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Blood Doctors – Episode 6

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Rebecca pov


“Sir I will get the files now”.


Paul said leaving the office.


Mr. Nicole glared at me, while I bowed my head not making any eye contact.


“Sir am… “.


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I said trying to apologize but he left without listening to me.


“You idiot what have you done”.


I said hitting my head with my palm.


Nicole pov


Such a bitch.


She dare call me a psychiatric patient.


So annoying.


I looked at her through the titled glass and she was looking so nervous.


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She better do.


The door opened, revealing five young people and I guess they are the intern students.


They all cam in and bowed when thy saw me.


Some of the girls began to giggle.






I said.


I checked my watch.


“Twenty minutes to Mr. Xian surgery”.


I said not loud.


Mr. Paul came into my office.


He bowed and gave me a file.


“That is Mr. Xian file”.


I opened it and glance through it.


Its a kidney transplant.


And everything is prepared.


“Take him to the theater in the next ten minutes”.


said. “Yes sir”.

He said and left.


I stood up from my chair and came to meet the intern students.


“a surgery will be performed in twenty minutes time spam gonna pick two interns who will help me, there are still four more surgeries. So am gonna pick two interns now”.


I said and an idea popped into my head. “You”.


I said pointing at that sour bean, I mean the girl who insulted me earlier. She looked back to see weather am talking to someone else.


“Me? “.


She asked looking back at me. “No, the ghost that look like you”.


I said while she glared at me but immediately looked down. “What’s your name? “.




“Don’t you have a surname? “. I asked.


“Santos, Rebecca Santos”. She replied.


“Good, Rebecca you are assisting me in all the five surgeries today”. “What? “.


She asked. “What? “. I asked.


She cleared her throat.


“Okay sir”.


“Good so you”.

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I said pointing at a girl who looks like a Korean citizen.


“Sir? “.


She asked.


“You will assist in the first surgery”.


“Okay sir. And sir my name is choi mi so “.


She said.


“Did I ask. Did I ask what your name is”.


She nodded.


“No, but you ask Rebecca so I was wondering if you will ask me too”.


She said.


“But I did not ask you”.


“Sorry sir”.


“Good. Now get prepared, we will leave in the next five minutes”.


I said going back to my office.


Rebecca pov.


I watched from the titled glass.


He sat down and began to operate his phone.


Such an asshole.


Why will I have to assist him ?.


His such a good for nothing boss.


“His really cute”.


Mi so said.


I looked at her.


“Not cute but rude”.


I said going back to my chair.


“You hardly talk to me, but now you are bad mouthing my forever crush”


I heard her said.




She added going to seat down.


Three minutes later.


I stood up and went to the restroom.


When I got there, I brought out a syringe and injected myself.


It helps me to be able to control myself when I see blood.


I took the used syringe and threw it away.


I arrange myself before I left the restroom.


I went back to the office and good for nothing boss was about to leave.


I signed.


“Thank God. I came at the nick of time”.


thought. “Let’s go”. He said.


Me and mi so nodded before following him. (Join Group) More stories @


Before we entered the theater, we change our cloth to a surgery cloth. “Okay, let start”.


He said after checking the patient. “Scalpel”.


He said stretching his hand.


The nurse close to him gave it to him. He began to operate him.


“Suture him”.


Good for nothing said. “Yes sir”.


The head nurse replied. “Rebecca come with me”.


He said and left we all bowed when he was leaving. I bowed at the head nurse before I left.


That good for nothing asshole. I cursed following him.


Nicole pov


The next surgery will be in an hour time.


But first I need to meet him.


I opened the door to Mr. France room.


“Bonjour(hi) “.


I greeted.


Sour beans cam to the room too.


Mr. France smiled.


“how are you feeling”.


I asked.



Je ne me sens pas bien(am not feeling well) “. He replied.


“Okay, your surgery will be in an hour time. Hope you are prepared”. “Oui(yes) ”


I smiles and checked his blood pressure. “Rebecca can you call Dr. Greg”. “Huh? Who is doctor Greg”.


She asked. What?.


Rebecca pov


“Are you asking me that”.


He asked.




Was he expecting me to shout.


“Yes sir”.


I replied while he glared at me.


He then smiled seeing Mr. France stirring at him.


“Ask the receptionist”.


He said with a look that says.


‘I will deal with you later’.


I bowed an left.


Stupid boss.


Stupid doctor.


I said going to the receptionist.




I said greeting the ugly looking nurse, no offense, but she’s really ugly.


she stirred at me.


“How may I help you”.


She asked.


Wow not only is she ugly but she is rude too.


“Please I need to speak to Dr. Greg”.


“Dr. Greg, what business do you have with him”.


She asked.




What is her business in this.


“Hmm, its Dr. Nicole that told me to call him”.


I said trying to suppress my anger.


She picked her phone and called him.


After talking to Jim, she dropped it.


“You can go, he will come now”.


She said.


I smiled and left.


Ugly duckling.

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