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Blood Doctors – Episode 15

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Richard pov


I answered the call.


“Hello. Are you done? “.


He asked.


But I did not reply him.

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“Is she dead? “.


He asked.


But still yet I did not reply him.


“Hello, hello, helooooo”.


He called.


He became frustrated and disconnected the call.


“Who is that? And what does he want with Jane? “.


I asked.

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I went back to the car.


Five minutes later, the driver came back.


I came out of the car.


where have you been”. I asked.


He look round his environment.


“Miss Jane have been waiting for you”. I said.


“Well….. Hmmmm….. Is she alive”. He asked.


I cracked.


“Is she suppose to be dead”. I asked.


“No, well that is not what I mean. I heard that some guys came so is it true”.


He asked.


“Heard about it even when the police don’t know about it? “.


I asked enjoying the look on his face.


“Hmm….. Well……. “.


He did not complete his statement, he ran off.






I said and ran after him.


It wasn’t long before I caught him. I threw him to the floor.


He groaned and tried standing up, but I punch him back making him to fall back.


“Where do you think you are going to”.


I asked.


He move back a little.


“Who are you? “.


He asked.


“What are you”.


He asked again.


“Who are you and who sent you, who told you to kill miss Jane”.


I asked.


“Well…. Well”.


He said and suddenly threw sand to my eyes.


“What the “.


I asked.


I heard a running footstep.


The idiot is running.


Such a fool.


I cleaned my eyes and ran to him.


I then broke his neck, twisting it hard.


The driver fell lifeless on the floor.


“Serves you right. Never mess with a vampire”.


I said and went back to the car.


I opened the door and stirred at miss Jane.


I suddenly felt the need to protect her an that is what am gonna do till the end.


I sat at the driver sit and drove off.


I quickly took her to the emergency ward.


“Dr. Richard”.


The chief doctor of the ER asked.


“Get a stretcher “.


Richard said.


The two nurses ran to get one.


Richard placed Jane on the stretcher, and she was taken to a room.




i called.




He replied.


“Make sure you take good care of her, she is a VIP”.


said. “Ok sir”.


He said and bowed.


“Am coming, treat her well”.


I said and left.


Its surprising that the chief doctor is on night duty.


The next day.


Lucius pov


I sipped my coffee.


Eclipse will happen next two weeks.


Am really worried.


Am really worried about Nicole.


I brought of an old book of the great vampires.


I opened a page.


Its about the 5 bloody eclipse.


Well this eclipse to humans are like normal eclipse, but bloody eclipse are different from the normal eclipse.


Its a time where the most powerful vampires will develop new powers.


But this is the fifth.


He will only develop a new power when his powerful mate will be close to him if not he will get evil.


Powerful mate are powerful vampires, female vampires actually. They are powerful and have the same powers.


My fear is that, Nicole is the only powerful vampire existing for now.


Am really scared.


What will I do if Nicole turns evil.


i signed loudly.


The door to my room open.


“Dad are you alright”.


Orchard asked.


“No son, am not”.






“Nicole. The fifth bloody eclipse will be in two weeks from now, am scared cause Nicole don’t have his powerful mate. He is the only one existing”.


I said.


He signed.


“But dad what if there is a powerful vampire out there”. He asked.


“A powerful vampire? “. “Yes, we don’t know for sure”. He said.


And its true, what if there is a powerful vampire out there. “Then we will have to find out”.


I said standing up.


“And that is the problem dad. We don’t have a witch on earth, all the witches are with the black bloods”.


He said and he have a point.


“Gather everyone now, we are having a meeting. Including Vanessa, tell her to get


back to san Francisco now”.


I said and left.


I need to do all I can to save Nicole.


Richard pov


I sat close to miss Jane.


She was sleeping.


I stayed with her throughout the night.


She slowly opened her eyes.


“Who….. Who are you? “.


She asked weakly.


smiled. “Where are my”.


She asked again.


“Well am Richard, the guy who saved you yesterday night. And you are in a hospital”.


“A guy? Saved me? What really happened? “.


She asked.


“Well you where attacked yesterday by some group of guys but luckily I came to


the scene making them to run”.


I said.


