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Blood Doctors – Episode 7

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Rebecca pov


I went to the restroom to take another injection.


Its twenty minutes to Mr. France surgery.


I injected myself.


After throwing away the syringe, I stood in front of the mirror.


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“That good for nothing boss, why did he decide to pick me, why do I have to assist


him in all the surgeries today”.


I asked.


I wash my hand and cleaned it with my hand towel.


I arrange my coat before leaving the restroom.


I went back to the office.


“Rebecca where have you been, Dr. Nicole is looking for you”


Mi so said immediately I entered the office.


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I asked.


“How do you expect me to know”.


She asked.


I signed before going to meet him.


“Sir you called for me”.


I said stirring at the handsome angel who was so focused on his computer.


“That was five minutes ago”.


“Hmmmm, well I went to the restroom”.


I said.


“Well I want you to get me a hot dog in the office restaurant”.


He said.


Like seriously.


“Well sir am not your assistant”.


I said.


He glared at me.


“Okay sir I will do just that”.


I said and left the office in a hurry.


Stupid boss.


Nicole pov


What type of a human is that, always pissing me off.


I look back at me computer to view the image which I browsed about.


Well its not the picture I was looking for, I actually browse about that white haired girl but the result was showing me otherwise. I browsed it using a secret vampire app.




Its an app for vampires.


All you need to know about us.


All a vampire do or what they what or how they behave is all in the app.


I hit the table frustrated.


Why can’t I just find her.


Evil realm


Unknown place.


A dark place.


The place of evil.


A man was seen seating on a throne.


He was wearing a black dress.


In his hand was a glass of blood.


His eyes where red.


His mouth was black.


Vain could be seen on his face.


His fangs where out.


In fact he is the definition of evil.


The door to his palace was opened.


A mean looking vampire came in.


“My king”.


He said bowing down with his kneels on the floor.


“He is ready”.


He said while the king nodded.




He said.


The mean looking vampire turned and left.


“Sir are you sure we are making the right decision”.


A bird asked.


The king(king Amacius) stretch his hand straight, the bird flew and landed on his hand.


“Why did you ask my loyal pet”.


“The last time you did so it brought disaster. The last time you send a vampire to earth to destroy the Granduwella’s she ended up falling in love”. The bird said.


“That is because she is a woman but now she is suffering greatly for her sin. My


son, Elias will do a great job”.


King Amacius said.


“What ever you say your majesty”.


The bird said.


King Amacius smiled.


Back to earth.


Nicole pov


I closed my eyes waiting patiently, Mr. France surgery will commence in the next 10 minutes.


I stood up and change my cloth to a surgery cloth.


“Rebecca, John its time”.


I said.


“But sir rebecca is not here”.


John said.


I then remembered sending her.


But she suppose to be back.


What’s taking her so long.


Rebecca POV


I kept panting while running.


Am ten minutes late, the surgery will start in ten minutes time.


The hospital restaurant don’t have hot dog so I had to go out of the hospital to get it.


The place was far from the hospital.


That stupid boss really want to kill me but the good thing is that I can’t be killed.


I really wish I could super speed to the hospital, but I can’t risk people knowing my identity.


I ran into the hospital and into the office.


“Where…. Where….. Where is……. The….. I mean…….. Dr. Nicole”.


I said panting heavily.


The truth is that as a vampire I can’t get tired, but my case is different.


I easily get tired when I run slow, and I have a heart which a vampire don’t suppose to have.


That is the reason why I want to know more about my self.


I want to know who I really am, why do I have a heart, why am I different from the


vampires i read about in mom book.


Am really confused.




Mi so called.


“Where is he”.


“he have gone to the theater”.


She replied.


I turned and ran to the theater.


But I came back to the office when I remembered that there was a pack of hot dog on my hand.


I dropped it and left.


I checked the tine.


“Oh know they must have begin the surgery”.


I said.. I quickly change and went into the theater.


I opened the door slowly not to make any sound.


I sneaked in quietly but good for nothing boss caught me.


He did not say anything instead he glared at me and continued what he was doing.


Nicole pov


That sour beans.


After delaying my snack, she came in late.

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Such an intern.


“Suture him”.


I said when I was done.


I stood up and left.


Author pov


The nurses office.


They all stood up and bowed when Nicole passed.


When he was out of sight, they all sat down.


“I wonder why the Granduwella’s are not in the hospital today, its only Dr. Nicole”.


Nurse Sophia said.


“Well I heard they went to a meeting at the city hospital”.


Nurse Jane replied.


“But why didn’t Nicole go with them”.


Nurse Sophia asked.


“Don’t know”.


Nurse Jane replied.


Nurse Sophia signed.


“But come to think of it, the Granduwella’s have never lose a patient”.


Nurse Sophia said.


“Yes cause they are so good at their work”.


“No matter how good you are or how good your hospital is, there will still be a record of death, but its different in this hospital”. Nurse Sophia said.


She came close to nurse Jane.


“They have a secret, but the question now is. What is their secret”.


“I don’t know, you can ask them”.


Nurse Jane said and stood up.


“I need to attend to a patient”.


She said and left.


“Not a good listener. Well I must find out the secret of the Granduwella’s”.


Nurse Sophia said chewing the pen in her mouth.


The evil realm.


All the twelve council where gathered.


A young man who seem motionless was laying on the floor.


His hair covered his face.


“My dear council members, my son here Elias is going to earth”.


King Amacius said pointing at the lifeless body.


The council members began to murmuring.




The mean looking vampire shouted and immediately they all became quiet.


“Am sending him to earth to destroy the Granduwella’s”.


King Amacius said.


“But your highness the last time we this so caused a disaster. The princess fell in love with a human, she could not fulfill her duty”. .a council member spoke up. “Well that is because she is a woman and she wasn’t trained properly. But my son here is filled with hatred for the Granduwella’s, he is well prepared”.


The king said.. All the council members remained shut cause no one dare to argue with king Amacius.


“All we need now is a body that will receive his soul”.


King Amacius said.















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