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Blood Doctors – Episode 16

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Richard pov


I left for the hospital immediately after the meeting.


The meeting was concluded when grandpa left.


We still haven’t found a solution to the situation now.


I entered Jane’ s room and there she was sitting on the bed playing with her fingers.

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“Hi “.


I said smiling at her.




She said smiling back.


I sat down close to her and raised the nylon which contained some chicken soup.


“Brought you some chicken soup”.


I said dropping it at the table close to her.



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She said.


I smiled at her.


“Richard please what really happened last night and why can’t i remember a single


thing about it”.


She asked.


“Well yesterday, you where attacked by a group of men. And I think they are in the same group with those guys who tired to take you last night. Hope you remember that part? “.


asked. She nod.


“Good. The driver, the designated driver was among them. He is a part of their group “.




She asked surprised.




She looked down scared.


“What do they want from me”.


She asked really scared.



I held her hand.


“Don’t worry, I will mame sure to protect you”.


I said.


“Protect? But what if they harm you? “.


She asked.


“Don’t worry senorita, they won’t”.


I said.


“No it is gonna be dangerous. I will just inform the police”.


“No don’t. You don’t know who those guy are, you don’t know who sent them. You


don’t know their motives. And you don’t know who works for them. So you can’t


trust anyone even the police”.


She stirred at me.


“Trust me, I will protect you no matter what”.


I said with a smile.


“But why? Why are you willing to protect me? And why should I trust you? “.


She asked stirring deep into my eyes as if the answer was there.


“Cause you have to. You have no choice. And am willing to protect you cause my


instinct told me to”.


I replied.


A doctor entered the ward.


He bowed to me.


“Good afternoon doctor”.


He greeted.


I did not reply instead I stood up.


“When she is done eating, sedate her”.


I said to him.



I turn to Jane.


“I need to check on my patients senorita Jane”.


I said and left.


She seem shocked cause she don’t know that am a doctor.


And I purposely did not wear my coat.


I left the ER with doctors, nurses and interns bowing to me.


Rebecca pov


I walked to the hospital with the aim of apologizing to Mi so.


She haven’t been talking to me.


Well am on afternoon duty.


I walked to the interns office.


i look through the titled glass and doctor Nicole wasn’t in his office.


I kept my bag on my table.


Mi so too wasn’t there too.


The third female intern who her name is sonia entered.


“Hi Sonia”.


I called.


She turned and look at me as if I was a different person.


“Hello. Sonia”.


I called when she wasn’t talking to me.


“What happened to you”.


She asked.


“Excuse me”.


“You just greeted and talked to me. That is really weird”.


I signed.



“Well where is mi so”.


I asked.


“She is rounding up her morning duty”.


She replied looking at me strangely.




I said seating down.


“That is strange”.


She said lowly and sat down.


But I heard what she said but pretended not to hear.


I guess I will just wait for mi so.


I brought out my list.


The list doctor Nicole distributed yesterday.


It contains my schedules for a week.


And I will be taking care of the patient in ward one. The once who are preparing for surgery.


The door opened revealing mi so who was smiling, but she frowned when she saw me.

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She walked pass me but I stood up and followed her.


“Mi so”.


I called.


But she did not reply instead she walked to seat down.


Well that is rude.


I went to stand in front of her.


“Mi so I came to apologize”.


I said.



She still did not look at me or reply me instead she was putting her books inside her bag.


“Look mi so am really sorry for the way have been treating you. Am just not use to having friends cause have never had one for long. I was betrayed by a friend. And I guess that is why am rude, am scared to have friends and for that am really sorry”. I said.


She stopped what she was doing.


“Really? “.


She asked.


“Yes am really sorry”.


“No not that. I mean you we’re really betrayed by a friend”.


“Yes. My best friend”.


“Wow we both suffered the same ordeal. I was also betrayed by a friend”.


She said.


I looked at her.


“Don’t worry, you are forgiven”.


She added.


I smiled.


“thank you”.


I replied and went back to my seat.


So she was betrayed too, but why is she still trying to get friends.


She put all her books in her bag and stood up. She walked to me.


“Am going”.


She said and left.


“Finally I can get that out of my chest”.


I said smiling.


I stood up and went to the ward.


I went to the first patient.


A nurse was standing close to him.


“So what is wrong with him”.


I asked in a low voice.


“Well he has kidney stone and his surgery is scheduled on Monday. But he is


complaining of pains”.


She replied.


I sat down close to him.


“Good afternoon sir”.


“Good afternoon”.


He said and groaned in pain.


“Where are you feeling the pain”.


He touched the upper part of his belly.




He said in pain.


I touched the place he showed me.


“We need to scan him”.


I said to the nurse.


“Ok Dr. Rebecca”.


She said.


I went over to the second patient.


Nicole pov


I sat on my bed.


So am gonna turn evil if my mate isn’t found.


Gosh I hate the sound of that.


But that white haired.


Could she be my mate.


She has a green and red coloured eyes.


I have a black and red coloured eyes.


Its different from the other vampires.


And when she stabbed me, I felt this unknown connection.


Could she be my mate? .


If she is then I have to find her immediately.


I need to search for her.


I laid on my bed and close my eyes.


This is gonna be hard.


Lucius pov


I sat on my office chair in the mansion.


Orchard and Marcus where standing close to me.


“What are we going to do? “.


Orchard asked.


“Yes father, what are we going to do”.


Orchard asked.


“We have no choice but to visit a witch”.


I said.


The two of them looked at me shocked.




Marcus called.



“Father that is dangerous”.


Orchard said.


“Dangerous? “.


I shouted hitting my palm on my desk making a loud noise.


“Dangerous when it comes to Nicole life? Fine if you have any other way then let me know. If not we are going to the black bloods”. I said and left the both them there.


















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