“Really? I was attacked? “.


She asked.




“By who”.


She asked.


“Well I don’t know”.


I said.


My phone rang.


“Excuse me”.


I said going outside to answer the call.


“Hello dad”.


“Where are you”.


“Am at the hospital”.


“Well get back here, we have a meeting now. And your mom is coming back too”.




“Yes hurry up”.


He said and disconnected the.


“My mom is coming for the meeting, that means the meeting is very important”.


I said.


I quickly ran to the ER chief doctor.




He called bowing to me.


“Dr. Am going home for something urgent, please tell my patient that I will be back and that I will explain everything to her. Tell her that its really urgent and that I will be back now”.


I said and ran out of the hospital.


Vanessa Granduwella.


The wife of Marcus.


A vampire too.


She is the type who loves to travel but she have been away from her family for three years.


She is the type who loves material things.


And she dislike Freda with passion.


The whole families where gathered except Vanessa and Lucius.


“What is this meeting all about”.


Michael asked.


“Don’t know, but I think is so important cause mother is coming back cause of the meeting”.


Aaron said.


“Hope its nothing bad or disastrous that is about to happen”


Kelvin asked.


A beautiful and matured lady walked in.


She was dressed in a black long gown.


She looks so beautiful even though she is the mother of 6 children.




Gwen called.


She smiled.


“Hi kids, hi families”.


She said and went to sit down close to Marcus.


“Hello sweetie”.


She said pecking him, while Freda looked at them irritated.


“Its been a while Vanessa”.


She said.


Vanessa looked at her.


“Yes it is and you look chubby now”.


Vanessa replied.


“You…… “.


Freda said.


“Stop it”.


Orchard said.


“This is not going to end well”.


Reena said looking at the two mothers.


“Yes it won’t”.


Nicole said.


Lucius walked in.


The whole families got up and bowed.


“Seat down”.


He told them.


They all sat down.


“Welcome back home Vanessa”.


He said.


Vanessa bowed slightly.


“Thanks father”.


She said with a smile.


“Trying to impress father”.


Freda said in a low tone.


Orchard signed.


“Stop it already Freda”.


He said also in a low tone.


“I wasn’t talking to you”.


Freda said and glared at him.


He signed and kept quiet.

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“So Granduwella’s. I called this meeting for an important issue. The fifth bloody eclipse will be in two weeks”.


He said while the family began to whisper to each other.




He said and they all went silent.


“in the old great book of the vampires, for Nicole to develop his next power, he


will need a mate”.


Lucius said.


All the siblings turned and look at Nicole.


“Oh no, this is not good”.


Freda said.


Ivy look at her mom.


“Not good, why? “.


She asked.


“Can you all just keep quiet”.


Lucius shouted.


They all kept quiet.


“For Nicole to develop his next power, he will need a mate, if not, he will turn evil.


And now, Nicole is the only powerful vampire, so he won’t get a mate”.


Lucius said while the siblings except Nicole gasped.


Nicole was shocked to talk.


He will be evil.


Was all he could think of.


“What are we going to do? “.


Gwen asked.


“Is there not a way out”.


Ivy asked obviously scared for her brother.


“Actually. We are not really sure if Nicole is the only vampire”.


Orchard said.


“Yes orchard is right”


Marcus said.


“But we can find out right grandpa? “.


Reena asked.


“Yes, but we will need a witch”.


Lucius said.


“But witches are all with the black bloods”.


Ivy said.


“Yes they are”.


Marcus said.


“What are we going to do? I can’t lose my son to evil”.


Freda said.


Nicole was too shocked to talk.


Lucius closed his eyes.


“Give me ten minutes, I will be back”.


He said and left.


King Amacius pov


“Your majesty, the fifth bloody eclipse will be in two weeks time”.


The head witch said.


smiled. “Yes. Finally”. I said.

I stood up from my throne.


“Nicole will need a mate to develop his new powers, but as of now, he is the only powerful vampire and that means he will turn evil. He will become like us”.


I said smiling.


I turned and look at her.


“On the day of the bloody eclipse, gather the strongest vampires. they we be going


to earth to welcome our new member”.


I said and laughed evilly .





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