier than he should. Reason because he is a powerful vampire .


He tried standing up but he was weak, really weak.


Elias got hold of the knife and smile.


“Now is time to kill Nicole”.


He said and left.






Author pov


Orchard, Vanessa and Freda all came to the hospital.


The black blood increase in number cause of the illusions.


Reena also arrive with Rebecca .


Elias ran towards Nicole who was backing him with the knife.


“Son? “.


Orchard asked looking at who Elias was running to.


Elias got very close to Nicole with the knife, he rose it to stab him with it but someone stood in front and Elias ended up stabbing the person in his heart.


Nicole slowly turned.


“Father? “.


“Orchard… “.


Freda shouted.




Ivy and reena shouted.


Rebecca stood shocked.




Nicole called.















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