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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 14

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Freda pov


I slowly opened my eyes.


I was on my bed.


Orchard and Ivy where close to me.




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I called lowly.




She called sitting close to me.


Oh gosh, this pain is so unbearable.


I still feel pains in my body.


“Freda are you okay? “.


Orchard asked.


“Yes I am”.


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I said even though it pains.


“Ivy please get me a glass of water”.


I said.


She stood up and left.




I called.


“Yes? “.


“Am not okay at all”.


I said.


“What? What’s wrong? Let me take you to the hospital, there are equipments




He said.


“No you can’t, cause if you do, people will find out”.


“Let me get some medicine for you”.


He said.


“No, no, am not gonna make it. I might die and that is why I need you by my side, I need you, reena, ivy and Nicole by side. You all are the last people I will love to see before I die”.


“What are you saying? Why are you saying such gibberish words? Please Freda, nothing will happen yo you”.


“The pain is unbearable”.


I said.


“Don’t worry, I will find the cure to what ever it is. I hate it when you are in pain”.


I smiled a little bit.


“Am sorry for everything I said or did to you. Am so sorry”.


He touch my chin.


“Don’t be darling. I know that is your own way of protecting me, of making me yours”.


Yeah his right.


He leaned forward and placed a kiss on my forehead.



“I will do all I can to cure you”.


“I love you orchard”.


“I love you too Freda”.


He said.




Ivy said standing by the doorstep holding a glass of water.


“Wow you two finally made up”.


She said walking to me.


“Where are your siblings”.


“Well, Nicole is in the hospital. Haven’t told him about it yet. Reena went on a


journey with Rebecca, that they are looking for something, don’t know what




She replied.


“Don’t tell any of them what happen today okay? “.


“But mom they need to know”.


“Don’t tell them, it will get them worried and that is the last thing I want from the


three of them”.


I said.


“Ok mom, I won’t”.


She said while I looked at orchard and smile.






Rebecca pov


Reena stopped the car in the middle of the forest.


“Are you sure we are going the right way?”.


She asked.


“Yes we are”.


“Then this is where my car will stop, I won’t be able to drive it pass this damage road”.


“We will have to trek from here”.


I said.


We both got down from the car.


“Why don’t we just transform and run till we get to your old house”.


“That would have been a great idea, but I don’t know the road”.


“Shit. Walking is just not my thing”.


we both began to go.


“Gosh, this map only stop at the forest, so we have to find the house ourselves”.


I said.


I close my eyes and breathed in and out.


I then saw a building and the road which leads to it.


“I know the road, follow me”.


I said opening my eyes.


Reena smiled and began to follow me.






Nicole sat close to mi so with his eyes closed.


Eliza began the ritual.


He slowly open his eyes and saw him self in another place.



“Must be mi so mind”.


He said.


“Doctor? ”


Mi so called.


She was really surprise to see him.


“What about Rebecca? “.


She asked.


“Well she traveled so I had to replace her”.


Mi so was a little bit disappointed.


“When will she be back?”.


She asked.


“Don’t know yet but soon”.




“So mi so, when are you coming back? “.


“Huh? “.


“I mean when are you taking control of your body again? “.


He asked.


“I can’t control my body now until the ritual is complete”.


“Just so you know, the ritual won’t stop until you wake up, so if you don’t control you body, it will continue”.


“What? “.


“Rebecca don’t know this too. You have to fight your way back to be able to


control your body again. You have to fight that demon. You have to fight the


vampire out”.


He said.


“But….. But……. I can’t”.


“Can’t? Why doubting your self? You can do it. You can take control of your body again. Just try your best to fight that demon. Rebecca is been affected by this too, she is been tormented, and it will stop only when the ritual stops”. He said.




“I….. I don’t know”.


She said feeling guilty for putting Rebecca in the situation.


“Please fight yourself out, for the sake of Rebecca, for the sake of the people waiting for you”.


He said and slowly disappeared.


“Rebecca is suffering because of me”.


She said.






Rebecca pov


Still on our journey.


The road still looks far a bit.




Reena said.


I stopped walking.


“Can you hear that “.


She asked.


I listened careful and I could hear the footstep of something approaching.



“Someone or something is coming”.


I said.


We both brought out our fangs ready for attack.


But the footstep stopped.


“Is it gone”.


Reena asked.


“I think…. “.


I could not complete my sentence when something flew out of the grasses and bit my arm.




I screamed.


It was no where to be found.


“What was that? “.


Reena asked.


“Don’t know”.


I replied looking at the wound which is suppose to heal but surprisingly is not


healing. (Join Group) More stories @”That


suppose to heal itself right? “.


Reena asked.


“Yes but it not healing itself”.


The wound began to close.


“It healing itself”.


I said relieved.


But immediately the wound healed itself, a green big spot was left on my arm.


“What is this? “.


I asked.


Reena looked at it.


“Oh my God, this is not good”.


She said.


“What do you mean? “.


“You have been poisoned”.


She said.


“What? wh…….. “.


I could not complete my sentence when I fell down unconscious.






Jane pov


A car drove into the house.


Finally Richard is back home.


His been away for three days now.


I ran to hug him.


“Richard where have you been, you got me worried”.


I said.


He smiled.


“Sorry for making you worried. I was with my family”.


He said.


Well that is a good reason.


“Welcome back”.


I said.



“Miss you”.


He said.


Ok that is the first.


Or is he developing feelings for me?.


I smiled at him.


i turned to leave, but I slipped .


Richard was very quick to catch me. In the process of holding me, his lips met mine.


He quickly raise me up and left.


Is it my fault now?.






Elias and king amacius sat together smiling at their plan.


They plan to attack to attack the granduwellas unnoticed .


“We will get our revenge very soon”.


King amacius said.


















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