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Blood Doctors – Episode 24

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Eclipse day


Nicole POV


Its been three days since Rebecca was kidnapped.


We haven’t find her yet.


Its just three hours to the eclipse.


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I can’t seat down doing nothing.


I must find her by connecting my spirit deeper to hers.


But first I need to sneak out of the house.


I came out of my bedroom, the living room was quiet.


I sneak out and ran out of the house.


I need to find Rebecca.


I ran till I get to the road.


Cars were passing, humans were walking.


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I look round me, if this eclipse does not work, or if I turn evil, all this people, we be dead, all humanity will end and I don’t want that.


I close my eyes trying to connect my spirit to hers but the voices of people, noise everywhere, they were all talking about the eclipse.


They don’t know that that eclipse might be their end if they don’t let me focus, to them the eclipse is normal but to we vampires it is important.


I ran to a less noisy place and close my eyes.


“Hey, hey, you are in the middle of the road, are you trying to commit suicide? “. Someone asked making me to lose focus. I ran out of the road and out of there, I need to look for a quiet place.


Freda went to her son room to give him a portion which will start getting him ready for the eclipse.




She called when she did not see him in his room.


She knock on his bathroom door but still no reply.


She then had no choice but to open it, still yet he wasn’t there.


“Oh no, Nicole”.


She said and ran out of the room calling his name.


“Mom what’s going on”.


Reena asked coming out of her room.


“I can’t find your brother. I don’t know where he is, his missing”.


Freda replied.



“What? “.


Reena asked.


“Are you sure about that or he is in the garden? “.


Gwen asked coming out from her room too.


Aaron, Richard and kelvin all came out from their room’s.


“I called his name, I search his room. But he is not there. The eclipse is in an hour time”.


Freda replied.


“Where could he be? “.


Kelvin asked.


“Mom Freda go and inform grandfather, uncle orchard and my dad about this. The


rest of us will look for him”.


Richard said.


Freda ran in a hurry.


“Richard, kelvin, and Aaron the three of you will look for him in the eastern part of this mansion. Me, and reena will inform the others so that we will search for him”. Gwen said.




They all reply and left.


Its just three hours to the eclipse, they need to find him if not it is over, all this is over.


Nicole POV


Finally, I found a quiet place.


I went in and close my eyes, no matter what, I must find her. Even if it means losing my life while connecting to hers.


I closed my eyes tight concentrating on connecting with hers.


And finally it worked.


I can see her in a building, and not only that, I can see where she is and I know that warehouse.


I opened my eyes.


“Hang in there Rebecca, am coming for you”.


I said and ran with a very fast pace.


The warehouse is 5km away from where I am.


I ran in the mist of people but they dont know what it was, some where saying it was there imagination, while some where saying it was a heavy wind.


Jack POV


Three hours to the eclipse.


Finally Nicole is going to turn evil.


I looked at Rebecca and I must say she looks weak.


She haven’t eaten since I kidnap her and now she is requesting for blood.


I plan on turning her evil after this eclipse.


I will starve her for a month so that when I release her, her hunger for blood will be so great. Then she will kill people for their blood.


“Blood, give me blood”.


She said.


I went to her and bend down in front of her.


“You want blood? “.


asked. She nod.

I blindfolded her eye.


“human or animal blood? “.



“I need animal blood, i can survive with just that, am not like you who kill humans


to satisfy yourself”.


She said.


And I think she really need to be starved.


“Wow such a nice sermon. Well you will get the animal blood.


I said.


She smiled a bit.




“But after a month”.


Her smile turned into a frown.


“You are shameless, how dare you do this to a woman. You are a monster”.


“Yes I am, just like you, just like the granduwellas, we are all monsters. We are all




I said.


“No, you are the only monster”.


She yelled.


I became angry, I punched her hard on the face.


Blood came out of her mouth.


Its seems to be injured.




I said.


It was so inviting.


I use my tougue to lick the blood out.


And wow its so good.


I use my teeth and bit her lips causing a scream from her.


So weak.


More blood gush out pouring into my mouth.



Something heavy fell on my head.


I look up and i saw Nicole holding a rod.


I wanted to stand up and retaliate but he was fast enough to hit me again.


I fell on the floor losing consciousness.


Rebecca POV


I heard the sound of someone falling on the floor and a rod falling on the floor too. I felt someone bending down in front of me and I can tell from his scent that he is not jack.


