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Blood Doctors – Episode 18

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Two days later


Its now four days after the meeting.


Ten days to the bloody eclipse.


The Granduwella’s don’t know what to do about the eclipse yet.


Lucius is still trying his best to find a solution.


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Lucius pov


I was reading a book.


The history of vampires to see if I will get a clue, when someone knock at the door.


“Come in”.


I said.


Orchard came in and close the door.


He bowed.


“Father I have come to a decision”.


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He said.


I looked at him.




“I will go to the black bloods. I will bring a witch”.


“No orchard. That is not a decision but a death wish”.


I said.


“But father I have to do it. Nicole life is at risk here, the humans lives is at risk”.


Orchard said.


“No son, that is so dangerous. I won’t let you risk your life to do it”.


I said.


“Sorry dad, but I think this will be the first time I disobey you. I don’t really need a




He said gently.


I looked at him for a while.


I can’t let my son risk his life.


I can’t lose my son, but looking at him right now, nothing will change his mind.


I stood up and left.


Orchard pov


I bowed when father was leaving.


I have no choice but to do it.


I don’t care losing my life for the sake of my son.


I slowly left the room.


Immediately I opened the door, I meet Freda standing there with an emotionless face.


“You are really going there? “.


She asked.


I did not answer cause I don’t have the time to pick a fight with her.


I walked pass her.


“Orchard, orchard”.


She kept calling but I did not reply her.


Nicole pov


I drove to the house and packed my car.


Its twelve noon, so I came to relax a little before going back to the hospital.


I walked into the house and met mother in the living room seating quietly.


Did she and mother Vanessa had a misunderstanding again?.


Does two can’t leave in peace and am tired of it.


I walked to her and sat close to her.


“Mom, why so quiet”.


I asked.


She looked at me.




She called.


If vampires do cry, then am sure she would have been crying.


“Mother what is wrong”.


I asked.


“Son, your father is planning to go to the black blood “.




I asked.


“what the”.


Someone said behind me.


I turned to see Reena and ivy.


Reena came to seat close to mother while ivy stood close to her.


“Mom, dad want to go the black bloods”.


Reena asked


“Isn’t that a death wish”.


Ivy asked.


“But why did he want to go there”.


I asked.


“Cause he want to bring a witch, so that we will know if you have a mate”.


She said looking at me.


“No dad can’t do that, I won’t allow him”.


I said.


“Son, your father is really adamant on it. Even father could not stop him”.


She said.


No, no, no.


I must do something about this, I won’t allow my dad to die because of me.


I won’t allow him to go to the land of the devils.


I must do something.


I must do something about it.


I must find that girl.


I must find the white haired lady.


I stood up and ran out of the house ignoring my mother who was calling my name.


I will not rest till I find that white haired.


I believe she is my mate.


Aaron pov


I entered my office and drop my stethoscope on my desk.


I sat down tiredly.


I haven’t tell my dad or grandpa about the contract.


The contract is my dream.


Modeling is my dream.


But am too scared to tell dad.


He is so gonna be disappointed in me.


I need to go, but how will I tell him and grandpa.


How will I get his signature.


This is so frustrating.


Ivy pov


I left the house and went back to the hospital.


My father is really making a terrible decision.


I will try my best to stop him.


I don’t know what I will do if anything happen to him.


I sat down on my chair.


“What am i going to do with dad”.


I asked.



My door was opened revealing a nurse.


She bowed.


“Ma’am a patient was rushed in now and your attention is needed”.


She said and left.


I ran to the emergency ward.


“What happened to her”.


I asked when i saw a pregnant woman lying on the bed struggling for breath.


She was covered in blood.


“She was involved in an accident”.


The doctor there said.


I touched her belly.


“I will have to remove the baby immediately if not, its gonna die. Prepare the


operation theater now”.


I said.


The nurse looked at themselves.


“What? “.


I asked when none of them move.


“Well ma’am, we just checked her condition, and its not good. If we save the baby,


then she will die”.


The doctor said.


I looked at them and smirked.


“Don’t forget, am a Granduwella, and a Granduwella have never lose a patient…


Now prepare her for a caesarean section”.


I said and left.


I need to take a file in my office.


I began to go to the office on a fast pace looking at the document in my hand.


I ended up bumping into someone.


“Oops sorry”.


I said without looking at the person, I bent down to pick the document which fell down.




The familiar voice called.


I looked up.


“Ethan? “.


called. He cracked.


“Ivy, its really you”.


He said.


I stood up smiling.


“Where have you been”.


I asked hugging him.


“Been in Paris”.


He replied while I disengage.


“Yeah, your sister told me that”.


I said while he laughed.


“You look so beautiful”.


He complimented.




I said.


“So what are you doing”.


I asked.


“Well I came here for some check up, am kinda ill”.


He said.


“Have you seen a doctor”.


I asked.


“Yes, am just waiting for the result”.




I then remembered the CS.


“Hmm. Ethan I will have to go now, I have to attend to a patient. I will see you when am done”.


I said while he smiled.


“Ok no problem. I will be waiting for you”.


He said.


I smiled and left.


Jack pov


I walked into the Granduwella’s hospital.

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My enemies hospital.


The place was busy.






I can perceive the sweet smell of blood.


This is so gonna be great.


I walked to the receptionist.




I said.


The receptionist looked at me.


With the way she stirred at me, I knew she was falling for me.


I mean why would she not when am handsome.


“Well…. Its…. I mean….. Hi”.


She said.


“Please where is Dr. Nicole office”.


I asked.


“On the second floor by the right”.


She replied.


I smiled at her and left.


Rebecca pov


I watched through the titled door, how Nicole was busy with his computer.


He look so worried.


And that is making me sad.






Making me sad?.


Why will I say that?.


What is wrong with me?.


Why will it make me sad?.


I quickly opened my book not looking at him.




Mi so called.




I said looking at her.


“Mr. Paul asked us to go get some blood from the blood bank”.


She said.




I replied standing up.


I then left with her.


Author pov


Jack came out of the elevator.


He followed the direction given to him by the nurse.


Rebecca also came out of the office with mi so and they both followed the left route backing Jack who did not see them.


Rebecca and jack felt a quick connection.


But they don’t know why.


Jack entered the office, while rebecca entered an elevator.


Rebecca pov


The blood blank where filled with blood.


Thank goodness I took my injections before coming here, if not I will create a scene here.


Mi so began to look for O positive blood type.


“Its up there”.


I said.


She look at me with the, how do you know look.


“I guessed and am a pretty good guesser”.


I lied.


“Okay. But its high”.


She said.


Miso is short and am a bit taller than her.


I went close to her and stood on my toes.


I stretched my hand to take the blood bag but I mistaken slipped hitting my hand hand on the floor.





Mi so called.













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