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Blood Doctors – Episode 23

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(Short episode)


Lucius POV


Rebecca isn’t here yet.


Where is she?.


We have been waiting for almost an hour now.


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“Where is she? “.


Freda asked.


The whole family where gathered in the big living room.


“Its almost an hour now”.


Gwen said.


“Nicole can you try connecting yourself to her”.


I asked.


“I don’t know how to do it”.


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He said.


“But you just have to try cause its just three days to the eclipse, we really need her




Ashton said.


“Ok fine, I will try my best”.


He said and close his eyes.


Nicole POV


I tried connecting my spirit to Rebecca but am scared, if I make a mistake then my


spirit will be lost forever.


I open my eyes.


“I can’t”.


I said.


“Nicole you can do it”.


Gwen said.


I close my eyes again.


But I could not.


“I can’t, I just can’t”.


I said.


My father came and stood in front of me.


“Son you can do it. You just have to concentrate. Think of what will happen during the eclipse. Think of your new powers. And think of Rebecca”. He said.



I close my eyes and immediately my spirit was connected with hers.


I can see her and all that surrounds her.


She was tied with some strong chains.


She was surrounded with some old looking bags.


It looks like she is in a warehouse.


But where is this place.


There are lot of warehouses here in san Francisco.


A man came to her.


His face was covered with a mask.


He bent down in front of her, and she seems to be unconscious.


Rebecca is in danger.


I opened my eyes.


“Rebecca is in danger”.


They all gasped.


“What? “.


Mom asked.


“How? “.


Ivy asked.


“What happened to her? “.


Uncle Marcus asked.


“She’s been kidnap”.


I said.


“What? “.


They all asked.


“Do you know where she is? “.


Grandfather asked.



“No. But it seems like she is in a warehouse”.




He sat down.


“Then we will have to look for her no matter what”.


He said.


“But how father? “.


Richard asked.


“By checking all warehouses”.


“But we don’t have enough time”.


Kelvin said.


“And that is why we will use our abilities, we will all search for with with our speed”.


“But won’t that be dangerous? “.


Reena asked.


“Then we will all have to be careful”.


Grand father said.


Marcus POV


Rebecca have been kidnap and that is not good at all.


But the worst of all will be when father will find out that she is a black blood.


I won’t tell him yet.


I won’t tell anyone cause its gonna cause a lot of troubles.


Not only is she a black blood but also a human, and her mom is king amacius daughter.


Dad will destroy her.


I just need to protect the secret.





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Jack POV


I knelt in front of her.


She slowly opened her eyes.


She really look like my sister.


“Where am I? “.


she said looking round her.


“You are in a place where no one will find you”.


I said smiling.


“What do you mean by that”.


She asked weakly.


The drugs I gave her is still having an effect on her.


“Well you are in a place where no one will ever think of, to find you”.


I said.


“Who are you and what do you want? “.


She asked.


I slowly remove the mask and she gasp.


“You…… The new guy”.


She said.




“What are you going to do with me”.


She asked trying to break the chain but she can not cause the chain is a really strong one. It was mixed with some strong poisonous portion.



“Don’t hurt yourself trying to break that chain cause its strong.even if you try using


your vampire strength, it won’t break”.


I said.


She looked at me.


“Vampire strength, you know about vampires, you know about me? “.


She asked.


“Yes of course”.


“But how, when,? “.


She asked confused and shock.


“Am also a vampire and that is how I find out”.


I said.


“A vampire? You are also a vampire? “.


She asked.




Rebecca POV


Wow am not the only vampire on earth.


A vampire is standing right in front of me.


“Break the chain”.


said. “Excuse me”.


“Break the chain now we know that we are the same”.


I said.


He looked at me and laughed.




He said.




“cause you will run away and my enemies will find you”.


“Enemies, what enemies “.


I asked.


“The granduwella’s”.


He replied.


The granduwellas?.


His enemies?.




“the granduwellas “.


I asked.


He stirred at me and laughed.


“its seems like you don’t know their secret yet”.


“Their secret? What is their secret? “.


I asked.


“They are vampires too”.


He replied.


And am sure he is drunk.


How could he say that.


I chuckled.


“Please stop drinking, it damages the brain easily and I guess yours is damaged




I said.


He looked at me angrily.


“The granduwella’s are really vampires just like us. They are the red blood


vampires. All of them”.


He said.


And wow.


They are the red blood?.


This is unbelievable.


Nicole is a vampire.


No wonder they are really good at the hospital.


“So are you a red blood too”.


I asked.


“No am a black blood”.


“A black blood? Please how many color of blood vampires do we have”.


I asked.


Cause there are two colors now. Red and black.


“We only have the red and black bloods”.


“So are you the only black blood living”.


I asked.


This topic is really interesting.




“So where are the rest”.


“In another world”.


“What? Another world? This is so interesting”.




He got up.


“I don’t know why am having this conversation with you”.


He said and left.



I smiled happily.


The granduwella’s are vampires.


Am not the only vampire on earth.















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