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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 12

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Rebecca sat down close to Eliza on her bed.


“So what do you want to tell me? “.


Eliza asked.


“Am going to my birth place. Am going to look for that diary”.


Rebecca replied.


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“Really? “.


“Yes, I really want to know more about my mom, about my self”.


Rebecca replied.


“Ok, that is the right decision”.


Eliza said.


“Decision? What decision? “.


Nicole asked coming into the room.




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Rebecca POV


Great Nicole is here.


“Well Rebecca have made a decision to go back to her birth place to find her


mom’s diary”.


Eliza said.


“What? But that area must be developed by now”.


He said.


“Well I was born in a very hidden area so am sure its not developed yet”.


I said.


“Ok then am coming with you”.


He said.


I smiled.


Nicole surely know how to make me smile.


“So when are we leaving? “.


He asked.


“This afternoon”.


I replied.


“And the time now is 7am, five more hours to go”.


He said.


“Yes. But it is going to be a long journey”.


Eliza said.


“Come with me, I will see what I can do about a map”.


She said.


Nicole phone rang.


“Grandpa is calling. I will see you guys soon”.


He said and left.


“Come with me”.


Eliza said.


I followed her to her dressing room.


She brought out a paper.


she held my hand.


“Close your eyes”.


She said.


I closed my eyes.


She chants some words in Latin and then stop.


“You can open your eyes now”.


She said.


I opened my eyes and a map was drawn on the piece of paper.




“This is the map to your birthplace “.


“Wow, how did you do it? “.


I asked.


“Well I search through your memory , that is why I need your mom diary, to search


through it”.


She replied.


I smiled.


“I will make sure to get it”.




Reena called from the bedroom.



Eliza and I left the dressing room to the bedroom.




I called with a smile.


“Nicole told me that I will be going with you to a journey. There was an emergency in the hospital so he had to leave. He told me to go with you, but I don’t know where we are going too, can you tell me?”. She said.




I was a little bit disappointed that I won’t get to go with Nicole.


But anyway, hanging out with reena is cool.


“Am going to my birthplace”.


“Wow. Then the journey is gonna be awesome. Let me get prepared”.


She said and left






Marcus POV


Before Nicole left, he told father about Rebecca finding her mom and that is not not good.


If she knows who her mom is, it won’t be good.


Her mom is a black blood so how will she take it?, how will everyone take it?.


And they will find out that I saved her when she was suppose to die.


Gosh this is not good.


It is so not good.




The queen witch sat comfortably on her throne.


Her daughter Matilda walk to her.



“Hi mother”.


She greeted.


“Matilda, where have you been? “.


“With that worthless son of amacius”.


The queen laughed.


“He is really worthless”.


She said.


“So mom, how is everything going? “.


“Well our plan is working. Have told king amacius about the key and now he is going to get it by all means”.


“Wow mother, killing two birds with one stone”.


“Yes. Amacius will kill the granduwellas while I will kill the black blood then we


witches will rule the world”.


Matilda smiled.


“And mother what about Vanessa, you said you have been watching her for quite a while now”.


“Yes I have, and she is still angry with Freda. I have a perfect plan for her”.


“I can sense something evil”.


Matilda said.


“Oh yes”.






Vanessa POV


I sat on my bed in my room reading a magazine when someone appeared in my front.



I stood up ready to fight with my fangs out.


“Calm down, calm down dear, am not here to fight you”.


She said.


She looks more like a fourth year old.


And I wouldn’t lie, she is kinda beautiful.


“Who are you? And what do you want? “.


I asked.


“I am Maren, the queen of wishes”.


She said.


“So what do you want”.


“Well I came to grant you your wish”.


“My wish? ”


“Yes. So you have three wishes”.


“Three wishes? “.


“Yes I will grant it on to you immediately”.


Wow, this is my opportunity to deal with Freda cause i have no other wish again except to destroy her.


“I want Freda to suffer in pain. I want her to feel pains in her body for the whole of


this week”.


I said.


“Wish granted”.


She said and a bright light immediately left her wand.


“Two more wishes”.


“You can come tomorrow for my last two wishes”.


I said.


“Now that I have help you with Freda, I need a favour from you”.


She said.


What is this woman up to? .


“Which witch grant a wish and ask for something in return”.


“Its nothing much, I just need a little favour from you”.


She said.


“Ok am all hears”.


“I just need you to bring me a lot of butterflies”.


“Huh? “.


“I need it tomorrow”.


She said and disappeared.


“Why does she need a butterfly for? “.






“You have fallen into my trap Vanessa, I will use those butterflies to cause a sickness on you granduwellas before the black bloods will attack for the knife”. Maren said


It turns out to be that Maren is the name of the witch queen, she is matilda mother.






King amacius POV


I invited Elias over to my palace.


I told him all about the knife and turns out that he already know.



We are going to attack the granduwellas when they least expect


We are going to bring war to them.


And when we get hold of the knife, we will kill them.


We are going to gather a lot of vampire and outnumber them.


We are going to kill them all.





















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