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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 15

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(Short episode)


Reena pov


I sat down close to rebecca unconscious body, she haven’t woken up yet neither have the creature which bite her appeared.


But what was that?.


Why was it so fast?.


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It can’t be a vampire, cause we don’t bite like that.


There is no signal here and I need to call Nicole.


Maybe it must have affected him too.


How will I get help, I can’t treat this, cause I don’t know what cause it.


She slowly opened her eyes.


“Rebecca, you are awake”.


I said relieved.


“Reena? What happened to me”.


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She asked.


“Well something poisoned you, don’t know what it is yet, so you passed out after the bite”.



“Wow, something poisoned me? “.


“Yeap. And that is why your hand is like that”.


I said looking at her hand.






Rebecca pov


I close my eyes as I remembered all what happened.


I was poisoned by something I did not see.


The spot in my hand is still green.


I stood up and wore my jacket.


“Where are you going to”.


“We are close”.


“Close? Don’t tell me you are still going to look for that diary in this condition “.


“I really need it and besides I can sense danger so we need to get back fast”.


“Danger? Where? “.


“In the hospital. Something dangerous is coming”.


I said and left.


“Hospital? “.


I heard her ask before she followed me. .






Rebecca and Reena kept on walking, and the poison kept spreading in her hand.


But what could have bitten her?.



The pain was unbearable but rebecca was so determine to get the book and nothing is stopping her.


“Rebecca are you sure you can continue?”.


Reena asked.


Rebecca force a smile.


“Yes I can, the house is close “.


“But the poison is spreading cause you are stressing yourself”.


“Don’t worry about it, it won’t kill me”.






Freda pov


I sat on the bed trying to eat but I could not.


Vampires don’t suppose to be sick, they don’t suppose to feel pains, but why me?.


Or are my days over.


The pain keeps getting worse.


Father came to check on me before he went to work.


The only person who did not check on me was Vanessa, that witch. Maybe she is the cause of this.


If i find out that she is the one, then I will make sure I destroy her.






Orchard pov


Freda looks so pale.


The pains is still unbearable.


But what could been the cause of it?.


She is a vampire, she font suppose to feel any pains.


I don’t wanna lose her.


I don’t wanna watch her die.


I must do something about this.


Eliza is still trying to figure out the cause of it but its gonna take a while and I can’t wait for it.






Ivy pov


Am really worried about mom.


Nicole haven’t come home and Reena is not back yet.


I can’t call them cause mom warned me.


Grandfather came to check on her, uncle Marcus also came, Richard, Gwen and Ashton all came but Nicole and Reena are not here with their mom. They need to be with her.


Am confuse, don’t know what to do again.






Eliza stood close to mi so chanting some words when mi so opened her eyes which was black.


The veins on her face began to disappear.


The fangs went back.


Her eyes became normal.


She looked at her surroundings and the chains on her hand.


“Where am I? Who are you? “.


She asked.


Eliza opened her eyes.


“You are finally back”.


“Who are you? And why am I chained”.


She asked.


“Relax dear, you are still in the hospital. I was the one helping with the ritual to heal you. An Eliza in case you are curious “.


Mi so began calm remembering everything.


“Where is Rebecca”.


“Rebecca went on a journey to search for something important and valuable to her”.


“When will she get back”.


“Don’t know yet”.


“Can you please unchain me”.


“I will, but you are not leaving this cell”.




“Rebecca orders, you are to leave the cell when she says so”.


“Why? “.


“Cause of your protection”.


Eliza said and lose the chains.


“Protection? But am okay”.


“Elias might still hunt you”.


Eliza said.


“So am stuck here”.


“Well kinda”.


Mi so knelt down.


“Am I still a vampire? “.




“Can’t you turn me back to human”.


“You will gradually change back cause of the ritual”.


“Let me get you something to eat, you must be hungry”.


Eliza said and left






Maren pov


I walked into the palace of the black blood king, king Amacius.


I bowed to him.


“My royal subject Maren, what brings you here”.


“I heard you are planing an attack on the red bloods, but let me remind you, there


are two powerful vampires among them. And not to say much, Lucius is also


powerful and wise, he was the one who banish you so he can fo more than that, the


red blood are all good at battles so no matter how your armies are much, you can’t


stand against them”.


I said.



He looked at me.


“So what do you want to say”.




I said and looked at Matilda who brought a big bag for me.


“This are my cute butterflies. “.


“What we will do with them? How can they help is? “.

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King Amacius asked getting upset.


“They might be innocent and all but they are dangerous. They contain a poisonous venom which can kill humans, but can make vampires sleep”. He smiled.


“Am loving this, continue”.


“Humanity can be destroyed with them. Its like killing two birds with just a stone”.


“Go on”.


“It just have to touch them either on their body or cloth and its done”.


I said smiling.


“Brilliant ,you ate really brilliant Maren”.


He said smiling.


“The red blood will all die”.


He added.


Good my plan is working.


When he release the butterflies, its will touch them too and they will sleep. My butterflies will them fill the earth.





I bowed and left.






King Amacius pov.


“Finally a way to destroy the Granduwella’s “.


I said to Elias happily.


“But dad, won’t the butterflies touch us when we release them? “.


I sat down.


It might.


“I don’t trust this Maren one bit and I have been suspecting Matilda”.


“So do you have a better plan”.


“Yes you highness”.


“Ok am listening”.


“Why don’t we attack their house? All of them will cone home to destroy us, meanwhile we will be in the hospital”.


“I don’t understand”.


“Why don’t we create and illusion. They will think we are the real ones in their house, they won’t know we are at the hospital”.


“Good thinking, but we will need the butterflies”.
















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