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Blood Doctors – Episode 4

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The red blood?


Who are they?.


I asked but not loud.


The lady sniffed.


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“Wait. We have an intruder. Someone is here with us”.


She said.


“Let’s forget about the intruder and run before the red blood catches us”.


John said.


“But John, I can smell something powerful. Like really powerful”.


The lady whose name is Maria said.

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“Maybe its the red blood last son. You know he is said to be a very powerful




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John said.


“I know but his power haven’t fully manifested so his just a normal vampire. But the person here has a very strong power”. She said.


Rebecca knew that she will be caught if she don’t get down from the tree.


She jumped down slowly without anyone noticing. She went and hide at the back of another tree which was hidden. No one will know that she’s there. “Maria, the red blood are here, we need to leave”.


John said.


“Too late”.


A voice said.


Then a figure walked to them.


Rebecca POV


I watched as a figure walked to them.


It was a man figure but was in a black ninja cloth.


“Are you the only one? Where are your siblings?”.


The lady asked.


“Too bad, they are not here with me”.


He said.


“Too bad, cause we where planing to have a fun blood bath tonight”.


The lady said.


“Really? Cause we can still have the blood bath without them. It will still be fun.


But why the two of you? Where are your fellow black blood? “.


He asked.


The lady scoffed.


“And why should we tell you? “.


She asked.


“Cause I will spare you for 24 hours if you do”.


He replied.


“To bad”.


The lady said showing her fangs which we’re out already, she charged to him, but


before she could run to him, a running person with a great speed ripped off her


head from her neck.




The John shouted.


Her head fell on the floor, while blood began to ooze out from her body through her neck.


The lady that killed her placed a bag over her neck to take some of her blood. The guy who was with the suppose maria charged towards them but he was injected by another person dressed as ninja. He fell limped on the floor.


“That’s a good job”.


The first guy in the ninja cloth complimented.


And that really made me mad.


Nicole pov


I appeared and fell on the floor hitting my butt hard on the floor.


I groan.


I don’t know where I can’t get the hang of landing.


No matter how I try, I also land on the floor hitting my butt and that really do hurt.


I stood up on the floor and my eyes caught someone.


A lady in red gown.


At the back of a tree, watching what was happening between my siblings and the


two black bloods.


She wasn’t facing me.


And that is exactly how it was in my dream.


I could feel a great sense of anger, but why is she angry.


I walked close to her.




I called.


Rebecca pov.


I clenched my hand tight.


How dare the red blood kill that lady like that.


My nails grew longer.


My fangs grew out from my teeth.


My eyeballs became more greenish and reddish.




I heard someone said.


I slowly turned in annoyance.


He was all covered with black, its just that he wasn’t wearing a ninja cloth.


It was just a normal black cloth with mask.


My anger grew when I remembered how the lady was killed.


I removed the knife in my gown pocket and charged towards him.


Without hesitation I stabbed him.


He gasped.


He stirred at his stomach which I stabbed.


He knelt down in pain.


Oh no.


Maybe his not among them, maybe his just an innocent guy.


What have I done.


If he was a vampire then he don’t suppose to feel a pain.


I stretched my hand to help him but I felt someone coming so I ran with full speed.


Nicole pov


I knelt down cause I wanted her not to think that am a vampire.


I felt it, I felt something special about her.


And this is not what my vision said.


It did not show that she will stab me.


But how did it change?.


And the other reason why I knelt down was that she might show some care and come to me then I will use the opportunity to observe her well. But then she ran.




Someone called.


I looked up and it was Richard, he had remove the ninja cloth.


“What are you doing”.


He said but did not complete his statement when he saw me kneeling down.


He rushed to me.


“What happened”.


He asked.


I glared at him.


“You spoiled my plan. You spoil it”.


I said and angrily stood up.


I remove the knife, while the wound heal on its own.


Am really angry at Richard cause he was the reason why the lady in red left.


I turned and left.


“Nicole, Nicole”.


He kept calling.


But I did not reply him.


I turned into a bat and flew up.


Rebecca pov


I sat on my bed.


I removed the hoodie on my hair.


Me stabbing that innocent guy what something I don’t suppose to do.


But I did not see his face and what was he doing out there by that time?.


Well that’s a question for another day.


This red blood vampires seems wicked and dangerous.


But who are they?.


I did not see their faces.


And they where three.


I need to lay low for now.


I need to find out who they are.


I need to find out more about myself.


I will stop hunting for now, and focus on my internship.


I think that will be better.


Nicole pov


I sneaked into my room.


But I know grandpa will soon come rushing cause if my siblings come back, they will definitely tell him that I was stabbed. But who is that mysterious girl?.


Why is she different?.


why is she so special?.


I really need to find her.


I really need to know who she is.


As predicted, my room door was opened.


Dad, grandpa, uncle, mom, ivy, Reena, and Gwen came in.


Mom ran to me.


“How are you my son? Where we’re you injured?”.


She asked touching me.


“Mom am fine”.


“Where we’re you stabbed, and who stabbed you”.


She asked.


“No one mom, I mistakenly stab myself while trying to kill a jaguar”.


I said knowing fully well that it was a lie.


I can’t tell them about this mysterious girl if not they will find her and might kill her.


“Why will you be so careless?”.


Ivy asked.


“It was a mistake”.


“A mistake, you got stabbed”.


“Wait. Why are you guys talking like its going to kill me. Have you all forgotten that am a vampire. My wound is healed now”. I said.


“Even though you are a vampire can’t you be careful”


Dad asked.


“I promise to be careful from now on”.


“Nicole you sneaked out to hunt with your siblings thereby getting yourself hurt.


That is the highest rate of foolishness”.


Grandpa said.


“Am sorry”


He signed.


“Can you guys excuse us, I want to speak with him”.


He said.


The rest of them left leaving only me and grandpa.


He came and sat down on the bed close to me.


“Nicole am really disappointed in you”.


“Am sorry grandpa”.


“You really need to be careful cause your full powers will begin to surface after six month and if anything happen to you then, its going to be disastrous”. He said.


“I know grandpa and I promise not to do that again, but its just that I really wanna hunt with my siblings. Grandfather I really wanna hunt too”.


“You weren’t listening to all what I just said. Its gonna take the next six month before your powers manifest so now the black blood will look for you to kill you cause you are gonna be an hindrance to them”.


“But grandpa, six month is too long, I can’t wait for that long”.


“Yes you can cause you are gonna be occupied with a lot of works at the hospital”.


Grandfather said.




“Yes and if you prove yourself a worthy doctor then I will have to think well about


you going to hunt”.


He said and left.




I said and lied down on my bed.









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