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Blood Doctors – Episode 17

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(Not edited. Please ignore mistakes)


Jack pov


Its been a day or two since I killed the real jack family.


I will be going to san Francisco, and the interesting part is that, I will be an intern there.

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I smirked.


The down fall of the red bloods.


The real jack family happen to have a lot if asset.


And now, I have access to it.


Have transferred the money to dab Francisco, I bought a house there and a car.


I got dressed.


I really look good.


I took my passport and ticket.

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“San Francisco, here I come”.


I said and left.


Marcus pov


Dad and the whole family are not happy cause of Nicole mate.


And you hat intern rebecca, is she really related to Emedin.


If she is ,then she is Nicole mate.


But no o don’t want to get my hope high.


I need ex to fond out whether she truly is Emedin daughter.


And I know just what to do.


There is an old room inside the hospital basement.


It is always locked.


The old room is filled with things of the past.


It is also a room where we can hypnotise humans.


If it works on her then she is a human.


But if it don’t, then she is really Emedin daughter.


Richard pov


I entered that private ward while Jane was.


“Hello senorita”.

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I greeted.


She looked at me and smile.




She said.


“So how are you feeling now”.


I asked.


“Better all thanks to you”.


She said.


Richard sat close to her.




“Hmmn? “.


“Thank you”.


“For what”.


“For saving me yesterday”.


She said.


I smiled.


“That is not worth thanking me”.


I said.


“It is. Seriously grazie(thank you) “.


She said.


I smiled at her.


“No problem”.


I said making her to smile.


“So are you hungry”.


I asked.




She replied touching her stomach.


I cracked and got up.


“Let me get you something to eat”.


I said and left.


Vanessa pov


I walked into father’s office.


He was seating on his office chair lost in thought.


I guess he is thinking of a way to get Nicole out of the eclipse problem.


I walked to him.




I called smiling.


He looked at me.




He called.


“How are you feeling father”.


“Am feeling great as usual”.


He said.


“So when will you be leaving”.


He asked.


“That is why I came here father, I came to tell you that am back permanently. I won’t be leaving again. I now realise that family is important”. I said.


He looked at me and smiled.


“You are finally matured Vanessa”.


He said.


I smiled.


“Let me get you a cup of coffee”.




Hw said.


I bowed and left.


Just watch Freda, am back now.


I will gain father trust and love and I will make him Favour my kids more.


I smirked an left.


But I bumped into the devil Freda.


“Watch it”.


She said.


“Oops, you watch it”.


I said.


She laughed.


“When will you leave, we are tired of seeing your awful face”.


She said.


“Tck, tck, tck, so you don’t know. I thought the queen of gossip must have found out. Sorry sweetie but am not going anywhere. Am back permanently “. I said and look at her shocked face.


“So get ready cause am gonna do all it takes in my power to make father love me,


and my kids more…… Excuse me”.


I said and walked pass her.


She looks so shock and I love that.


Aaron pov


I looked at my mirror and touched my face.



“So tell me michael, how do I look? “.


asked. Michael signed.


“This is the fifth time you will ask me that”.


He said.


I look at him.


“Just answer me”.


I said half yelling.


“You look good”.


He said signing.


“Good? Just good”.


I asked looking at him.


How will he say that I look good.


“Then what do you want me to say”.


He asked.


“I expect you to say perfect”.


“Gosh where do I get this brother from. Do I really deserve this kind of a brother”.


He asked.


I glared at him.


I was about to insult him, but the beep on my phone made me to stop.


I took the phone and read the message.


And I can say, I don’t believe my eyes.


“This can’t be real”.


I said.


Michael looked at me.



“What can’t be real? “.


He asked.


“Please someone should pinch me so that I will wake up from my sleep”.


I said closing my eyes tight.


I the felt a heavy blow on my face.


I opened my eyes quickly.




I called angrily.


“Well you said that I should pinch you so that you will wake up from your sleep, and you been a vampire won’t be waken by just a pinch, so I had yo blow you… Now tell me ,are you awake”.


He asked stirring deep into my eyes as if the answer was there.






I said.


“So what is making my brother happy”.


He asked.


I smiled and came close to him.


“Well Flerry modeling company have signed me up as their model”.


I said.


Michael looked at me.


“Are you serious? “.


He asked.




I said and showed him the message.


“Wow, you are serious”.


He said.


“And it is in Australia “.


I said.


“Then forget it”.


He said standing up.


“Forget it? “.


“Yes cause grandpa will never agree to that”.


He said and left.


He has a point there.








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