But the scent is so familiar.


“Who are you”.


I asked.


He slowly removed the blindfold.


And it was my knight in shining armor.


It was Nicole.




I called.


The wound in my mouth healed.


He untied my hands and leg.


I really don’t know what came over me, I pushed his head forward and kiss him.


I am really happy he is here, am really grateful he came.


I unlocked the kiss.


We both stirred at each other before he kissed me again.


This is my first kiss and am happy that he is the one.


“You both should enjoy it while it last cause this is your last”.



A voice said interrupting the both of us, we both turned to see who it was, and it was jack.


Jack stood up from the ground smiling.


His hissed making the sound of a snake and showing his fangs.


“I see you want to play”.


Nicole asked.


He also hissed showing his fangs.


Rebecca stood close to him.


“Rebecca, my sweet Rebecca am afraid you won’t be able to fight now cause you were not feed for days now. You will get very weak if you transform”. Jack said smiling.


“Not feed? “.


Nicole asked and look at Rebecca.


“Have not really eaten since days now”.


Nicole turned to look at jack in anger.


“Rebecca don’t transform cause we will have to go back to the mansion and your


last strength will be needed”.


Nicole said.


He charge towards jack, but jack ran to Nicole back in a great speed almost causing Nicole to hit the wall, he was quick enough to stop his self.


Nicole laughed and look at jack.


“Why are you running away. Are you scared”.


Nicole asked.


He charge toward jack but jack did the same thing he did early.


He did it three times and that made Nicole angry.


“Why can’t you stay and fight”.


Nicole asked, but jack was smiling.


Rebecca came close to Nicole.


“I think he is doing this purposely. I think he is doing this to delay us from




Rebecca said.


Nicole thought for a while.


He looked at Rebecca.


“You are right. He is trying to delay us so that we will miss the eclipse”.


“Eclipse? What is so special about it? “.


Rebecca asked.


“I will explain everything to you later. First I need to finish him off”.


Nicole said.


He looked at Jack and look at the heavy planks above his head.


He smiled to himself.


“Rebecca when I shout now, make sure you run out of this place”.


He whispered into her ear.


“What? I can’t leave you here”.


She said in a whisper to.


“Just do it”.


He said.


“But………. “.


“No buts…. I will meet you outside, I promise”.


He said.


Rebecca looked at him for a while.

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“Ok, just be careful”.


She said.


Nicole smiled at her.


He looked at jack who was smiling.


He charge again but this time not to jack but to push the planks.




He shouted, Rebecca ran out of the building.


Jack was confuse and don’t know what was happening.


Nicole hit the plank with so much force making them to fall on jack.


They all fell on him making him to lose consciousness.


“This will give us time to escape”.


Nicole said running outside before the last and the biggest plank will fall.


Rebecca hid at the back of a tree waiting for him.


She was really worried but she became happy when she saw him.


She ran to hug him.


“Thank God you are okay”.


She said.


Nicole smiled.


“Gosh am so hungry”.


Rebecca said.


Nicole looked at her worried.


“You look weak”.


He said.


“Am in need of blood right now”.


She said.


Nicole brought his phone out.


“Oh my gosh, its thirthy minutes to the eclipse”.


He said.


“Eclipse? What’s so special about it anyway”.


Rebecca asked.


“Well if I don’t bring you to the mansion now then I will become evil forever”.


“Evil? Why? Why will you become evil? “.


“I will explain everything to you. For now we need to go to the mansion or that is the end of me. And we have just thirty minutes to do that” Nicole said.




“But if I transform, I will become weak”.


“Don’t worry I have a plan”.


Nicole said.


Amacius POV


Today is the eclipse and jack haven’t inform me of Rebecca yet.


I hope she is not with the granduwella’s.


I hope she is not found yet.


Gosh, this is so frustrating.


I depend on Elias to do a great job.


I hope he don’t disappoint me.


Sophia POV


I looked at the picture frame in my hand.


It was a photo taken a hundred years ago.


It is the granduwellas family photo.


I compared it to another picture which was taken recently.


There is no different between them.


They are still the way they are.


And that means one thing.


The granduwellas are all more than a hundred years old.


I picked up my phone.


The media will definitely make a good story out of this.


I snap the two pictures and send it to a broadcast station with a message.


The granduwellas are not humans and I know that for sure.



















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