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Blood Doctors – Episode 2

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“No need for that cause am here”.


Someone said entering into the meeting hall.


All eyes turn to look at him.


“Nicole where did you go to”.


Orchard asked.


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“No where”.


Nicole replied going to seat down close to Gwen.


“Went to Paris again”.


She asked on a whisper.


“You know it”.


Nicole replied.


“So the reason why I called is because of the black blood, I just sensed that some


of them are back here on earth”.


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Lucius said.


The family members began to murmur.




Marcus shouted.


They all went silent.


“I don’t know where they are now, but ones I find out about them I will let you all


know, but I want you all to be watchful and if you find anything suspicious let me




Lucius said.


“The black blood vampires are in new Orleans”.


Nicole said.


All the Granduwella looked at him.


“They are in new Orleans and their aim is to turn some people to vampires and they have succeeded in turning three cizitens. They are ten of them there plus the three new vampires making them thirteen in numbers. They held two people captive and they are going to turn them to vampires this night”. Nicole said with his eyes closed.


He slowly opened his eyes.


“That’s great Nicole, your knowledge powers is becoming great”.


Lucius said with a smile.


Orchard and Marcus too smiled.


“So Richard you will lead Ashton, Aaron, Michael, and Ivy”.






“No problem “.


Aaron said.


“Perfect “.


Ivy said.


Michael nodded his head.


“Ok grandpa”.


Richard said.


“Gwen you will lead kelvin and Reena for the daily patrol”.


Lucius said.


“Okay grandpa”.


Gwen said.


“So what about me grandpa”.


Nicole asked.


“You will stay with me, your dad and uncle”.


Lucius said and left.


Followed by Orchard and Marcus.


“What the”.


Nicole said following his grandfather.


He followed him to his office.


“Grandpa I want to go too, am old enough to do that, am old enough to hurt. You have never allowed me to hunt, and I want to”.


“Nicole your grandfather said that you are not going, and that’s is it. Your safety is


more important”.


Orchard said.


“But dad, am old enough to hunt”.


Nicole said.


“No Nicolas, it a no”.


Orchard said.


Nicole signed and left.


“Marcus tell Richard to look after Nicole, cause I know he will sneak out and


follow them”.


Lucius said.


Marcus bowed.


“Okay father”.


He said and left.


“Orchard, you have a very gifted son”.


Lucius said.


“Yes father”.


“And that is why he need to be protected, cause his full powers haven’t manifested.


His a mix blood vampire, the most powerful vampire”.


Lucius said and stood up.


He came to stand in front of orchard, who bowed.


“And that is why we need to protect him with every thing we got”.


Lucius said.


“Yes father”.


Lucius smiled.


“We have a VIP patient, let’s go check up on her”.


Lucius said and left, while orchard followed him.


Nicole drove home angrily.


“Son what happen, you don’t look happy”.


His mom asked immediately he came in.


“Nothing mom”.


“Am your mother so it isn’t bad to tell me what is bothering you”.


His mom said.


“Ma, grandfather wouldn’t let me hunt with my siblings”.


He said.


“Well your grandfather did what was right”.


“The reason I don’t want to tell you”.


Nicole said signing.


“Son its for your own good, its for your own protection”.


“But mom am 147 years old, is that not enough age for me to start hunting”.


Nicole asked.


“Son, we can’t just let you go hunt, its dangerous”.


His mom said.


Nicole turned and ran to his room.


His mom signed.




The only human vampire in history.


She was a human before she was transformed to a vampire by the black blood vampires.


So after Nicole she is the second most powerful vampire.


She turned and went to the kitchen.




Nicole laid on his bed.


“Am not a kid anymore but they won’t allow me to hunt”.


He said in annoyance and scoffed.


Rebecca POV


The first lesson in the Granduwella hospital was great, although I did not get to meet the famous Granduwella family.


I was told that they don’t age and that is strange, cause as human they suppose to age unless they are vampires. Or money is really talking.


I signed as I laid on my bed tiredly. Cause today was stressful.


I closed my eyes, even though I don’t sleep but I do close it to imagine things or think about my life.




Little me was playing with my dad happily.


I was running about.


“Dad you can’t catch me”.


I said laughing.


He caught me and we both fell on the floor laughing.


By then I was 35 years old but I look like a five years old child.


“Dad when will I grow as big as you”.


I asked smiling.


He became sad but smiled.


“Soon there, very soon and when you grow up, I will teach you how to hunt for big




“Big animals”.


He nodded.


“As big as this”.


I said using my hand to show how big it is.


“No dear bigger than that, infact bigger than me”.


He said smiling.


“That will really be big”.


“Yes, and do you know what sweetie”.


He asked.


“The animal thinks its the strongest in the jungle. But do you know what we will


use to kill it? “.




“A gun. So dear even if you are big or old than any of your friends in the future never you unrestimate them cause they might have the weapon to kill you”.


He said.


“Don’t worry dad I won’t”.






“Good that’s my girl”.


He said tickling me.


End of flashback.


I smiled to myself remembering my dad.


My father was the sweetest thing that have ever happen to me.


Even though I wasn’t growing, he still love me like no one else.


I had no friends while growing up, so am use to be alone.


I close my eyes again.


And my mind unconsciously drift to an unknown place.




“My darling daughter”.


A woman called.

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She was looking like a ghost, with blood dripping from her mouth.


Her face was filled with green vains.


Her finger nail where long.


Her white cloth was stained with blood.


Her hair was very long and the tips where snakes head.


She looks so scary.


“My daughter “.


She slept on saying.


“Red blood destroy them”.


She said.


“They are coming for me and they will definitely kill you too” She said and out of no where a knife passed through her stomach.


She fell on the floor, when she fell, the person who killed her removed the knife and licked the blood.


His face was covered with a mask so I could not see him.


He picked the knife and began to come to me.


I stood up and began to run but it was as if I wasn’t running, cause he was quick enough to catch me.


As he was about to kill me.


I drifted out of it.




I opened my eyes.


“This vision again, what is it all about, and who are the red blood”.


I asked confused.


What is going on in my life.


I can’t wait for the moon to come out, so that I can transform to a vampire and hunt for animals.


I really need to feel my powers.


I said getting up from the bed.


“And I think I will do that in new Orleans”.


I said with a smile on my face.















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