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Blood Doctors – Episode 21

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Lucius pov


Am so happy that Nicole mate is in our hospital.


But who is she?.


Every employees where interrogated again .


They don’t know what was happening .


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No matter what, that mate must be found.


Its already four days to the eclipse.


We have been searching for her for a week now.


But still yet, we don’t know who she is.



The week have been so hectic.


The media are still trying to get more information because of what Michael did.


Richard is still begging to leave the mansion.


I wish this will all end soon.

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Richard pov


Grandpa haven’t still granted his permission to leave the house.


I guess I will just leave without his permission.


I will leave after the eclipse which is in four days from now.


But first I need to buy an apartment for Jane.


She’s been in the hospital and I don’t want my family to know anything about it yet.


I looked at the map I was holding.


Am searching for a good house so an agency gave the map to me.


Have seen two houses but its not my taste.


I stopped the car in front of a big building.


It looks so magnificent.


I looked at the map and that is exactly where the third house is.


I entered the house and met the house keeper.


He told me the amount which I paid immediately.


The house is so cool.


Am sure Jane is gonna like it.


There is a swimming pool.


The house was really beautiful.


I drove back to the hospital and met Jane seating on the hospital bed.




I called.


She smiled at me.


“Doctor Richard”.


She called.


“So how did it go? Did you find a house? “.


“Yeah, and its really perfect”.




“So Jane, you will be allowed to go home today. I will take you there but won’t stay there”.


“Why? “.


“I have something important to do “.


“For how long? “.


“five days”.


“Five days? “.


She asked.


“Yeah. And don’t worry, those guys won’t know where you are. You will be safe”. I said


She smiled at me.


“Ok. No problem. Just five days”.


She said making me to smile.


I just have to stay with my family until the eclipse is over.


It is a tradition for vampires to be together during the eclipse.


I just hope Jane will be safe.


But i will be checking on her from time to time.


I smiled at her, she also smiled at me.


If she really know that am a vampire, it will really scare her.


Marcus pov


Nicole mate is in our hospital?.


Could it be that, that intern rebecca is the mate or its just a coincidence.


But looking at it, she looks so much like Emedin.


If she is Emedin daughter then she is also Davis daughter and that means that she is a black blood and a human.


She is an hybrid.


Is this a misunderstanding, is she really Emedin daughter?.


I really need to conduct a test on her.


I walked to my bookshell in my office.


I brought out a book, behind it there was a small box.


I brought the box out.


I open it and smiled.


There was a knife in it.


A knife that can only kill a vampire.


A knife that I alone know about.


A knife that is very powerful.


I brought out the knife.


Not only can it kill but it can tell ones past.


If I can just get rebecca blood on it, then I will know all about her.



All I have to do is to put it in front of an ancient book, it will give me a vision of who she is.


I learn that from a witch friend many years ago.


I smiled.


I left my office and walked to the intern office.


I smiled cause she was the only one in the office.


She was engrossed reading a book.


She loves book so much.


I walked in.


Immediately she saw me, she stood up and bowed.


“Good day sir”.


She greeted.


I went close to her.


“How are you? “.


I asked.


“Am fine”.


She replied with a smile.


Okay now how will I get her blood.


I really need to get it.


“Rebecca can you get me the 2003 file in Nicole office”.


I said.


She smiled and went in to bring the file.


Immediately she left, I brought out the knife and kept it in a book in the way that immediately she open it, she will get hurt.


She brought the file and gave it to me.


I collected it and turned.


I hope she opens the book now.





She shouted.


Perfect, that is what I want.


I turned.


She was bleeding and her blood where falling in the knife.


To show my concern, I ran to her.


“Are you okay? “.


I asked.


“Yes sir”.


She replied.


“How will there be a knife in here”.


I asked.


I carried the knife.


“You go get yourself treated while I throw the knife away”.


I said.


She nodded and left.


I hid the knife well and left to my office.


I brought it out and smiled.


“Time to find out the truth”.

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I brought out the book and lock the door cause I wouldn’t want anyone to barge in.


I placed the knife on the book, place my hand on it and closed my eyes.


My head began to spin ten minutes later, it spin so hard that I began to shake vigorously.


I fell on the floor losing consciousness.


I can see it.


I can see the truth now.


Rebecca is Emedin daughter.


She is……… Nicole mate.


Jack pov


Today is my first day of work.


The blood scents are so inviting but I have to control my self cause I can’t afford to get caught now.


I still have a lot to do.


I entered the intern’s office.


The doctor leading us is Nicole.


A lady was looking at her hand so I did not get a clear view of her face but she really looks familiar.




I said.


She slowly raise her head.


What the




My sister Emedin?.


I thought she was in the world of torment, what is she doing here?.




She called.


I looked at her hand and there was a cut.


The cut look like its been there since this morning.


But how comes it is still there, as a vampire it don’t suppose to be there.


It suppose to heal itself.


Or is she not a vampire.


I went close to her.


I look deep into her eyes.


She looks like Emedin but she is not Emedin.


But I can feel a deep connection with my sister.


That means she is Emedin daughter.


My niece.


Aaron pov


Today is the last day to accept the contract.


I sneak into my father office.


His stamp was there.


I took it and stamped on the document given to me.


Finally my dream is coming to pass.


I will finally be a model.


Author pov


The men looking for Jane were really mad not knowing where she was.


They are called the scorpions and according to them, she owe them some thing precious.


They have been looking for her, but ever since Richard took her they haven’t find her.


They will do all they can to find her.













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