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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 16

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Rebecca pov


“Here we are”.


I said to Reena after sighting the house.


We both walk really fast and entered the old house.


The house is so old, well its more than a hundred years.


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I began to search for the book.


Although it was hard, but I finally found the book.


“Reena have found it”.


I said happily.


“Really? “.


She asked.


She walked to me and smiled seeing the book.


“Now let’s go”.


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She said.



I turned to leave but my system suddenly felt tighten.


As if I will throw up any moment.


And finally I throwed up, but it was blood.




Reena called scared.


I began to cough out blood.




Reena called obviously confused.


“Reena what is wrong with me”.


I asked.


“Maybe the poison….. “.


She looked at my hand.


“Oh my God its spreading really fast”.


She said.


Black veins where now visible on my hand, the green spot was getting bigger.


“We need to hurry back”.


She said holding my hand as she lead me out.






King amacius pov.


I smiled sitting on my throne.


Elias was standing beside me.


“Sir the soldiers are ready”.


A servant said bowing.


I stood up and smiled.


“Call Maren and the old witch”.


I said.


He left and came back five minutes later with Maren, Matilda and the old witch.


“The soldiers are outside create an illusion for me. I want every of them to be doubled”.


I said smiling.


Maren looked shock.


“Your highness, what are your plans”.


She asked.


“You will know once we get there”.


I smiled looking at Elias who also smiled.


The witches all left and after an hour they where done.


“Your highness we are done”.


Maren said.


I went out side to address the soldiers.


They where many now.


“How many are they”.


I asked the army general.


“They where 10,000, but now with the illusion created they will be 20,000 soldiers”.


“Wow ,the Granduwellas won’t be able to defect that number and a thousand of poisoned butterflies”.


I said smiling.


“My fellow blood thirsty vampires. The time have come when we will take our revenge. The time have come for us to kill the red blood. The time have come for you all to feed on their blood. So drink as many blood as you like, its our time for revenge…. “.


I shouted, they all began to shout bringing out their fangs.


“Witches transport us to earth”.


I said.


They chanted some words and before the blink of an eye, we where transported to








King Amacius smiled.


“The fake soldiers should go to the Granduwella’s mansion for distraction. Kill anybody you see”.


The 10,000 soldiers bowed and left.


The mansion.


Freda was lying on the bed weak.


“Freda is getting weak day by day, did that witch trick me”.


Vanessa thought looking at Freda from the door.


Suddenly breeze began to blow opening the windows and doors.


“What is going on? “.


She asked.


She then gasped.


“Oh no, this is what happened before the war. Could this mean another war”.


She asked.



She began to hear shouts.


She walked to the window and peeped.


She shifted back in shock when she saw more than a thousand vampires outside trying to fight their way in.


Five guards where down already.


Something then caught her attention.


“The witch who fulfilled my wishes”.


She asked.


It was actually the fake Maren.


She looked at Freda who was so weak.


“I can’t fight all this vampires my self, I need to get Freda out of here. That witch is with the black bloods, only God knows what she did to Freda”. She said going to the bed.


She tapped Freda.


“Hmm? “.


Freda asked opening her eyes.


“Freda, get up, we need to get out of here cause war is coming”.


She said.


“War? My children where are they? “.


“Still at the hospital. Let’s get out of here”.


Vanessa said.


She assisted Freda up and they both left.



Immediately the fake soldiers left, the real once went to the hospital.


Humans began to run for their lives.


The black blood were trying all their best to break down the door.


The Granduwella’s were gathered in an office.


“This is so unexpected”.


Kelvin said.


“Yes, they planned a surprise attack on us”.


Ashton said.


“What are we going to do? “.


Michael asked.


“We are the Granduwella’s, we are the only red bloods, we have two powerful


vampires….. And where is rebecca? “.


Lucius asked.


“She went out for a while, she will soon get back”.


Nicole said.


“Eliza you will have to help us”.


“Don’t worry I will”.


She said smiling.


“Now go get all you need so that we will send this vampires back to where they


came from”.


Lucius said.


All the Granduwella’s went back to their offices to get prepared.


When they were done, they all came outside with their fangs out.



The black bloods where still trying to come in, the hospital was cleared of people who ran for their lives.


It was very quiet.


Lucius looked at king Amacius who smirked.


“Amacius is mine”.


“No one is going to drag that with you grandfather”.


Michael said.


“Orchard go to the mansion cause I know some vampires will be there too, you


might want to save your wife”.


Lucius said.


Orchard bowed and left through the back door.


“I will deal with Maren”.


Eliza said.


“I will take her useless daughter matilda”.


Gwen said.


“Leave Elias to me”.


Nicole said.


“No one is dragging that with you”.


Ashton and michael said.


“Marcus? “.


“It will be sweet fighting those vampires”.


He said.


“Now. Attack……. “.


Lucius shouted.






The mansion


Author pov


Freda and Vanessa escaped to the house basement.


It was set for emergencies.


Vanessa carefully laid Freda on the bed.




Freda winked in pain.


“Oh my, am so sorry”.


“Thought you hate me, why did you help me”.


Freda asked.


“Freda we use to be friends not until you decided to cut ties with me, so its my


duty to help as a friend”.


Vanessa said.


“Thank you”.


“That is the first time in ages am hearing that word from you. “.


Vanessa said smiling.


Freda smiled.


“Now lie down let me check how things are”.


Vanessa said and left.






Eliza pov


I charged towards Maren and hit her with my stick.


She stood up and smirked.


“Hi Eliza, long time no see”.


“yeah and this might possibly be the last time you see me and this earth cause you


are going down”.


I said.


“Really? We will see about that”.


She said charging towards me with her sword.


She tried hitting me with the sword but i was quick enough to block it with my stick.


She did that many times but I was quick to dodge all the hits.






Gwen pov.


I charged towards matilda and we began to fight.


She is really good at dodging blows, and weapons but am good at aiming.


I kept aiming not giving up.


“Is that all you got”.


She asked.


“You haven’t seen what am capable of yet. Am just trying to warm up”.


I said smiling.


She charge towards me but I was quick enough to throw her a blow which made


her fell on the floor.






The mansion


Vanessa sat close to Freda who was still weak as ever.


“We can’t stay here forever”.


Freda said.


“What do you mean? “.


“We re vampires so we can fight them”.


“No, no, no, no Freda we are not doing that. We are just two vampires but they re more than a thousand ,they are outnumbered “. Vanessa said.




“That doesn’t matter”.


“But you are sick”.


“So, it won’t kill me”.


“With the way its getting worse everyday, am sure that witch lied to me”.


Vanessa said unconsciously.


“What did you just say”.


Vanessa realise she had just reveal the truth by mistake.




“Nothing? , you said something”.


“Well what I said was I hope that witch won’t trick us”.


“There is a witch among them”.


“Yes, they are many, didn’t you notice”.


Vanessa asked.


Freda stirred at her for a while.


“I hope you don’t have anything to do with this sickness, cause it won’t be funny”.


Freda said.


“Me? Be the cause? Its not possible. Even though we fight a lot, we are still




Vanessa said.












To be continued.

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