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Blood Doctors – Episode 19

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Mi so pov




I shouted when she fell down.


I ran to her.


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But wait.


Her hair.


Her hair is white.


I looked at the wig on the floor.


She was wearing wig all this while.


Her hair colour is white.


She looked at me.



And oh my God.

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Her eyes.


Her eyes colour is now green and red.


What is she?.


Rebecca pov


Mi so looked shock.


I know she will be cause she have just seen me as a vampire.


I know now she will be scared of me.


I don’t know why the vampire in me was triggered out.


I stood up and my eyes went back to its normal colour.


“Mi so”.


I called.


She was stirring at me with her mouth wide opened.


“Mi so, what you saw is”.


“What are you? “.


She asked interrupting me.




She said and came close to me.


“Are you a vampire? “.


She asked.


How did she know.

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I looked down.


“You are really a vampire”.


She said.


“Mi so, please,……. Now…… Let’s”.


“That is awesome”.


She said interrupting me.




“Rebecca wow, how did it happen? Since when”.


She asked holding my hand.




This is confusing.


She suppose to be scared.


“Mi so. You are not scared”.


“Scared, scared of what? In fact am grateful to a vampire”.


“Huh? “.


“A vampire have ever saved me, but I don’t know who he is or where he is now. i was just five years old but I can recall it very well”. She said.




A male vampire?.


“Your hand must have healed its self”.


She said touching my hand.


“Mi so did you say male vampire”.


“Yes, but its been 18 years now, but I still hope to see him again”.


She said.


wow .


“But where was it”.


“Here in los Angeles “.


This is awesome, there is a vampire here in los Angeles, I thought it was only new Orleans.


“This is so awesome knowing you are a vampire rebecca, have always love vampires”.


She said making me to smile.


“We need to take the blood bags to ER”.


I said.


“Oh yes. That is true”.


She said.


I took the wig from the floor.


And it was soaked with blood.


A bag of blood fell on it.


“Oh no”.


exclaimed. “What? “.

“The wig is soaked in blood”.


I said.


“Oh no. And we need to leave now”.


“I will have to go to the restroom. But how?”.


Richard pov


I walked to Jane’s room. She will be discharged today.


“Hello senorita”.


I said when I entered the room.




She said with a smile.


She have already gotten dressed.


“Ready to go? “.




She replied.


And seriously I don’t want her to go.


Her life is still in danger and have vowed to protect.


She need to be with me for now.


I can’t just let her go.


“Jane don’t you think it will be too risky to leave knowing those guys are still after you”.


I asked.


“Yes I know but what other choice do I have, I will just have to disguise. And


besides I will be safe in Italy”.


She said.


I walked to her and stood in front of her.


“Why don’t you live with me”.


asked. “What? “.


“Leave with me in that way I will be able to protect you. And its just for some time. Am a gentle guy, so don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you”.


“What? “.



“Those guys are still out there, you don’t know who works for them or who they


are. They might be from Italy”.


I said trying to convince her.


“But…. But won’t that be inconvenience for you”.


She asked.


“Why will it be? No of course not”.


I replied.


“Ok. I will live with you”.


She said making me to smile.


But that smile didn’t last for long.


The problem now is this, how will I live with her when I don’t have a house?.




I will have to talk to grandpa.


Jack pov


I talked to Nicole.


The chief of the department interns.


And am to start working tomorrow.


I finally get to meet the most powerful vampire.




But it won’t last for long, cause the fifth bloody eclipse is coming.


I walked towards the elevator but I bumped into someone who was walking really fast.




She said.


She was covering her face with a face towel.




She apologize again.


“No problem”.


I replied.


“But miss, what happened yo your face? “.


I asked.


“Well my face is nothing that concerns you”.


She replied and I could feel that she was smiling.




Talking rudely while smiling.


Its only my sister Emedin who does that to me.


“Ok. Sorry for asking”.


I said.


“I will take my leave now”.


She said and left in a hurry.


Rebecca pov




That was close.


I closed my face with a face towel.


But he wasn’t shocked when he saw my hair.




Well maybe he thought I dyed it.


I did not even see his face.


And his voice sounds so angelic.


I removed the towel and stood in front of the mirror stirring at my reflection.


How I wish am a human.



Nicole pov


I walked to the restroom.


Don’t know why, but my instinct told me to come to the female restroom.


But what if ladies are inside.


I looked at the door and saw that it was slightly opened.


And that means that no one is inside.


I opened the door but close it immediately when I saw someone inside.


But wait a minute.


White hair?.


I opened the door gently.


The lady was standing in front of the mirror.


I could not see her face.


The white hair is the same with that of the white haired lady.


What the


The white haired lady?.


Could she be the one?.


Michael pov


I sat down on one of the chairs in the empty big room.


Five men came to me.


“So where is it”.


I asked.


One of the brought out some drugs.


I smiled.


I took a cigarette and light it.


Well that is one of my secrets, I deal with drugs.


Am a drug dealer.


And its been going on for years now without getting caught.


I thrown the cigarette away and sniffed the cocaine.


“Gosh I feel so good”.


I said.


I was about to do it again when the door got broken.


In no time, we where surrounded by the FBI.


And this is not good.


They handcuffed me and lead me out.


They drove to the police station which was crowded with reporters.


Am so dead.













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