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Blood Doctors – Episode 5

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Rebecca pov


Its morning already.


I stood up from my bed and went to take my bath. After taking my bath, I applied


lotion on my body before dressing up.


I did a little makeup.


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I took the wig which was on the floor and wore it, packing it in a ponytail.


I took my black lens and put it on.


My eyes colour is green and red but a little bit dim making it weird cause who in the world has the type of my eyes.


I took my intern doctor coat and put it on.


I applied my body spray.




I said satisfied with how I look.


My lodge is so close to the hospital, so no need for a taxi.


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I can walk to the hospital.


Its just three buildings away.

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I came out of my from and locked the door.


I just hope today will be great.


Nicole pov


I got dress ready for work, but my mind wasn’t at peace.


Who is that weird girl.


I need to find her.


I need to find out about her.


I need to know the kind of powers she has, cause I could sense that she is so powerful.


I wore my doctor coat.


I took my sunglasses and put it on, well I kinda wore lens cause my eyes colour is red, and black.


Among my siblings, am the only one whose eyes are of different colors, their eyes changes colour only when they transform, unlike me, my eyes colour is more visible when I transform, but becomes dim when am back to been normal. I took my car keys and left my room.


Rebecca pov


I breathed in and out.


“Nice scent”.


I said going in.


Yesterday in the hospital, I ignored people, cause am use to been alone.


I went to the office for intern students.


We where just five.


And we have a director who I haven’t seen.


His office was empty yesterday.


According to what I heard, he is said to be the most handsome and youngest in the Granduwella hospital.


He is also the favorite grandson of Mr. Lucius Granduwella.


Well I will get to meet him today, cause we where been told that he will be coming to the office today.


But why do I care, I mean what will I gain by been anxious to met him like my




So stupid.


I said going to take my seat.


Nicole pov


I went to grandpa’s room.




He called.


“Good morning grandfather”.


I said bowing.


“How are you son”.




I replied.


“Ok Nicole. paul told me that there are five new intern in the hospital and they just began yesterday. So Mr. Xian chan, the man from China, he will be having his surgery this morning so you are to take two intern student and guide them in the operation. You will be the one to perform it”. “But grandpa what about Richard”.


“He is going to be busy today, we will be going to the city hospital for a brief meeting this morning and I really don’t know when we will be back. And that is why you are performing all the surgeries today”. “What? “.


“The intern student and some nurses will assist you. The head of nurse is also their to help. We have five surgeries to perform today. Like I said early Mr. Xian chan from China, his surgery is going to place by 8 o’clock which is just an hour from now. Mr. France Samuel from Paris, Mrs. Kathlyn Fernando from England, miss Kim min young from Korea and lastly Mr. Edward valentine from San Francisco. They surgery will be performed today”.


“But grandfather, all of the? , what about other surgeons”.


I asked.


“Nicole the five clients are all VIP, they are VVIP(very very important person) so I can’t allow other doctors to do it, it only a Granduwella that performs surgery for VIP patient, so Mr. Paul will tell you more”. He said while I signed.


“And lastly don’t make a mistake”.


Grandfather said with a smile.


I opened the door and left putting my sunglasses back.


Rebecca POV.


I focused on the book I was reading, its more about doctors.


I was too focus on the book, but I could sense that someone was trying to sneak on me.


I smiled knowing fully well that she is just gonna fool herself.


She was about to jump on me when I spoke up.


“Do you want to die”.


I asked.


She stood frozen at the spot she was.


“What, how did you know am at your back”.


She asked.


“Your footsteps expose you, I could hear the sound of your shoe”.


“Really? But it wasn’t loud”.


She said.


“Hmm it was kinda loud”.


Another intern spoke up.


“Aish, what a waste”.


The first intern who tried sneaking on me said.


“Well am choi mi so”.


She said.


“From Korea”.


I asked.


“Yes, but how do you know”.


She asked.


What a dummy.


“Your name did it all”.


I replied not taking my eyes away from the book.




Mi so said.


“Care to have breakfast with me”.


She asked.


“No Mimi am busy”.


replied. “Mimi? “.


“Yes mi so is so odd, so Mimi will be better”.


I replied while she smiled.


“So are we going to eat breakfast”.


“Like I said am busy”.


“But you are just reading a book, is that work”.


She asked.


“It is not to you, but it is to me. Go have your breakfast”.


I said and smiled.


She stood up disappointedly and left.


All the other intern left too leaving only me in the office.


I turned to the next page of the book.


The door suddenly open.


I brought my eyes up to see who it was and there stood at the door, the most handsome man have ever seen.


He look so handsome like a Greek god.


His tall with a good body structure.


His black hair was neatly combed with a fringe which almost covered his eyes . Although i could not see his eyes cause of the sunglasses he wore, but I know behind those glasses is are very sexy eyes.


He stood with his hand in his trouser pocket, his coat was pushed back.


He looks young, his lips looks perfect, and pink, his nose, well shaped and pointed. His face is oval in shape. In his right ear was a earring which was white but small and round.


He look more like a sexy doctor.


But come to think of it, why is he here? And who is he?.


“Excuse me but please how may I help you”.


I asked when I saw him looking round the office.


“This office looks so disorganize”.


He said rudely.


“Disorganised? “.


I asked.


“Do you want me to repeat myself again? “.


He asked with his eyebrow raised.




I replied nodding.


He came close to me and place his palms on my desk.


“Well go bad, I hate repeating words. So get you self working, this office need to be organised”.


He said and paused.


“You are one of the interns. But you look more like a dumb head cleaner. Sorry I mistook you for one. Quickly get a cleaner to clean up the room. But truth been told, you look like a dumb head cleaner”. He said.


And that word really annoy me.


I smirked.


“Excuse me Mr. How dare you barged into my office and begin to talk rubbish.


Are you sure you suppose to be here. or you suppose to be in a psychiatric. And


when I mean psychiatric I don’t mean as a doctor, but as a patient. Cause you really


look like one”.


I said.


He stirred at me obviously angry.


“How dare you”.


He asked.


“You dare me”.


I replied not knowing what I said.


He clutched his hand.


He was about to say something but the door was pushed open.


“Young master”.


Mr paul said bowing.


Young master.?.


“I have the detail of our VIP patient and I will like to hand it over to you like how the chairman asked “.


“Okay, tell grandpa that I will do my best”.


The handsome dude said.






young master?.


Handsome and very young?.


Could he be Nicole Granduwella?.


I gasped.


“Oh no, his the one. Am so dead”.















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